Powerful and evil influences on humanity


I was seventeen when first introduced to the writings (mad ramblings) of the Godless Marx and Ingles. Even then, I understood that this was an unworkable fraud creating just another dictatorship thinly masked as a socially beneficial program. What was the essential flaw? Simply, that communism is anti-human nature. No human (stupid or smart) will ever willingly sacrifice his life for the benefit of future generations or the general welfare of strangers –never, egalitarian we are not!

However, I have found a significant percentage of humanity to be fairly insular and stupid…Not simply ignorant, for which there’s a cure, but ‘stupid’ for which there is no salvation… Eugenics might have had a chance at one point, but we all know what happened to that idea.  (remember Margaret Sanger) Many humans are also xenophobic, ignorant, apathetic and disinterested in anything outside their immediate proximity. 

These all too human traits likely account for the general malaise and apathy that allowed the evil of creeping socialism to take root in Europe where Greece and many others under the European socialist mind-rot have finally spent all there is of other people’s money. 

I worked for some time, years actually, as a teacher and flight instructor. I taught the fundamentals of aviation, aircraft systems and provided hands-on simulator and flight training. I observed people in intense learning environments and reluctantly reached the above conclusions….  

Interestingly, what I also learned is that, subjected to a serious threat to life and limb, a given trainee will definitely make a concerted effort to acquire the knowledge required to survive. What I mean here is that, I was an IP (Instructor Pilot) in Vietnam and noted that, in this extremely hostile environment, even the average dullard paid a hell of a lot more attention to the subject than otherwise…The possibly of death and dismemberment certainly does marvelously focus the mind. Remember that point, I’ll come back to it later. 

In less intense academic instruction, the typical student is not attuned to mastery of the subject matter to the same degree they are focused on the opposite sex, drugs and rock and roll. I believe that not until a student has begun advanced studies will that individual begin to make a serious effort to acquire knowledge of a particular subject. Of course, even more is expected of the post-grad student. Interestingly, even with this intellectual maturity, most of the leftist universities still turn out thousands of individuals believing socialism and collective justice to be beneficial and somehow “good.” (proving that a lot of educated people can still be stupid) 

The loaded words used by the socialists are “fairness and equality.” These words are bandied about to appeal to the innocents. Who can argue against a fair and just society? Isn’t it ‘good’ to help the downtrodden unfortunates? Of course, no decent, reasonable and kind-hearted person would argue against helping children and the poor. This is how social programs are packaged and ‘sold’ to the hard working citizens. Elected leaders, using these phrases, are unfortunately given free rein to develop “fair” civil programs to help the poor. Enterprise zones, food stamps, subsidized housing, sub-prime, Medicaid, school breakfast, lunch and dinner, obamacare, stimulus programs, and hundreds of other insane give-a-ways are churned out by reckless politicians attempting to curry favor (buy votes) from the expanding under-class. Where’s the “good” in all of this? (of all these, the sub-prime loans to idiots was by far the worst) 

The end result is generations of individuals utterly and totally dependant on the federal government-most unemployed and unemployable. They mutter in unintelligible ebonics, wandering their neighborhoods, staring at TV screens in ugly government provided apartments- many are overweight, suffering from diabetes and other preventable aliments, whilst collecting little green checks which the government funds by taking money from productive citizens. Their kids have no hope, they drop out of school at increasingly alarming rates, peddle and use drugs, shoot each other and wind up in jail or dead. That’s what 50 years of socialism has done to them- a permanent underclass- not much of a “good” is it?

 To pay for all these socialist entitlements the government must confiscate money from the gainfully employed through increasingly burdensome taxation. As the numbers of beneficiaries increase, so to does the cost of the 'cradle to grave' ‘nanny-care’ supplied by the 'kind-hearted' socialist politicians.(an oxymoron if ever there was one) In the beginning, when the overall costs of socialism are relatively small, such as ten percent of GNP, these issues appear manageable and the end-game remains off the radar screen. However, when costs reach 50% and more of government tax revenues, the burden on the government and taxpayers becomes (as it is today) unbearable and unpayable! In the not so distant future, the cost of the socialist redistribution programs in America will exceed all federal tax revenues. Robbing Peter to pay Paul only works until Peter runs out of money…

 The slippery slope of the socialist state’s decent into bankruptcy and chaos begins when the first dollar is forcefully taken from a productive citizen and handed to an unproductive one. No matter the motivation, that act is, in itself, evil. If a citizen or his church, funded by charitable giving, reaches out to help the poor that act is clearly a “good.” There is no force used by a government confiscating money from productive citizens. The funds are freely given and there is no political obligation on the part of the beneficiary. 

