Here’s a platform for our next president

Maybe one of them could say something like this?

“My Fellow Americans, as president, with a conservative congress, I’d turn back every one of nobama’s absurd socialist plans along with much that the stinking libs and progressives have done over the past 75 years and get the country back on course. How?"

The following represent edicts and procedures that are harsh and rough. They are tough decisions for tough times. We will do what we must……

"First, what’s the real state of the union and what needs be changed!"

"America has become a “nanny state” with cradle to grave programs weakening our character and making us increasingly dependant on the power crazed feds.

This rampant paternalism has impacted everything from diving boards at pools to seat belt and helmet laws for bikers. We mandate public funds for feeding the brats in school teaching them that the gov owes them a free lunch and then wonder that they grow up to be whining adults begging for a check while sitting on their collective asses drinking malt liquor.

America used to be a vibrant country with hard working people driving ahead on raw ambition, ability and dreams. We built the greatest country the world has ever seen and now, the whiners are trying to take it away from us."

The following would be a serious political platform to take back our country…. Here's his first speech as president...

"My fellow Citizens,"

"First, as your new president, I will declare martial law for 12 months (or less)  and send the Congress home. Sadly, there is absolutely no other way to change things as they need be changed !"

"Then: I will close 500+ of the present 700+ federal agencies ( see a list of them under “Democrats” on Libs Stink )

I will bomb the hell out of Iran and send troops (big time) into Lebanon and Gaza killing all the Hamas and Hezbollah assholes. At the same time, all militant Islamic whackos worldwide will be eliminated ( permanently)   Of course, this will take a large stockpile of Neutron bombs, but that’s what they’re for.  

I will close every Mosque in America and deport the all the raghead screwballs. Islam is an absurd and vicious cult and an insult to all thinking people. It has produced only misery for its sad adherents and is the root cause of most of the world’s troubles. Wherever it exists there’s only poverty, disease and despair. As a belief system it has caused only suffering, misery and death… After 1500 years of faithful adherence to its evil edicts, no purely Muslim country, without importing from the west, can manufacturer even a bicycle or an air conditioner from scratch. Islam is an exclusionary hatful system, referring to all others in the most pejorative terms. It cannot co-exist with modern states. I would use any and all means to eliminate militant Muslims worldwide.

I will jail Barney the molester along with Dodd and half the miserable idiots in DC.  Peloose, Schumer, Reid, Boxer and Feingold I would deport or imprison for life as traitorous enemies of all independent thinking people. If that’s not a crime we’ll make it one. 

I will issue a new gold based currency with a ratio to the old money of 1000:1. Then, I will pay off the old debt with the new money bankrupting the swine who have profited by the buy-outs, bailouts and TARP, etc. Fanny and Freddy would be shut down forever. The feds have no business in banking or the mortgage business. Home ownership is not an entitlement! GM and other companies that allowed themselves to be bullied into bankruptcy by unions would be simply out of business. We would shut them down and sell off their assets to reclaim any federal debt they might have. The overpaid union auto workers can pound sand and find other jobs.

I will eliminate all federal entitlements except SS which I would freeze where it is and pay off, over the life times of those presently enrolled. I would give a treasury note to all the present enrollees in the plan for what they have paid in- then, I would shut it down along with Medicare and Medicaid! Food stamps (what an idiotic idea,) would be stopped on day one! All public housing would be deeded to the current residents and they would take care of the buildings just as other people do. If they can’t do that we would demolish the units and ship the residents out of the country on the first rust bucket available to wherever. America is a country for smart motivated people who want to and know how to work and make something of their lives. None of the taxpayer’s money would go to supporting lazy no-goods. Many of these people have had 150 years to get it right and that’s far more than enough!

After shutting down the IRS, I will impose a national sales tax on everything at perhaps 11 to 15% of the gross. The percentage would be low because the new fed gov would be a hell of a lot smaller than it is. The states would collect the tax and keep half. I would cancel all federal taxes on everything including gasoline and any other energy product as well as any taxes on consumables, tobacco etc.  We will eliminate the current IRS code completely. The new IRS will only collect the sales tax at every point of sale nationwide.

Climate change and alternative energy, Anyone who wants a windmill can build one, zoning permitted, but not one dime of federal money for that crap. Global warming and climate change as being somehow caused by civilization is absurd and bad science. We would unilaterally abrogate Kyoto and all the other climate crap. 31,000 reputable scientists have signed a paper agreeing that the climate change issue is bogus.

We will build nuclear power stations, exploit natural gas, drill wherever companies want to drill and use every means to deliver cheap power to our citizens and energy. In a few years we will be completely free of imported oil. All federal laws and regulations impairing, preventing or obstructing the construction of nuclear plants, refineries and any energy producing facilities will be immediately rescinded. EPA will be gone day one.

Here’s how I will handle crime and criminals:  I will release all federal prisoners jailed for tax evasion and drugs. This would empty half the prisons. Anyone using or selling drugs after their release would be shot or deported. All totally useless people would be deported. That means anyone who has been living on government welfare and is unable to think or work can start packing their bags….. This would not apply to anyone younger than 15 or older than 60. The rest, we simply don’t need and you would be surprised how many would find work doing something once they realized that the good old days were over forever!

I will impose 2 year terms on all elected positions including the President. We don’t need or want a bunch of bloated fat hogs swilling at the public trough for what has been life-time appointments. Public service will be temporary duty for successful business men. No one who has not served in our military would ever be eligible to run for congress. The house of representatives will be elected from districts based on general population having nothing to do with lines drawn to gain representation for racial groups. Gerrymandering will end along with all racial preferences, period! We are all Americans and there would be no black Americans, Asian Americans or any of that crap!

