America after suicide by election


This is about people, who we are, where we are, how we live or don’t, as the case may be. This isn’t a study of mankind in any academic or anthropological sense. This is rather about my personal view of the world as it is and the direction it is going. I’m writing this on the day America may decide to join the 3rd world by electing obama or, instead, choose a brighter future. Before anyone reads it we will have made our choice, so this is not a political polemic to persuade but rater a plain assessment and factual statement of things as they are and will be- a view of Christmas past and future.


The world is a big place. Looking at the map on my wall I count 6 major continents including Australia and Antarctica. Between them all, a lot of water…….Spread over the largest land masses are billions of humans, some six billion as estimated by whomever keeps count and this number is climbing steadily toward seven billion.


Funny thing about numbers and demographics- less than three generations ago the human population was about three billion and now it’s doubled. Old Tommy Malthus may have been on to something, y’think? Unfortunately, he was only half right. He got right the bit where humans populate geometrically but where he missed the boat was his prediction that food supplies would only increase arithmetically, thereby limiting human population growth. What happened was that some wise-ass agronomists got to meddling, creating three crop seeds and an ever greater food supply to support what one can only guess to be an infinite number of hungry human mouths. God help us !


So, what’s wrong with this? Isn’t the world a big place with room for even a hundred billion people? Unarguably and in theory, there is most certainly plenty of space for humans. In fact, some years ago a wacky boffin figured out that everyone on earth could fit into a number of 24 story apartment buildings on Long Island.


Let’s talk about the reality. Today, with something like six billion of us scattered around the globe, we know that the vast majority lead unhappy lives with minimal nutrition, limited medical and dental care, spotty and inadequate education and a bleak future. The majority of humans, some four billion, exist without adequate transport or communication systems, most with limited access to electricity and without a source of clean water. These, the vast majority, do not share in the bounty of western civilization. They are supremely unhappy and terribly ignorant. Few, if any, could obtain work in the western competitive electronic jungles that make up our global financial and industrial conglomerates. Indeed, it would be the rare individual, whom after being raised in the deprivation of the third world, who could compete for a minimally technical job in any western company large or small. 


To assist in you’re visualization and understanding, let’s posit a singular example; a 20 year old Nigerian guy who wants a job with one of the oil companies. He has perhaps the equivalent of a 4th grade education and speaks limited English if any. He is malnourished and has been since before birth, so you can imagine that his cognitive skills are limited. You ask him to take a simple test and he gets stuck on the first question. ( he can’t read) You ask him anything, like point to England on a map, and he’s lost. ( never saw a map) You ask him about world history, such as, who won WW II, and again, a blank stare- zero knowledge, no cultural comprehension so, almost nothing in common with us. If he gets hired, it’s to push a broom where he will remain for 50 years. How do I know this? I was in Nigeria working for Mobil and saw it.


Let me tell you something about Africa. Lagos is a city of perhaps twenty million (no one really knows) it has no sewer or water system. The electricity is off more than on and few of the phones function. Not many traffic lights work and the roads are a nightmare. Every day, another few hundred starving wretches wander in from the country side looking for food. When exhausted, they sicken and die- someone tosses their body into one of the rivers where the tide takes them to sea for the sharks.


What do these people believe, what do they hope for, how do they view us? When your starving and sick, you don’t even think on these terms. Half of the Nigerians, some 60 or so million are Muslims and the other half Christians- more or less mixed up with “JuJu” ( black magic). When they are not hanging out in the crapper with amoebic dysentery or worse, some can be motivated to attack western interests- such as the recent spate of kidnappings and murders in the oil fields. Some of the smarter ones can be taught to handle an AK 47 and shoot at people who are not shooting back. In general, they make terrible soldiers and usually work best as an unorganized mob spraying bullets and tossing hand grenades with gay abandon. In Mozambique there were child soldiers who had been brutalized by being forced to kill and eat their siblings and parents. For these mentally sodomized kids there is no way back- they have become brutal sociopathic killers and can only be put down like rabid dogs.


The vast majority of Nigerians, and indeed all but a very few African’s, live short brutal lives of deprivation and disease. They grub in small family plots attempting grow enough to subsist. Neighboring tribes and ethnic shadings create deep schisms of fear and ancient hatreds. Xenophobia is rampant, witness the slaughters between the ‘Hutizies and Tutzies’ or whatever. Even today they continue to hack each other to bits in some crazed macabre dance of death choreographed likely by the devil himself.