If I am even half right regarding the intelligence of my fellow man, there will never ever be economic equality. If every dime of the world’s wealth were equally divided among all seven billion inhabitants of this sad old world, within a few years, the rich would again have it all and the poor would be just as poor as they were. The history of those who have won lotteries verifies this truth better than any theoretical argument I might make. Within a few years, 90% of them are broke and again, buying dollar tickets at the 7/11. How sad……..  The logic here goes back to my early observation……. stupid people will always be poor! 

Some nations embracing socialism and communism viewed it as a tool they could use to throw off the yoke of colonialism but, I would invite you to look a little deeper at the economic benefits of communism as perceived (touted) and as actually delivered. In no communist country can anyone convincingly demonstrate that life for the common man was better following the take over of his country by a communist government. Life in Russia after 1917, certainly for the ‘proletariat,’ was decidedly not improved nor was it or is it in Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, DPNK (Democratic Republic of North Korea)  or anywhere totalitarian governments have preyed on their citizens, stripping them of their freedom and wealth. Certainly, the horrendous conditions in North Korea, where, under the kindly ministrations of the mad-midget of Pyongyang, millions are eating their shoes and making soup from weeds, is a testament to the utter stupidity and hollow promises of Mr. Marx and all his socialist fellow travelers.  

In every case throughout history, wars are started by centralized federal governments, dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. Without massive federal governments, reducing independent states and usurping their powers, it would almost impossible for despots like Chavez, Maduro, Fidel, Hitler, Stalin and Mao, to imprison, torture and murder their citizens and those of other countries. Thomas Woods’ book ‘Nullification’ argues for the American states, wishing to gain the greatest individual freedoms to govern themselves to the greatest degree possible restraining any and all government strictly to those enumerated powers within the constitution.

 Vietnam, as a case in point, skipped over the socialist path, jumping directly into the full commie program. Uncle Ho tossed out the landlords and confiscated all personal property and land.  Mugabe, in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), who is not a communist but just as poor a student of human nature, instituted a land reform program as recommended in the ole’ manifesto… and what happened? The rich white cats took their marbles and bailed to South Africa or Europe. The nationalized land was poorly managed and never again produced a cent in revenues. Without the profit motive there is no way “collective central managers’ can properly manage land or anything else…….  That fact you can take to the bank…….! Today, Vietnam, like China, is distancing itself from the failed Marxist precepts. 

Communism and socialism, its thinly disguised predecessor, are not socially beneficial schemes.  They are characterized by the ruthless oppression of the poor dolts who fall under their miserable dark cloud. Here’s what in reality happens under any communist, socialist or totalitarian government. First, all the citizens are made destitute and dependant, the government takes control of their currency and banks. Individual rights are eventually abrogated and the ability of the people to resist eliminated by the confiscation of all personal weapons A secret police force is created, public gatherings outlawed and all forms of mass media taken over by the state along with the ownership of all private property….Travel is restricted and, in short, the country is reduced to a giant prison! Do you doubt for an instant that, given the power, Obama would not muzzle FOX news? Is he not trying to ban lead bullets, did he not say he wanted to build, with our money, a praetorian guard (secret police force) under the umbrella of Americorps? (“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” - Barack Obama July 2, 2008 @ Colorado Springs.) 

The guys (fat cats) at the top, leading the “revolution” (for America, read “fundamental transformation” and “share the wealth”) set themselves up in royal comfort (flying, at our expense, hundreds of hours on AF-1 at $155,000 an hour, taking grand vacations, having house parties, flying the family and friends to Spain). Given his druthers, and free rein, obama would jack up taxes to unbelievable limits robbing every dime from the productive class, transferring all to his bros and other supporters. He already has made a hell of a start! Thank God for Trump who is ending and unwinding the damage caused by obama.

