Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors

A short primer for all who are involved in fighting the war on Terror


The collective experience of mankind is one of strife, war, death pestilence and struggle. Modern history for all of us alive in the year 2001 has to begin in 571 AD, the year of the elephant and the year of the birth of the unholy prophet of Islam. Mohammed began the killing in the name of Islam in 624 beginning the history of the bloodiest cult in the long sad story of mankind.

 In 2001 the civilized non-Muslim world was slow to realize that they had been engaged in a war unto death 20 years earlier. The events of September 11, 2001 changed all that. We woke up and saw the enemy. The Israelis knew who he was. They have been fighting Islam for 50 years.

 The battle of Tours in 732 was arguably singularly responsible for allowing for the creation of   western civilization. The combative Muslim armies were plundering, pillaging and proselytizing throughout Europe- putting to the sword all who refused to convert to their diseased cult. Karl “the Hammer” Martel finally stopped the murdering Muslims dead just 30 miles south of where Paris France is today. This victory is the beginning of modern European history and it is this battle that all of us infidels alive today had better study and heed well the lessons. We must take into account the facts of history – we must learn these lessons well lest we make the same sad mistakes.

In 1914 -1918 America fought the Germans in WW I. In 1941-45 we fought another world war against the Nazis and the Japs who stupidly attacked   Hawaii on December 7th 1941. The exact number of people killed because of World War II will never be known. Military deaths probably totaled about 17 million. Civilian deaths were even greater as a result of starvation, bombing raids, massacres, epidemics, and other war-related causes. The Soviet Union is said to have lost 20 million in this conflict.

 The battlegrounds spread to nearly every part of the world. Troops fought in the steaming jungles of Southeast Asia, in the deserts of northern Africa, and on islands in the Pacific Ocean. Battles were waged on frozen fields in the Soviet Union, below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, and in the streets of many European cities.

 World War II began on Sept. 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. Germany's dictator, Adolf Hitler, had built Germany into a powerful war machine. That machine rapidly crushed Poland, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and France. By June 1940, the United Kingdom stood alone against Hitler. That same month, Italy joined the war on Germany's side. The fighting soon spread to Greece and northern Africa.

 In June 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union. Japan attacked United States military bases at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on Dec. 7, 1941, bringing the United States into the war. By mid-1942, Japanese forces had conquered much of Southeast Asia and had swept across many islands in the Pacific. 

On December 7, 1941, while German armies were freezing before Moscow, Japan suddenly pushed the United States into the struggle by attacking the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Four days later, On December 11, 1941,  Hitler declared war on the United States. President Roosevelt called on Congress for immediate and massive expansion of the armed forces. Twenty years of neglect and indifference, however, could not be overcome in a few days.

 Germany, Italy, and Japan formed an alliance known as the Axis. Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and the German-created states of Croatia and Slovakia eventually joined the Axis. The United States, the United Kingdom, China, and the Soviet Union were the major powers fighting the Axis. They were called the Allies. The Allies totaled 50 nations by the end of the war.

 In 1942, the Allies stopped the Axis advance in northern Africa, the Soviet Union, and the Pacific. Allied forces landed in Italy in 1943 and in France in 1944. In 1945, the Allies drove into Germany from the east and the west. A series of bloody battles in the Pacific brought the Allies to Japan's doorstep by the summer of 1945. Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945, and Japan on Sept. 2, 1945. 

An uneasy peace took effect as a war-weary world began to rebuild after World War II. Much of Europe and parts of Asia lay in ruins. Millions of people were starving and homeless. Europe's leadership in world affairs had ended. The United States and the Soviet Union had become the world's most powerful nations but this wartime alliance broke down soon after the war. New threats to peace arose as the Soviet Union sought to spread Communism in Europe and Asia.

 World War II killed more people, destroyed more property, disrupted more lives, and probably had more far-reaching consequences than any other war in history. It brought about the downfall of Western Europe as the center of world power and led to the rise of the Soviet Union. The development of the atomic bomb during the war opened the nuclear age.

 WW III:  In 2001, the Islamo-fascists started what will likely be the longest war in modern history. The destruction of the twin towers in New York, with the death of 3000 innocent non-combatants, started the civilized world on what will become known as the 12th crusade and World War III. Eleven times in the past, since the birth of the diseased cult of Islam, the Christian world has had to lay waste to these vicious bastards. When, in just a few short weeks, we wiped out the insane tallybanners in Afghanistan what was left of the bearded wackos scuttled into the caves of Tora Bora understanding perhaps, as did the JAPS and Nazis before them, that they had badly miscalculated and enraged a terrible enemy- one who would not rest until all their kind have been erased from the face of the earth. Thus begins the end of Islam.