A tiny number of Nigerians, maybe a few thousand, are rich, some very rich. They are schooled in England or the US, fly around in private jets keeping their money, of course, with banks in the UK or off-shore. The sole source of money in Nigeria (as in some other 3rd world countries) is oil or another natural resource. Nigerian crude is low in sulphur (sweet crude) and sells at a premium because it can be mixed with other oil reducing refining costs. 100% of the oil revenues are kept in EU or offshore banks. There isn’t any hard currency in the country, only Naira, an unconvertible currency of questionable value. I guess that makes a Nigerian millionaire a Naira-do-well. :)


For a hundred years, the civilized world, driven no doubt, by guilt, has been attempting to bring order and peace to these sad countries but without much in the way of positive results. When aid workers, both Gov and NGO’s, head back to their hooch’s, the local strong man gathers up the blankets and food carting the loot off to a warehouse where he sells it. In Somalia, the bad guys just shoot the aid workers and rob their stocks. ( prelude to Blackhawk Down)


Throughout the so called “third world” life is pretty tough. There are parts of Mexico, South America, Africa, India, China, South East Asia, Central Asia and throughout the Arab world where ignorant millions are starving and living lives of “quiet desperation.” There are no jobs and indeed, no economies to generate any. Unemployment is rampant and the people suffer from a total lack of education, motivation and gumption  bred by generations of living in what are truly hopeless and deplorable conditions. There are some staggering statistics that say that at least 2 billion humans live on less than $2.00 a day (if that). God knows what they eat but you can bet it isn’t “the breakfast of Champions.”


Over the last 100 or so years, many millions of impoverished ‘third worlders’ have managed to escape their respective lands.  Mexican and other Latinos sneak into the United States every night. When the boarder patrol tries to keep them out our agents are occasionally locked up on trumped up federal charges. Billions of dollars in drugs flow into the country the same way and anyone in the way is killed. The Mexican drug cartels run the country and no one seems able to stop them.


Not a single one of the great unwashed who have managed to get into Europe or America brought with them a university degree or any money. Most didn’t and don’t speak the language and all have been nothing but a burden on their host countries. They have lowered educational standards and contribute absolutely nothing- unless of course, you want to count the veggies they pick or lawns they mow. In general, these vast numbers of scavengers have increased crime and lowered wages and standards wherever they haves settled. Some might say that having to “push 2 for English” is a reliable indication of the benefits of social diversification and globalization.


Let’s talk some hard core effects. In California 52% of the population receives State and federal benefits from the remaining 48%, most of whom live in the northern part of the state where many are leaving. California is essentially as bankrupt as Michigan, New York and most of the so called ‘blue states.’ The black blind governor of New York says the state is $44 billion in debt and, along with Arnold ( "I'll be back") Schwarzenegger, is asking the feds to bail him out. Last year there were more murders in Chicago and Detroit than Baghdad.


In Germany, hundreds of businessmen have closed up shop, deciding that paying the Government 50% of their earnings so they could give the money to millions of refugees from Turkey, wasn’t worth the effort. The same is occurring throughout Europe and the UK. Socialistic Governments in those countries have encouraged immigration for years and now are seeing the error of their ways. It’s one thing to have educated Indians and Pakistanis move to England bringing a bucket of Rupees and opening a dry cleaning business- its entirely another to have millions of hungry mouths on the dole.


Enoch Powell (look him up) tried to warn the English about the dangers of mass immigration but the liberal pols branded him a raciest- last year, the idiotic liberal mayor of London, Ken Livingston, was defeated, replaced by a saner guy. Too late, the city has been handed over to a growing Islamic population who are demanding “more.” Rumor has it that Muslims in the UK have persuaded the British to stop teaching the Holocaust because it offends their tender sensibilities. Could this be true? You know, like all people everywhere, we are only ever one generation away from complete ignorance.


