A solution for North Korea and Iran


The first thing to be understood is that, in both cases, there is no possible diplomatic solution.


North Korea exists today because Truman didn’t have the political courage to finish the job in 1954. China backed off and the North, left to itself, shriveled into a cheap military dictatorship that displays like a three penny opera of the absurd and has chosen atomic blackmail as a venue to the table with civilized nations.

 The mad-midget has an army of a million men but, for now, that’s all he has. There are almost no ships, tanks, aircraft, heavy artillery or any of the tools of modern warfare. He is rapidly trying to build a deliverable atomic weapon and there can be no doubt that he will sell these to anyone with the money and use them to extort whatever he needs from the world. When Pyongyang finally has its weapons Japan will arm itself and the entire region will move that much closer to the atomic zero hour.

 There is only one way to eliminate this threat- preemptively attack before he has the weapons. The ‘Dear Leader’ and all his pals are unstable and beyond all diplomatic reasoning. The USAF could eliminate the problem in a single attack using mutable megaton ICBM’s timed to impact simultaneously. Within a few moments North Korea would cease to exist and the problem would be over.

 Iran, like North Korea, is ruled by frothing irrational mad-men driven by a 7th century religious fanaticism. They are close to building a deliverable nuclear weapon and have widely advertised that they will use it to vaporize Israel. Israel will attack Iran as they have no choice. They will have to attack the various weapons sites within the near future. America can either assist or sit and watch the action. The IDF has only limited long range bomber capability and may well fail left to their own resources. The ideal methodology to ensure success in this coming war is to use atomic missiles fired from US submarines. The distances involved don’t favor an aerial attack with Israel’s present air force. I would recommend that US forces do whatever necessary to ensure that Israel succeeds.

 There is no point in being the world’s sole remaining superpower if we fail to act like one. The consequences of doing nothing are predictable. Iran will build a bomb and they will use it. It is impossible to negotiate with irrational monsters. Nothing except destroying their leadership and weapon factories can stop them. That, once clearly understood, renders the solution inescapable. The same is true for North Korea. The USA cannot sit by and see the world destroyed by these hideous regimes. We can deal with the aftermath of these terrible actions- we will not be able to deal with the consequences of doing nothing.

Robert Firth

June 09

'Of  the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because  the U.S. was too  strong.'
    -  Ronald Reagan