 Why, one might well ask do we today find ourselves involved in a war to the death with an enemy representing a billion desperately impoverished, malnourished, misinformed, ignorant and backward brainwashed fanatical followers the vast majority of which literally don’t have a pot to piss in.

 The answer to this question lies in the distant past. Islam is a wretched cult that was born and is sustained in blood. It was and is spread by the sword. The non-muslim world has been locked in dire combat with Islam since the filthy cult began expanding its areas of influence.  

The ancient origins of the clash of civilizations we are witnessing today includes the Muslim Invasion of Europe culminating in the Battle of Tours in 732. Let no one tell you that the animus between Christians and Muslims is all about Israel- nothing could be farther from the truth.

 Today, we might not realize the significance of the victory of the Franks (Ferrenghis – as the Muslims called them) over the Arabs, a few miles south of Paris in 732. Had it not been for this victory, today the whole of Europe might have been Muslim, and the history of the world would have been far more bloodied and dark.

 The Muslims insatiable appetite for land and together with a burning desire to put end to Christianity had only increased after the conquest of Syria, Egypt, North Africa, and Spain. They dreamt of overrunning the whole of Western and Northern Europe. Thus began the Muslim invasion of France under the leadership of Abd-ur Rahman, who was then been appointed the chieftain of the Muslim occupiers of Spain.  

The Franks were a Gothic (Germanic) tribe who eventually became the French as we know it today. It was another related Gothic clan – the Ostrogoths, who were ruling Spain when the Muslims attacked. The tales of mindless Muslim cruelty, savage torture, subterfuge deception and bloodchilling ruthlessness that the Ostrogoths who fled Muslim occupied Spain told their Frankish clansmen, had contributed to further stiffen the Frankish resolve to defeat the Muslim invaders.

 The ferocity with which Charles (Karl) Martel fought against the invading Arabs, and the personal weapon of a hammer like axe that he used, earned him the title of Karl the Hammer. 

Abd-ur-Rahman was an Arab soldier and emir of Spain, in a time when Islam as a military force was the most powerful in the world. He appointed himself governor of the defeated land of Spain in 721. In 722, and with the normal Muslim avarice to conquer more lands and convert the subjugated population to Islam, he set his greedy eyes on France. So in the year 722 he led an army across the Pyrenees Mountains into the dominions of the Franks. 

Abd-ur-Rahman crossed the Pyrenees at the head of an immense army and advanced as far as the Loire River, pillaging and burning as he went. David W. Koeller in his article The Battle of Tours, says, " (The) Moslem army, in a crusading search for land and the end of Christianity, after the conquest of Syria, Egypt, and North Africa, began to invade Western Europe under the leadership of Abd-ur-Rahman." The Muslim army had between 600,000 to 400,000 soldiers, and "an over whelming number of horsemen." (, Battle of Tours). In October 732 AD, exactly one hundred years after Muhammad’s death, in 622 an army led by Abd-ur-Rahman… made contact with the Frankish army… along the road between Poitiers and Tours, [a city which was reputed to contain vast riches.] 

Abd-ur Rahman led his infantry across the Western Pyrenees and toward the Loire River. A Muslim commander named Al-Semak led the first invasion across the Pyrenees in 721, establishing a base at Norbonne.  He was followed by Abd-ur Rahman with fresh contingents, who moved up the Rhône as far as Lyons and Dijon destroying churches and monasteries, following Muhammad's creed of especially targeting non-Muslim places of worship, before moving on to Bordeaux. 

The Muslim general who invaded France destroyed palaces, burned churches, and imagined he could pillage the basilica of St. Martin of Tours. It is then that he found himself face to face with the lord of Austrasia, Charles, a mighty warrior from his youth, and trained in all the occasions of arms.  

Abd-ur Rahman had crossed the Pyrenees, with a larger army and traversed the defiles [in the mountains] and the plains, so that he could penetrate deeper into the lands of the Franks with his ravaging and slaying campaigns. He gave battle to Duke Eudes (of Aquitaine) beyond the Garonne and the Dordogne, and put him to flight---so utterly was he beaten, and a large number of his compatriots were slain and wounded.  