With the incredible financial and social problems the developed world is facing it may be that western civilization is heading the way of the dinosaur. Certainly it will take some time to finish us off but the signs are there. One billion crazed Muslims wanting to kill five billion  Infidels mixed with three or so billion starving wretches who covet not much more than a few cheeseburgers. From all indications the fate of humans on this earth seems destined for a less bright future. The basic problem is simply that there is not now, and never will be, any way to provide “the good life” to billions of people. The supply of goods and services can’t now, and never could, keep up with the growth of human population.


To visualize the problem, try to imagine what it would cost 1000 western people living in a humanitarian, do-goooder, tree hugging small town in Connecticut to build a town similar to their own for 1000 people living in a village in Bangladesh. Of course, they would first have to design and construct the infrastructure; sewer, water systems, electrical plants, phones, roads, signage, stop lights and schools, all built before the first of the homes and offices. Then, before passing out the keys to front doors, they would have to teach them how toilets worked and what a circuit breaker box was. Of course, they would have to be taught to drive but only after the 1000 people in Connecticut bought them cars, trucks and school buses. Once all this was done, no one in the small New England town would have one cent left- they would all be mortgaged to the hilt, destroyed and bankrupt.


Imagine it like this and you can envision what it might cost to raise the standards of living of a Bangladesh village up to a western level- completely impossible and stupid ! Once the “test village” was completed and the villagers moved in to their nice new homes, they still have no jobs and no way to pay for the gas and tires for their cars and trucks or electricity. Their roads of course, without a highway system, would go nowhere and soon deteriorate because there was no money to maintain them- in a very few years, they would be right back to the 2000 year old rural, agrarian, semi-starving tribal society they are today. Such is the fruitless absurdity of all grandiose utopian plans to save the world- two destroyed groups, one in Connecticut and the other in Bangladesh.


In point of fact, there is no way the relatively small developed world can transfer their standard of living to the vast majority of impoverished and hopeless human wretches. There equally, is no way that the developed world can allow unlimited numbers of uneducated miserable rabble into their countries- but! THEY DO! AND THEY CONTINUE TO ALLOW THEM IN. This is suicide by the numbers and those of us who think about these things understand very well.


You know, Barbara Tuchman wrote a book she called ‘Distant Mirrors’ that described a future world where there existed only a few isolated well lit armed outposts of civilization surrounded by vast dark distances filled with roaming hungry hordes of dangerous two legged animals searching for sustenance. The title points out that in our distant past, maybe the dark ages, this was how humanity was organized- Are we heading back to those dark days? I will point out that today, throughout the world, thousands now live in ‘gated communities’ protected by private guards- you decide.


The problem with writing such diatribes as this is that, in doing so, one knows very well that one is preaching to the choir. Anyone with the patience and time to read this is likely educated, intelligent and observant enough to know that I am too right. Hindsight, being 20/20, most of us know now, if we didn’t before, that selling homes to people who can’t pay for them is a recipe for disaster. The ground zero of the entire financial disaster we are facing today was and is the millions of home loans that have defaulted. Why did we do it? The simple and correct answer is that the liberals in the US congress pandering for votes and power, passed laws that were used by people like nobama to pressure banks into creating “sub-prime” debt. Prior to the Community Reinvestment Act, signed into law by the Peanut Farmer and pushed by Clintoon, the non-qualifying, nothing down, dead-beat mortgage instrument didn’t exist.  Banks before the stinking libs were responsible and to get a mortgage wasn’t a ‘right’ it was a privilege. You had to put 20% down, fill out endless applications and then you might be qualified to borrow - but the amount of the loan was not greater than what the payments would be based on 25% of your net income. This was how it was for years, before the ‘stinking libs’ tossed a “legal-monkey wrench” into our delicate banking machinery.


So, if we want to “pin the tail on the Donkey” as it were, we know who that creature is- The Democratic party! They can’t escape this –no way- they are responsible for destroying the US housing market and the world’s financial system. Sure, the smart-ass mortgage brokers and Investment bankers took advantage of the free for all but, at the heart of the problem was the bloody libs trying, as they always do,  to buy votes with other peoples money.


Now we’re all broke- Most of us in the west have lost 50% of our home’s value and seen our savings equally diminished and yet, to my great surprise, we elect ‘Curious George’ who has promised those with less money, even more of other people’s money- “spread the wealth.’ Isn’t that how we got into this mess in the first place? Duh!