 All the trappings of social services supposedly supplied by the state to benefit the oppressed are a thin camouflage hiding a horrendous and insatiable lust for power. I recommend checking out the paintings of Ivan Glasinov and, if ever in Moscow, do visit his museum and studio.  He was one of those who understood the true nature of the savage soviet dictatorship. Believe me, as one who has lived in and studied the USSR, there was, and is, nothing, absolutely nothing, good about that diseased philosophy. 

Any movement in America toward creating “socially just” programs designed to right the wrongs of evil capitalism (read that as a Transfer of wealth) are 100% purely wrong and destined to fail miserably as they have done everywhere. In Russia you can see any Doctor or Dentist you want anytime but, if you want treatment, you have to pay. If your relative is in hospital, you have to bribe the nurses for medicine, clean sheets and decent food for your loved one-even then, the treatment and care received is sub-standard by any comparison.  

There are, of course, “special” hospitals and clinics for the top dogs (commissars, Gov officials, etc.) and ‘separate facilities’ for the ‘proletariat’ (US taxpayers) ….. This has been the case for all 70 odd years of the terribly flawed communist tyranny. There’s a terrifically funny Russian movie you can get on CD (with English subtitles) called ‘Dog Heart’ I highly recommend it… hugely funny, satirical and pokes fun at the Sov leadership and system. Before you laud any liberal socialist program or vote for any democrat, (which I sincerely hope you will never do again) please watch this movie. 

I believe every dime and drop of blood we've expended and may yet expend in fighting communism and all forms of socialist dictatorships (at home and abroad)  are, and were, well worth the cost. Communism and socialism are a cancer on humanity that has to grow (expansionistic in the extreme) to survive. It is a giant social ponzi scheme such that, once the resources of any infected country are exhausted, to survive and grow, these corrupt and evil systems have to take over the next country and begin the process of robbing it of all potential, destroying everything they touch. Once they run out of people and places to plunder, they simply rot away and fail. 

Examples; all the failed eastern block countries. Look at the massive pollution in Poland, DDR and everywhere the Sov’s were - entire generations robbed of their health and property to feed the insatiable maw of the socialist monstrosity to the east! Communism, socialism and all such systems truly are great evils and must be stamped out and destroyed no matter where they are and no matter the cost! The EU today is fundamentally bankrupt and unable to pay for the monstrous socialist colossal monstrosity they spent the last 100 years building. The UK, equally, is beyond bankrupt and barely breathing only due to its ability to ‘print’ money- which is it doing just as much as the obama administration in the US. Read up on quantitative easing, you won’t believe it! By the way, Fidel Castro before his death in 2017, admitted that communism is a failure. I bet you never thought the old idiot would admit that! 

Regarding religion; in ‘popular’ form, organized religion, regardless of what brand, is essentially a sop for the masses. It makes the ‘stupids’ feel good and, to that extent, is useful as a social pacifier. Stalin, the murderous monster of the Sovs, called it the “opium of the masses” and, in this, he was expressing a form of jealously. His idea was to replace the ideology of the Russian Church with the Ideology of communism - love of the state vs. the love of God. He ordered one of the most beautiful churches in Moscow, ‘Chram Christa Spacitely,’ torn down and replaced with a 'swimming pool.' Check this out! Hitler removed the crucifixes in every school in Austria on the day he was elected, replacing them with Nazi flags and his own photograph. The kids sang only Nazi Songs, kind of like the little children in the American schools singing songs to obama before FOX (and only FOX) exposed this diseased insanity, making it a national laughing stock. Friends, if America survives, and I mean IF, we will all owe FOX a huge debt of gratitude. 

Religion, however, as expressed originally in the Judeo-Christian ethos is, and remains, true to the precepts of the universal God of all creation. In my opinion, it is, in all its legitimate manifestations, the only pathway to salvation. God does exist and God is good and just. We know he exists because evil is manifest. Rene desCartes’ famous quote, “Cogito ergo sum” (meaning, “I think, therefore I am” argued for the existence of the deity by understanding that ‘therefore a creator must be’- a short and elegant argument.