I will restructure the fed gov so that each branch would be far more independent than it presently is reducing the power of the executive and re-establishing checks and balance. As America is today, we have a one party super- liberal government running amuck! The Constitution is not a ‘living document’ subject to the whims of federal activist judges. It is our most sacred document and we will adhere to it!

The WTO and IMF would be out and America will withdraw from these useless organizations. The Brenton Woods declarations would be rescinded as if they never existed. The Federal Reserve banks would be disbanded. All control of our monetary system would be in the hands of the federal government. The FDIC would survive to protect the private sector.

I will eliminate life-time appointments for members of the supreme court and make their term 5 years, recallable any time they get out of line. There would be no legislating from the bench. Activist judges in all our courts would be eliminated at every level.

I will eliminate the retirement and healthcare plan for congress and cut their pay by 50%. A great many of the problems in America stem from corrupt politicians who have stayed in office far too many years.

All lefty professors and egg-head socialists, marxists, communists and other American-hating whackos will lose tenure and be forced from academia forthwith. We don’t need or want our schools turning out students who are anti- American.

The ACLU will be dismantled and outlawed along with the NAACP and all other political representative organizations. All blacks, Asians, and others will be considered Americans period and entitled to no special treatment or consideration not afforded any other citizen.

I will have the federal government responsible for only international relations ( Dept of State), Treasury, Dept of Defense, Immigration and customs, Dept of Parks and a few other important functions that fall best under the purview of the federal gov. Everything else goes back to the states to decide.

How I will handle elections; First, no one can vote in any federal, state or local election unless they have a personal interest in the outcome. That means to vote you have to own property and pay your property taxes. Everyone has the right to one vote just for being born in the country and meeting the property and tax requirements. Renters who are gainfully employed get a vote. All citizens get another vote for having a 4 year degree. All voters get additional votes for every $1000 they pay in taxes. Anyone who has spent 12 months living full time in any foreign country gets an additional vote.  No one who is unemployed gets to vote. This will eliminate the bloody dems and other lefties rounding up busloads of degenerates and paying them $5.00 for their vote. There would be no ACORN or another kind of political gerrymandering.  Those with “skin in the game” get to vote, others no, period!  Why should a loser who doesn’t pay for anything be allowed to influence the outcome of elections. Any country that allows its citizens to vote themselves benefits they don’t pay for is doomed. Just as we are now!

I will eliminate the federal interstate commerce regulations (a devious plan whereby Roosevelt severely violated states rights and gave enormous and dangerous powers to the feds.)

I will force the UN out of the country and withdraw our membership. The UN today has become an expensive anti- American joke.

When elected, I will send into every town and city presently infested by groups like M13, Crips and bloods professional military units like Delta Force and the SEAL teams to clean out all gang members by shooting them full of holes. Residents will be given ample warning to clear out and all tattooed members will be rounded up and shot. No exceptions!

I will seal, fence and mine our borders staffing them with armed military with orders to shot to kill. That problem would be over immediately.

I will jail for 5 years ( mandatory) and impose huge fines on  any employer hiring illegal’s (that way they would all go home voluntarily)  All illegal’s would be given 6 months to clear out and the gov would buy them bus tickets to the border. No emergency care facility would admit illegal aliens for free treatment period! Any of the millions of illegals remaining after the 6 months period would be shot on sight.

Anyone wanting to come to America would be encouraged with the stipulation that they speak, read and write English and have a university or college education or valuable trade. In fact, our embassies would seek out and assist talented young people and others to come to America. All phone systems and public announcements saying “push one for English” would be gone overnight!

I will shoot every three time loser recidivist in our prisons and jails. Most of the prisons would then be closed. Incorrigible inmates can’t be changed and are a burden on the economy and useless, contributing zip! Tough solutions for tough times!

I will never allow muslums on or near any airport or any aircraft ( period) I would adopt completely the security procedures that El Al uses. ( they work) “No islamic followers, no terror!” The muslums brought this on themselves, trying repeatedly to murder innocent Americans by hijacking and blowing up our aircraft. “ So, now you want to go someplace, take a boat, walk or swim!” Anyone with a concealed gun permit will be issued a "known traveler" ID and be permitted to by-pass security at any airport. The TSA, along with the FBI will investigate terrorists long before they get near an airport or any other crowded place.

I will rain down 100 neutron bombs on the mad midget of Pyongyang ( tomorrow morning, while they’re nibbling their kimchee) End of that problem!

I will close down all unions nationwide. They are bad for business.

I will force all failing students at every school into the military for 2 years and kick the shit out of the little bastards. They will straighten up or we would ship them to South America. Useless whelps are not needed or wanted. All teachers would be tested and the dummies fired!

Every citizen will serve 2 years in the military either after high school or after university. No exceptions. None, no deferments none! We will have no muslims in our military, police or any other law enforcement organization.

I will make every parent pay tuition for every kid. Why should citizens with no kids pay to educate other people’s kids….? No free lunches in any schools. Brown bag it or buy a sandwich! Freebees only serve to distort reality- there is, in the real world, no such thing as a “free lunch. Teaching kids otherwise makes the adjustment to life that much harder. If parents had to pay to educate their children perhaps they wouldn’t have ten kids?

Anyone who wants medical insurance can buy it. If they don’t buy it then they pay, if they can’t pay they can starve. No one pays for anyone else’s medical care nor should they. We are not our brother’s keeper. We are all thinking individuals and need to stand on our own two feet. Weak sisters can take a long walk on a short pier! Those unfortunates who are simply unable to find care, we will help but the “safety net” will not be extended to anyone who should be able to help themselves.

After things are organized, regular elections will be held and I will step down, returning the country to 100% civilian rule by a sensible rational majority of qualified voters. 

 I think the above will be a good start……Let’s get America back on track!

God Bless America!   

Let me know which parts of the platform you don’t agree with and why?


Our next president!