How is this possible, you ask? Let me tell you my ‘95% theory. Briefly, the theory postulates that ninety– five percent of all humans are stupid! – What’s my proof of this? OK, let’s start with some what recent history, WW I, WW II, WW III, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan….get the picture, war is, in and of itself, stupid in the extreme. The French fought the Brits, for 100 years, Napoleon invaded Russia, Russia fought the japs and throughout history men have killed each other- and always, always, it was the same- old men lie and young men die. Every heard that?


What is it about humans that makes a line of cars miles long slow to a crawl to see an accident that has been long towed off to the side- bloody minded rubber neckers, just plain stupid ! What could possibly persuade 72% of the American Jews to vote for a guy named Hussian who is likely a Muslim sympathizer if not more? After 50 years backing democrats, what could make a guy who is living on food stamps in public housing in Detroit want to vote for a filthy lib- when is enough  enough?  See what I mean- the 95% rule in action.


Having convinced myself again, if not you, that most of the human population is just plain dumb and therefore disserves whatever miserable and meager living they might elk from this sad old globe- let me now begin to develop the real message of this narrative.


We have shown that mankind today, in the western world is addicted to meddling with the  impoverished hordes in a vain attempt to salve our consciences by trying to prop up their failed states and improve their miserable lives. This laudable but misguided philanthropy is evidenced in governments and individuals- from Dr. Albert Schweitzer in the last century, to Rock and TV stars like Bono and the fat black broad advocating for God knows what and building schools in Africa- so that the few students attending will receive an education, meaning that they will become aware of how truly fucked their existence really is. Yeah!@ that makes a difference !


USAID sends billions of sacks of rice and whatever into these rat infested miserable places. We send medical teams to inoculate the locals, we treat their AIDS and they all live a little longer- for what, so they have more energy to breed, spawning ever more of their kind  into a heartless world? Waiting for what- The town in Connecticut to show up and build them a lovely little village- sorry, but that town went broke on the last try in Bangladesh.


Have you comprehended the utter futility of trying to do anything really helpful to change the human condition in the vast majority of the world? Maybe you think that a few cities in India and China have pointed the way to a brighter future? Let me quickly disabuse you of that fond hope. The population of India is well over one billion. 95% of them live on less than $2.00 a day. The bright spots you think you see are all (all) caused by western companies creating manufacturing jobs hiring impoverished locals to perform work that once was performed in their home countrys.


What does this mean? Well for one thing it means that the balance of trade in the developed world will continue to grow to unmanageable proportions – if indeed, this is not already the case.  Of course, this situation will eventually rectify itself. When enough jobs are finally exported, there won’t be any money in the developed world to buy anything from the developing world- no matter how cheap! 


In the end, the great game of the world economy is pretty simple. We build things and sell them for ‘money’ (a very cheap paper commodity, by the way, that every country prints whenever the urge hits) and then, we use that money to buy other things that interest us or that we need from other parties in one great circle of trading. The more money we print the less valuable it is and one thing is absolutely certain – any country can print more money than there are goods and services. We all know this and supposedly there is some restraint and control. However, when the US Government decides to print up $700 billion and simply give it away in exchange for bad debts that will never have value then, to that extent, the value of the dollar is positively eroded. With even greater amounts planned, the dollar, like any other currency, will likely not be able to avoid hyper inflation such as occurred in Germany at the end of WW I when it took a billion Deutschmarks to buy a loaf of bread !


We all forget that Franklin Roosevelt closed the banks, calling it a “bank Holliday’ so that he could stop the millions of terrified people trying to get their money. Could this happen again? Maybe!


The fact is that the west is finished trying to prop up the impoverished world because, once America started down the road into the socialist hellhole with the recent election, to join Europe in a blind quest for the elegarian state, we won’t be able to feed ourselves let alone anyone else. This won’t happen tomorrow but, over time, watch it develop! The small business owners will eventually lose their incentive and close, the large multi-nationals will find no markets, domestic or international, and they will gradually fail- witness GM for example. The Japanese and European auto manufacturers will follow because no one will be around with any money to buy their cars and indeed, the very idea of personal transport will begin to die out.