 We observe evil everywhere socialist, communist and Islamic governments have set their dark hands. The majority of progressive secular socialists are, at best, agnostics and many, pure atheists. Many are, in fact, followers of Lucifer, who, absent the limitations imposed by the ten commandants, are free to commit all manner of evil atrocities without moral compunction. For example, Ms. Clinton and her campaign manager participated in what they call "spirit cooking" which, when you look it up, you will see is purely devil worship- satanic worship, providing insight into the dark sick hearts of the progressive movement. I think by electing Donald Trump God was protecting America! In the case of the Islamists, they believe that in killing infidels and all who oppose them, they are, in fact, doing the work of their (small g) god. The distinction makes little difference to those who fall victim to any of these wretched ideologies.

 We know that throughout man’s history, powerful individuals have conspired and tried to bring mankind under a world government. The idea is simply too tempting and I’m sure many of the powerful so-called secret societies have been involved- Indeed, why would they not? The League of Nations and the UN were (are) more or less the overt results of the one world gov (OWG) plots that reached tangible fruition only to crash upon the rocks of good ole nationalism and man's instinctive drive for freedom and self-determination.


The entire nonsense over "climate change and global warming" are only superficial symbols of a disgusting underlying purpose which is purely and solely a monstrous power and money grab by the elitist one-world government organizations. There is no such thing as man caused warming or climate change. The climate has warmed and cooled many times over millions of years. Today, the temperature of the sun has increased slightly as has the surface temperature of Mars and there are no hummers on Mars! There is absolutely nothing that human civilization can do in any way to control the temperature of the sun!

 The Fed Reserve is another visible manifestation of the power of these secret societies and cabals of powerful individuals to control the world by controlling the currency. The London Connection, by Eustace Mullins, exposes the dark history of this nefarious and very secret bunch of banking thugs. No one can intelligently discuss the Fed without first reading this very well researched and documented book. A book, by the way, that positively proves the existence and effects of the over-world- as if there was really any doubt. David Limbaugh’s Crimes Against Liberty is another valuable eye opener- highly recommended. How the “uber-monsters” must hate FOX, the internet and the education of the common man! Their evil act is now n the street!

 Beginning in 1991, the Russians, finally freed from the yoke of dictatorship and the socialist communist miasma, removed the bloody swimming pool and rebuilt the famous church to exactly its original form, even hiring artists and artisans from all over Russia to re-paint every one of the marvelous paintings and sculptures the evil commie bastards had destroyed. Stalin’s rotting body should be publically fed to pigs and not preserved. Until this is done, Russia will never be totally free of the horrible stench and evil legacy of communism!

 I have a belief, no, an absolute conviction, that ‘evil’ exists! I have seen it and smelled it……I know what it looks like! I have witnessed evil in many places in this sad old world and know it to exist just as any other force of nature, tangible and entirely without pity or mercy. Just as evil exists, I am equally certain that “good” also exists but, it seems less tangible and manifests itself less frequently, perhaps with less notoriety. Nature is beautifully balanced and good and evil are indeed opposite ends of the scale- one cannot exist without the other….Indeed, without ‘good’ one could scarcely recognize or even have a name for “evil.” The goodness of God is somehow a quieter force. God’s acts of “good” (miracles) are not as widely trumpeted as those of evil. What is it the publishers of the newspapers say, “if it bleeds, it leads.”

 All but one of the principal monotheistic world faiths preach a peaceful philosophy based on love and kindness, peace on earth and good will toward men….. Islam, the singular exception, is the world’s fastest growing corrupt belief system. I have made it a point to study this miserable cult and found nothing good. I lived in Muslim countries for some time and observed this diseased monstrosity in its home environment. I have read several translations of the Qu’ran along with books by Bernard Lewis, one of the preeminent western authorities on Islam and a professor of religion at Princeton. I also recommend a great read by Leon Uris, The Haj, which certainly paints a dim picture of Islam. This primitive 7th century cult drives its sad adherents to murder their daughters, cut off heads and hands, stone each other to death, blow up children and engage in all manner of bizarre and brutal killings of other human beings. No one can argue that Islam has any business associating itself with the worlds’ great religions. 