After this Abd-ur Rahman set in pursuit of Eudes; he destroyed palaces, burned churches, and imagined he could pillage the basilica of St. Martin of Tours. It is then that he found himself face to face with the lord of Austrasia, Charles, a mighty warrior from his youth, and trained in all the occasions of arms.  

Between Poitiers and Tours, there was a clash between Abd-er Rahman, and the army of Charles Martel. After some spectacular victories, The Saracens (as the Franks called the Muslims) were met just outside the city of Tours by Charles Martel, known as the Hammer, and the Frankish Army.  

October 10, 732 AD marks the conclusion of the Battle of Tours, arguably one of the most decisive battles in all of history. Martel gathered his forces directly in the path of the oncoming Moslem army and prepared to defend themselves by using a phalanx style of combat. The invading Moslems rushed forward, relying on the slashing tactics and overwhelming number of horsemen that had brought them victories in the past.  

At Poitiers, the Franks outmatched the Muslims in all departments of the game – subterfuge, cruelty, ruthlessness, and so were victorious, giving the Muslims their first decisive defeat. Before the battle was joined, for almost seven days the two armies watched one another, waiting anxiously the moment for joining the struggle. Finally they met in combat when the Franks suddenly advanced on the Arabs after nightfall on the seventh day. And in the shock of the battle the men of the North seemed like North a sea that cannot be moved. Firmly they stood, one close to another, forming as it were a bulwark of ice; and with great blows of their swords they hewed down the Arabs. Drawn up in a band around their chief, the people of the Austrasians carried all before them. Their tireless hands drove their swords down to the breasts [of the foe]. 

The Franks were the only ones to learn that the terror of the Arab Muslims can be neutralized only by a greater counter-terror. THIS IS THE LESSON 

This counter terror has to be a mega-terror or a super-terror to strike fear in the hearts of Muslims that they give up their aggressive mentality on the pain of death   LET US NOT FORGET THIS 

However, the French Army, composed of foot soldiers armed only with swords, shields, axes, javelins, and daggers, was well trained. Despite the effectiveness of the Moslem army in previous battles, the terrain caused them a disadvantage. Their strength lay in their cavalry, armed with large swords and lances, which along with their baggage mules, limited their mobility. The French army displayed great ardency in withstanding the ferocious attack.  

It was one of the rare times in the Middle Ages when infantry held its ground against a mounted attack. The exact length of the battle is undetermined; Arab sources claim that it was a two day battle whereas Christian sources hold that the fighting clamored on for seven days. In either case, the battle ended when the French captured and killed Abd-ur Rahman.

For the Muslims, the scale of their slaughter at the hands of the Franks and the death of their leader caused a sharp setback and they had no choice but to retreat back across the Pyrenees. The defeat and slaughter of the Muslims was so complete and ruthless that the Arab-Muslims were never to return again to France till the 20th century as immigrants from North Africa where today, the weak Europeans have been severely weakened from within.. 

Not only did this prove to be an extremely decisive battle for the Christians, but the Battle of Tours is considered the high water mark of the Moslem invasion of Western Europe.  

The Arabs marching through France had acquired a lot of loot, and this too worked in the favor of the Franks, who were not weighed down with the task of guarding their treasure, nor did they posses baggage trains of any kind. This drives home an important fact. The Arabs were there to loot, rape and covert the French to Islam at the point of the sword. The Franks were defending their nation. This apart, in tactics and ruthlessness too the Franks could match the Arabs and led to the massacre of the invaders.  

The outcome of the Battle of Tours saved future WESTERN Civilization from becoming extinct in 732.

 The Battle of Tours was a very significant battle in the stopping the spread of Islam and in the survival of Christianity. The Battle of Tours decided history much more than one might imagine. The more powerful Muslims and the spread of Islam were knocking on Europe’s door. The battle of Tours changed all that. And Europe was safe for the next 700 years till the Muslims breached the Eastern Gateway when they overran Constantinople in 1453.

 Lessons from the battle of Poitiers (Tours)

 The lesson here is that the conflict between the Muslim hordes and the Christian world has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel and everything to do with the evil intentions of Muslims toward all non- Muslims. Iran wants the bomb and God help us all if they succeed. The United States is too divided and too sensitive to world and domestic opinion to stop the Iranians. It will be the Israelites alone to whom this terrible task will fall. They have no chonce!

