The Border, Immigration and Congress

If we allow 30 million (the real number, not the 11 mil illegal wetbacks the lying African says we have ) to become legal after breaking our laws and sneaking into our country we are indeed fools and disserve to lose what’s left of our country.

Here’s what will happen, Millions more will see the opportunity and cross over. (carpe diem) The 30 million here will, in a few years, legally invite their families, which will average 4 and we then will have 120 million Latinos along with God knows how many Hezbollah and other ME terrorist living in what used to the  USA.

None of these 120 million (OK, maybe one in a million) will have any kind of useful education nor do they know anything of our history or respect our constitution and traditions. They will all eventually be given the vote and will only vote for ‘more’ of what they came here for in the first place, our money! None will ever have to learn English (few do now) and they will soon dominate in local and national elections. There will be no need to, nor desire to, assimilate or accept our culture because they are bringing theirs with them. Indeed, this is indisputably obvious in every Hispanic dominated area in our sad country.

It is a fact that sixty percent of the illegal immigrants in America today are receiving welfare and that they represent a significant segment of those arrested for criminal activity. None of those who crawled across our borders brought with them a college or university education or bring money to be invested in our economy. They come here strictly for the welfare and to find employment in subsistence level agricultural jobs.

Why do they come? The majority are literally starving in Mexico and the other countries of origin. They have no medical care, no education, and almost no jobs. Their astonishing fecundity increases the pressure almost monthly, putting greater and greater burdens on their already under-performing low capacity ragged-ass economies. They are, in fact, starving and dying in their home countries.

So, those young and strong enough, lace up their dirty Chinese sneakers and head north while they still have the strength to do so. Their extended families often collect enough money to pay those who smuggle them across our borders. Why? So when the poor wretch finally makes it, if he makes it, he will send most of what he earns home to support those too tired and too sick to join him. He has no idea who George Washington is nor does he give a fig. He doesn’t care about who fought in WWII or why. He couldn’t find Japan or Germany on a map if his life depended on it - and it doesn’t!

When you’re starving, hungry, sick and dirt tired you mind focuses only around finding the next meal. You will gladly cook and eat road kill if you could find any. Most American have never gone without a meal since they were born. Most of us have at least two pair of shoes and more than one shirt. Most of us have at least a High School education and millions of us have been to university. We mostly all know something of our history and why we celebrate the forth of July. 99% of the wetbacks infesting our country don’t know and don’t give a damm! Why should they?

So, what happens to an American who tries to sneak into any of the Latin countries? Well, of course, there’s no welcome home celebration with a packet of food stamps and free accommodations etc. You will be arrested, beaten within an inch of your life, thrown into a filthy, lice invested prison where more beatings and rotten food awaits and then, with a few broken bones, you’ll be summarily, physically,  thrown across their border! That’s exactly what will and has happened to those foolish or desperate enough to try.

So, why the Hispanics come here by the millions is clear. That we can’t allow them to stay is equally clear. If we cannot and will not find the resolve to deal with them-  America is finished! We will decline into a sad shadow of what we used to be. The Hispanics and those other millions of uneducated, unemployed and unemployable needy feeding off our largess will finally consume us…..not with a bang will we disappear but with a pitiful whimper…

Our economic problems are overwhelming as they are. Our dollar went from 1946, when it was valued at 100 cents, to .5 cents today! At that rate, the end is indeed in sight- 3 to 5 years at most. The unfunded mandates for union, federal, state city and local retirement program is in excess of $54 trillion. Our debt is un-payable under any circumstances at $17 trillion and growing by the second with almost a zero interest.  When the cost of money finally rises, (as it must) this figure will go through the proverbial roof! The very last thing we need is 120 million starving Latinos hanging onto us as we both slowly sink beneath the economic waves.

Robert J Firth