Islam has made several attempts to take control of mankind. In 732, an army of six hundred thousand pillaging, plundering and prothylizing Islamists reached as far into Europe as France only to be defeated at the battle of Tours where Charles ‘the Hammer’ Martel stopped them cold, slaughtering them to a man.  This may have been one of histories most important battles. Had Martel lost, all of us might well be hearing the call to prayer five times a day. Spain was under Islamic control for almost 700 years.

 Today, the Islamists are again exporting their hatred, murdering innocents and promulgating world conquest. We are losing this war in Afghanistan, New York and around the world. Our penchant for PC is partially to blame along with our traditional sense of tolerance and ignorance of what Islam really is. These weaknesses make it impossible to respond preemptively, as we need to do. By the time we wake up and fight like Charles Martel it may well be too late. 

I would ask that you take some time and visit my web site and check under ‘Islam’ for a manual I wrote as an Introduction to Islam. In it you will find a chronological history of Islam as well as some hopefully enlightening commentary. Having personal exposure to this diseased cult, I knew it was corrupt and as far from any kind of true religion as possible. My research has done nothing but reinforce my negative views. I was a passenger on a flight from Heathrow to Miami on Aug 10th of 2005 and, except for the London police rounding up 18 unholy monsters of Mohammed, I’d long since been fish food. To say I really don’t like these guys is a significant understatement. I believe Islam to be purely evil and think perhaps Salmon Rushdie knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote his famous allegory, The Satanic Verses, which earned him a death threat from the whack jobs in Iran. 

In Germany, America, France, Holland and throughout the western world we have seen Islam at work- 9/11, the rail bombings in London and Madrid, the honor killings of young women by their fathers throughout America and Europe, the mass murder in Texas by a Muslim Army doctor, etc. The sad and bloody list goes on and on…..There’s no evidence whatsoever that Islam has any ability to tolerate the infidel world. Indeed, Islam, the word itself means “submit.” The meaning of submission in Islam is to poke ones posterior into the sky five times a day whilst the imams make a counting. Absentees will be visited by the ‘Mutawah’ (religious police) who, under Sharia, will beat and possibly kill the poor wretch who fails to submit.  

Let me tie all three of our targeted evil influences together by suggesting that Salmon Rushdie may well have been absolutely right in entitling the book that brought him the death threat, ‘The Satanic Verses.’ This strange story, to me, suggests that Islam, like socialism and communism, is an evil cult brought to earth by the devil himself. Was it the cast out angel whispering into the ear of Mohammed whilst he tended his desert flocks?

 Certainly, if we measure the worldly results of all its most dedicated, devoted and brain-washed adherents who, by the millions, prostrate themselves in prayer five times a day, it is evident that, for all this most dedicated observance, the Muslims have gained little. The Arabs, along with most poor souls in the failed Muslim states, are as terribly poor and destitute today as they were 1500 years ago. Today, few, if any, of them have working plumbing or are able to manufacturer even simple air conditioners. Contrast this to life in the modern “Christian: world where, as Christ said, “follow me and you shall have life more abundantly”. Indeed, we certainly have that! 

Communism and socialism, how do they resemble Islam? Both, like Islam, are highly intolerant of criticism, both desire to force their subjects into a restrictive mold determined by the fat cats.  Both demand strict adherence to the party line (or else!) and, all three are willing, in fact eager, to kill, incarcerate and make destitute any who resist their brutal dictates. In the west, this is accomplished by legal edicts, over-regulation and murderous taxation. Under Islam, similar methodology is employed.  Step out of line and the big guys will sit on you! 

If you doubt this, try not paying your taxes and see what happens. It’s your money, you earned it but- you can’t keep it! Half or more is ours (the fat cats) and we are going to give it to the voters who sustain us in office. No one who earns money will willingly vote to have his wealth stripped so, guess who sustains the socialists in office- the majority? And who you ask constitutes the majority- it’s those increasing numbers who don’t, can’t and won’t earn money or pay taxes. Without this evil scheme, no socialist government could ever exist. In America, a hugely divided and diverse society, the division between those who are productive citizens, meaning those who actually pay taxes and those who don’t is expanding in favor of the have-nots. Today, over half the country is on the dole- who do you think will determine the outcome of future elections, especially, when the issues involve limiting and eliminating government hand-outs? Think about it!  