 In the battle of Poitiers the Franks (Ferengis) taught a lesson to the Arab Muslims that they had till then taught others. The Frankish infantry entirely slaughtered the defeated and fleeing Muslim army. The Franks took no prisoners, they slaughtered all the Muslims who fell into their hands. The Muslims for the first time in their truculent march had met their match, an opposition that  outmatched them in ferocity and cruelty.  

The rotting corpses of the slaughtered Muslims littered the valley of Poitiers for days, and for years thereafter, travelers saw the heaps of bones that was all that remained to remind the people of this decisive battle for many decades thereafter.

 The lesson from the battle of Poitiers is that the terror of the Arab Muslims can be neutralized only by a greater counter-terror. This counter terror has to be a mega-terror or a super-terror to strike fear in the hearts of Muslims that they give up Islam on the pain of death. In the same manner in which they inflicted this bloodied creed on others and were in fact themselves the victim of such an injustice some time or the other, since hardly anyone had converted to Islam by their own free will.

 The Muslims do not deserve any compassion or dialogue if we are to defeat Islam 

Another lesson that the victory at Poitiers teaches us is that among the general Frankish population there were no values like compassion and chivalry towards any adversary. Hence they did not think of negotiating a peace with the defeated Arabs. They also never allowed any of the defeated Arabs to retreat and live to fight another day. They slaughtered all of them so that they could never again threaten France. The culture of the Franks was based on warfare, as was that of the Mongols under Hulagu, who also defeated the Muslims in 1258 at Baghdad. The Franks expected no quarter from the Muslims and gave none. They never pleaded for mercy from the ghoulish Muslim invaders, and whenever they had the chance, they gave no mercy to the defeated Muslims. The perception of an enemy as a legitimate object of destruction, was present in each and every Frankish soldier.  

The Franks were victorious as they did not have the dead-weight of a public opinion that cried “Stop the War”

 It was not that the Franks had the dead-weight of a public opinion that cried “Stop the War” or “Down with Charles Martel” as the communists and their pro-Terrorist lackeys today shout “Down with Bush”. The Frankish leadership and the lay population, both represented an example of the public perception of the enemy being a legitimate object of destruction. This is a perception which existed among the Arabs in the 7th century and exists today in the 21st, and is a compliment that we need to return to the Muslims, if we are to ever defeat Islam.

 The only difference is that such a commonality of objectives of utterly destroying the enemy by using all means available, does not exist any longer in France, or anywhere else in the Western world today, where we see communist and other pro-terrorist marchers shouting anti-war slogans. Such was the ferocity of the Franks against the Arabs, that the words Ferangee or Feringi, which the Arabs used to refer to the Franks became an invective in Arab terminology.

 The final victory against the challenge of Islam, called terrorism in our times, is yet to be delivered. What do we need to have within us to be victorious?  

The Franks were never under any illusion that they could reach out to the Muslims , and have any kind of an honorable peace with them. For the Franks it was a do or die battle, in which they succeeded. This is another lesson for the World leaders of today, who keep talking of reaching out to the moderate Muslims and isolating the Jihadis from the general Muslim population and say that after all “Islam is a religion of peace, that has been hijacked by the Jihadis”. No sir, Islam is religion of war.

 Islam is CULT of war and can be defeated only through war when it is physically pulverized

 Islam is religion of war from root to fruit based on war that they call the Jihad. For us to hallucinate that there is an entity called moderate Muslims is like saying that there is an entity like being only partially pregnant! You are either pregnant or you are not. There is no go between.

 So also you are either a Muslim or you are not. If you are a Muslim, you are a war monger who follows the Instruction Manual of terrorism (the Quran) that calls upon you to convert all non-Muslims to Islam at the pain of death. And teaches you to use all kinds of trickery and subterfuge in order to defeat and subjugate the non-Muslims.  

The Franks were one of the first to recognize the only way to successfully defeat Muslims as did the Mongols after them. The only answer to the Muslim terrorism of Jihad is a mega-terrorism, a super-terrorism, that will not just intimidate Islam, but take it to its physical destruction once and forever. .

 Islam, Fanatic Islam and Islamic Terrorism

 Today many the world over are innocent of how Islam was founded, how it grew and what Islam implies for the future of Humankind. So there are endless debates that Islam is a religion of peace, that all Muslims are not fanatical, and that we need to differentiate between, Muslims and terrorists.  