Little by little, it will fall to governments to do more- to feed more, to take over what had been private businesses. Food stores have to make a profit so all the items on the shelf carry a mark-up. When the enough people don’t have jobs and the money to buy food, the government will have no choice but to step in to provide some minimum nourishment. Gradually food stores will close and government trucks will be passing out great blocks of Velvitta Cheese in the American neighborhoods. Good grief !


Why, what happened? How can this be? Not in America you say! Wanta bet?  It’s not too difficult to foresee. Socialism destroys incentive- it erodes the entrepreneurial spirit. The premise that ‘Curious George’ labors under is that to make ‘his people’ better off he has to give them OPM (other peoples money). His people, by the by, aren’t always entirely the blacks although that’s clearly the group at the top of his list. The libs and dems also favor anyone who needs a hand, the downtrodden, the sick and the lame, anyone sucking the government tit is their guy!  If you have food stamps, you qualify- if you don’t have food stamps, you should- and we’ll see to it that you get them- we’re from the government and we’re here to help!


In America, from  Roosevelt’s “New Deal” to Johnson’s stupid “War on Poverty” and the “Great Society,” the feds took money from those who had it and gave it, through a hundred idiotic programs, to those who didn’t. These were all socialistic programs and they did exactly what anyone who understands them could predict. They created a huge class of low-lifes who lost all incentive to find a job. Why should they? The feds pay better for dong nothing. Most of these sad sacks never had much gumption and weren’t the types to open a business or get an education, so they sit on the front steps and wait for the Government check- the one you send them every month. Once the drugs hit their streets sometime in the 60’s, it was over for good- heroin, smack, MJ, crack, whatever, that was it. Now you have several generations of truly unemployable, brain dead, gang-banging drug pushers killing each other over who’s got dibs on what corner.


The problem with social engineering (socialism by a different name) especially in a split society, such as America, is that those who can pay do pay and those who can’t pay get! By contrast, in some of the smaller more homogeneous countries in Europe, these plans are doable because the vast majority are educated and gainfully employed- they are decidedly middle class. They all understand that if they vote for benefits to be handed out by their government, they will all have to pay for them.  They also know that they will all (equally) benefit. That’s the great difference between them and us. They are responsible and govern themselves accordingly.


Unless America splits into two countries, ( one Blue and one Red) not likely, but possible and interestingly, this time ( unlike the Civil war where one of the reasons was to free the slaves) the reason this time would be to escape the slaves- we are likely doomed. Under the rubber stamp congress and our new “fearless leader” America may well slide into an economic depression resulting in a rapid decline in productivity in every sector of the economy. Already, GM, Ford and Chrysler are on the ropes. Every Airline we have is broke (except perhaps Southwest) and, as the jobs go, so goes the country. DHL just laid off thousands and once unemployment hits the 10% level there won’t be enough money in the system to keep it gong. I sincerely hope that all of the idiots who voted for nobama understand what they have done! I know however that they don’t (remember the 95% rule)


While I’m trying to explain all this, let me take a moment here and tell you about the greatest flaw of our democracy. Probably you already know, but in case, here it is. We have thousands, in fact millions of young inexperienced boys and girls, many of them students and few, if any, own a home or have any real life experience or responsibilities. They, as a group, like all the young, are generally idealistic and favor a utopian view of the world where we all live in perfect harmony- with no sickness and no hunger. They believe fervently that the reason such isn’t the case, and they do know that it isn’t, is because of the greed, cunning and avarice of the “fat cats” who they see like the cartoons of Boss Tweed, with a big gut wrapped in a morning coat and a top hat, lording it over the poor downtrodden of the world.


The enemy of the young is always the older generations whom they blame for all the evils that have befallen our sad old world. They know for certain that if they could just take over, everything would be peachy keen! So along come nobama, a charismatic, narcissistic, half black guy (a skin color the American young have been taught to love) who tells them that he represents “change.” He certainly does but they have no idea what kind of ‘change’ he is talking about. They never listened to that part or indeed they never listened period to anyone but echoes of themselves. No FOX news for them- nosiree! Most of them who voted for “Mr. Change” have no idea, and don’t care, who Bill Ayers or Saul Alinsky are and they never heard of the Rev Wright.


Now, these millions of kids go to the polls and vote for “Change.” Many others equally followed suit. The millions who live on the efforts of others, the human vampires who suck the blood of the productive, they also wanted change, except, in their case, the only change they wanted  was “more.” Interesting to me, is how they will feel when they wind up 50 years old, sleeping on a bare mattress in a cold government barracks, coughing and sick, maybe dreaming of the comfortable warm bed they had as kids in that nice home provided by Mom and Dad, who maybe owned a garage that actually sold gas to private cars. What a “change” they voted for……. !


The others who voted for nobama, they include those who just plain hated Bush and somehow thought that McCain was cut from the same cloth…that he was certainly not mattered little. Most couldn’t actually articulate the rationale for their hatred- they just did. To them, Bush was arrogant and stupid. They actually called him “stupid.”  Of course, this was a man who was elected as the Governor of Texas and then twice the President of the United States and had degrees from schools that are not known for graduating those who can’t do the work- but, again, that mattered little- they just hated him, stupid or not…


Here’s a guy who flew highly maneuverable jet aircraft on instruments in the dark of night and landed them without an auto pilot- so really, how “dumb” could he be? What else? Oh, he attacked Iraq under false pretenses- of course, every democrat in congress voted to attack Iraq but the rabid bush haters overlook that…They despise Cheney, few of them who despise him could match his intellect or have anywhere near his list of life’s accomplishments.. but, none the less, they despised him… .I think, just as Winston Churchill was turned out of office immediately the war ended only later to be truly appreciated, history will treat George Bush very differently. Even his most virulent reviler is forced to admit, albeit, kicking and screaming, that Bush and his policies have keep America safe from attack for the last 7 years.- no small accomplishment.


America went from true giants like Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan to what………a nobama…….. can anyone, considering this,  really argue that this once great country I has fallen, fallen far and is now facing her demise and decline…..I think not! I predict that many of the less stupid nobama voters will rue the day their anger twisted them into voting for the destruction of their country…. It is one thing to hate Bush, entirely another to hate ones country by handing it over to the likes of a nobama and Nancy Pelosi.


You have to give the dems and filthy libs credit, they organized this take over of America for 50+ years- creating, one by one, since WW II, over 700 new government agencies, employing over 18 million democratic voters.  Today, not counting the military, over 20% of Americans live on little green checks from state, local and federal governments- parasites all, not a single one producing a cent of taxable profits.


You get the picture? To make the government work as it should, to save America, you can’t allow one man one vote. You can’t allow someone who owns nothing, who has no job, pays no taxes, who is receiving benefits from the government to vote. Of course, he will vote for “more.” Who wouldn’t?  It has been said that any government allowing its citizens to vote themselves benefits that they do not pay for will soon perish! I think clearly we reached that point some time ago.


 Could we make it a requirement that you have to pay taxes to vote? Why not? Well for one thing, the libs and dems would never win another election- so, as they control the government, that won’t happen. Such used to be the case by the way under the old “freeholders” election laws in America- but, since the schools no longer teach history, I bet that many don’t know that……  We could weight the votes, so that anyone born in America or who was a citizen got a vote but if you graduated from a college or university you got an extra vote, If you served in the military, another one and then, for every $1000. you pay in taxes you get additional vote points. That way the pandering pols would have to listen to those of us who actually pay their salaries and keep the country going. Of course, then, only conservative politicians would be elected, those whom we knew weren’t going to tax us to death. So, again, that won’t happen- the libs would never allow that and they run things in Washington. Remember, the power to tax is the power to destroy and when that power is in the hands of the filthy libs- keep your power dry and watch your six! Fiscal restraint and common sense have never been the strong suit of the filthy libs- ever!


Probably by now, you are beginning to understand the motivations of the Americans who staged the Boston Tea Party? Do you feel that you’re not being represented by your government? Well, guess what, your not! The US Government now is run by and for the great unwashed-They want whatever you have and they know how to get it. Ours is not a government of the people, for the people and by the people – unless you’re one of their people!


So goes America, so goes the world- not immediately, but, over time. With the destruction of the greatest economy in the history of the world at the hands of the socialist losers and takers, so go all the world’s economies. Microsoft won’t need ten thousand Indians answering their support phones when there’s no one to buy their software. Toyota won’t need a factory in Kentucky when there’s no American’s to buy their cars- after all, the largess of the wonderful federal handout program probably won’t include “car stamps” along with the food stamps - will it?



Robert Firth

Milan Italy