The reading of the story of Islam so far should be enough to dispel the notion that Islam differs from Islamic fanaticism, or that Islam is a religion of peace and that the Terrorists have hijacked a peaceful religion. No it is not. It is Islam which gave birth to Terrorism, which started from the evil mind of its founder Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro - may his name and memory be obliterated) and has filtered down to the last follower (Muslim) today. Islam is Fanaticism, it is high time we woke up to this chilling reality. 

How Islam prevents Muslims from leaving Islam – Murder any Muslim leaving Islam

 Mohammed was an ignorant but shrewd man who knew that there was always a danger of Muslims deserting Islam and reverting to some other less blood-thirsty religion, so he made it an offense punishable with death for anyone leaving Islam, having once accepted it. According to the Shariah, a Murtad (Muslim Apostate) has to be killed, and it is the duty of a Muslim to kill any other Muslim who leaves Islam.

 The murderous Quran is the inviolable word of god ( some god with a very small letter g.)

 There can also never ever be any changes, questioning or discussion on the murderous commands of the Quran, since it is the word of god, or so Mohammed (yimach shmo ve-zichro)  (may his name and memory be obliterated) told his followers.  

Assemble five times a day to swear your loyalty to Islam 

To be doubly sure that his flock remains together in to its murderous ken (prison), he decreed that it was compulsory for all Muslims to come together and pray five times during the day. So there wasn’t any chance for his followers to leave Islam and emancipate themselves.  

Getting into Islam was a one way street. Islam was a dead end, where you could enter, (in fact you were forced to enter at the pain of death) , but could never leave, since you would be killed. In fact such was the indoctrination and mass hysteria that Mohammed (yimach shmo…) started, that in a generation or so, the new converts forgot that their forefathers were not Muslims, and in fact in North Africa, they even forgot that they were not Arabs. They forgot that their forefathers were made to submit to Islam at the pain of death.

 This sealed the fate of all those who were forced to embrace Islam from ever becoming decent thinking humans ever again.

 Only the total destruction of non-Muslim heritage and wholesale slaughter of non-Muslims has got the Muslims what Victories they have enjoyed.

 With every Muslim military victory, there was not just a change of ruler, but a wholesale slaughter of those who refused to convert or pay Jaziya. There was also a total destruction of the pre-Islamic culture, educational institution, libraries, etc. The planned and deliberately implemented slaughter of the non-Muslim priestly and warrior class was done to enfeeble the conquered populace so much that they would forget who they were their national and cultural identity be subsumed under a newly imposed Arabized Muslim identity.  

This kind of tyranny was never known to the human race, with any other conqueror, like Alexander, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, or even those who came after the Muslims like the British Colonialists, or the Spanish Conquistadors. Yes the Spanish Conquistadors were ruthless, but in spite of all they did to the native Americans, the naïve Americans still have preserved their memory of they being a people different from the Spanish Conquistadors, not so with the Egyptians, North Africans, Berbers, et al.  

Ask any Egyptian who he is, he will say he is an Arab, were the Pharaohs Arabs? Were the builders of the Pyramids, Arab? Ask any Libyan, Sudanese, Algerian, Tunisian, Somalian, who he is he will say he is an Arab. These are people, whom the conquering Muslim Arab, so Arabized that they have forgotten who they are, their national identities have completely been submerged into the Arab Muslim Ummah.

 This has not happened with the native Americans or the Maoris or the Africans, in spite of the fact that apartheid was practiced in South Africa. The Arabs as conquerors totally brainwashed at the point of the sword all the conquered people, Arabized and Islamized them at the pain of death.

 Knowing all this is relevant today for those who seek to defeat Islam. To do so we have to first understand the depth of depravity in Islam. If the Muslims have to be saved from Islam, then it is not sufficient to conquer the Muslim countries and try to being democracy to them, we have to de-Islamize these people, if they are to be emancipated into civilized beings. This will take many years and a reasonable estimate is a minimum of 50 to 100.

 Islam has brutalized them and made them robotic followers and killers, narrow-minded individuals, despotic rulers, and cruel sadists by following the injunctions of the Instruction Manual of Terrorism (the Quran). This is proven by the bloodied Shiite-Sunni murders that have started in Iraq despite elections, and elections by people who support a murderous creed throw up murders as their legislators as in the case of Hamas and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  

Islam is a perverted cult, a mental sickness based on intimidation to convert all non-Muslims to Islam, and to murder if you refuse to convert. And if you manage to save your head, then you have to live under their dehumanizing tyranny and live as non-Muslims (Dhimmis or Zimmis).

 The Retrograde Negative Spirit of Islam pervades all across that Islamic civilization (sic). Although to call it “civilization” is a contradiction in terms

 The very first verse uttered by that lecherous mass-murderer, the accursed Mohammed-ibn-abdallah was “La Ilah Il Allah, Mohammed ur Rasoolallah” which translated literally would read “No god but god, Mohammed is prophet of god”. In Arabic “La” connotes “No”. So what can one expect from a mentality whose very first of its five principles is based on negativism?

 Negativism permeates all through Islam, its attitudes towards all non-Muslims, its use of dishonesty to portray itself as a victim, its murderous intent towards all those who refuse to convert to Islam, its use of any level of cruelty to Islamize entire humankind.

 We can save ourselves from this Malignant Madness of Islam, only if we see it through to its grave. The other option is landing in the grave ourselves along with liberty, progress and free-thinking, freedom of speech and scientific advancement, all of which will be become slaves to that Instruction Manual of Hate and Terror – the Quran, the Islamic manual or arms.

 Why is a threat of death the only way to defeat Islam?

 Islam was spread with the use of death threats. The defeated non-Muslims were given the choice of Islam or Death. After having been forced to accept Islam through such terminal coercion, the converted people had no way of renouncing Islam. If they did so, they were targeted as Murtads (apostates) and were killed. It is mandatory in Islam for Muslims to kill anyone who leaves the cult. So the converts were forced to remain Muslims. And as this was their fate, then the best bet for them was to imbibe the murderous attitude themselves and impose it on others.

 Today although "Islam or Death" is not possible openly, unless you live in Muslim ruled countries of the Islamic crescent like Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan or in areas contiguous to Muslim majority areas like Malaku in Indonesia, Southern Sudan, Kashmir, North Nigeria.

 Many Muslim converts today are convicts or psychological wrecks like Jose Padilla and Richard Reid

 But the Muslims have devised ingenious methods to reach those best suited for Islam, so they evangelize in Prisons, where they can appeal to the dregs of society, or those come from broken families, those who have gone through divorces, or those who have had some heart-breaking personal experience.

 It is on the emotions of such unfortunate wrecks and irredeemable convicts that these Muslim missionaries prey like vultures and hyenas to pursuade them join the murderous ranks of Islam. Richard Reid, the Shoe bomber, Jose Padilla are specimen of those who become Muslim today. 

The cardinal fact is that across the fourteen centuries of Islam’s existence, it has been its death threat that made people Muslim and it was the same death threat that kept them Muslim. The same death threats are used today to intimate Ayan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie and many others like them to keep them from speaking the truth about Islam.

 He who was born by the sword shall die by the sword

 Modifying the age-old adage “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” We can say that “Islam which was born by the sword shall die by the sword.” Because it was a death threat that made people into Muslims and keeps them as Muslims, the only way these scum can be shaken out of their adherence to the savagery called Islam is a death threat. Not individual death threats as the Muslims hurl today at Hirsi and Salman Rhusdie, but a death threat of extermination through a nuclear holocaust of the entire Muslim population across the globe!

 Only when the beastlike Muslims see the determination of a world to do them in to their last man and woman, can the Ummah of Islam be smashed.  Only when Muslims see that there is no option other than death if they persist in remaining Muslim will the fort of Islam be breached. Once the first trickle of Muslims renouncing Islam starts, the trickle will turn into the flood  that will wipe out Islam.

There will certainly be those Muslims who will try to kill the apostates, those who renounce Islam, but, when these murderers are themselves hunted down, the remaining Muslims will know that it is safe for them to give up Islam. Then ,and only then, shall we see Muslims coming over in droves to give up Islam. But this can happen only we seriously start executing a death threat of mass killing of all Muslims across the globe. There are no soft options here.

 Do we have it in us to do that? The answer to that question decides whether civilization wins or Islam wins!  The lesson here is clear- this a very old war that has very little to do with America backing Israel or Israel at all and everything to do with the intrinsic nature of Islam and the survival of civilization and the eradication of a diseased cult Becauseof death worshipers.  It's us or them, that simple.

Robert Firth

Milan, Italy