The Fabian Society in England was the original socialist party and led the British empire down a dark road into serfdom and bankruptcy. Under the labor party, the socialists in the UK created increasingly burdensome taxing mechanisms, supported unions and destroyed industry while building a massive civil service and unending social programs such as the NHS (National Health) that collectively, today, has resulted in not only the loss of empire but the destruction of their nation. The English socialist philosophy infected the Democratic Party in America where progressives and leftists have created, over the last sixty years, 700 Federal agencies with twenty million government employees (includes contract workers) living entirely from the efforts of a shrinking productive class.  

There can be no doubt that communists are evil and, whether consciously aware or not, followed Lucifer. Surely, in murdering fifty to a hundred million human beings over the last 70 or so years they have well and rightly earned the title of the Evil Empire. Socialism, also, conjured by atheists like Bertram Russell, John Rhodes, Wilson, Alger Hiss, et al, was busy influencing the course of world events-all very much for the very worst!

 It was a group of highly connected one world plotters in England, who convinced their government to pull support from the white Russians in 1917, causing indirectly, the victory of the Bolsheviks, beginning 70 years of pure hell for millions. Why did they do this? Why did the same secret group help start the WW-I, possibly, the least explicable and stupidest of all man’s wars? Who were they? Interesting questions- do your own research and ask yourself why you were not taught this important information? 

Evil is evil. That’s the lesson. socialism, communism and Islam(isim) are three of the most evil cancers ever visited on humanity. Collectively, they are responsible for more misery, death and despair than any others in man’s rather sad and relatively short history. Christianity, of course, being administered by man, has had its dark moments but any comparison shrinks to pale nothingness in fair analysis. The Nazis also were horrible but remember that National Socialism was  a socialist movement. One cannot separate the rabid Nazis from socialism- they are part and parcel and only make the argument.  

The Soviets actually and actively denied Christ and did their very best to eradicate Christianity and religion from all the lands under their dark rule. Marx was born into a Jewish Lutheran family but adopted atheism and later became a Satanist. His wretched philosophy could not work at all under Christian restrictions. How is this information relevant today? Simply put, history influences each and every one of us. History is why we have our names, it determines where we live, what we study, how we think and, influences many of our acts and thoughts. Never again dismiss history as irrelevant and just a bunch of dusty tomes stacked in far away libraries. "Who, what and where we are is 100% dependant on who, what and where we were!"  R.J. Firth, 1988 

If Americans had been more aware of history, perhaps, no, not perhaps, positively, obama would never have been elected to any office in any state in the union. No socialist or collective, social justice, community organizer like obama would ever be supported by any truly knowledgeable electorate. A significant number of Americans voted for this misfit despite his dark and evil background, horrible associates and likely ineligibility to hold the office. If it eventually emerges that obama was a fraud perpetrated by the lib-progressive socialists- the democratic party is finished forever! Imagine?

 Obama said he wanted to redistribute the money from those who have it to those who don’t. He doesn’t mean his money, just ours! That was clear well before the election. He said that he thought we should “share the wealth.” His ideas were purely socialist and purely evil. A black liberation church he attended for twenty years espoused in bombastic awful rhetoric the most anti-American, racists, vitriolic hate speech that most of us had ever heard. It is impossible that the millions of voters who cast their vote for obama were not aware of who the man was and what he believed. He was very clear. FOX news, along with talk radio, were, thank God, equally clear about who the man was. Yet, many citizens voted for him and sadly, he was elected. Maybe, you are beginning to understand that my early findings on human intelligence was right? 

Obama began ‘fundamentally transforming’ America from the day he entered the office. He immediately pushed through a trillion dollar so-called stimulus bill that passed money stripped from productive citizens (us) into the hands of unions, obama cronies and other socialist organizations (them). Obama bought General Motors, using our money, and arranged for the unions to take over Chrysler. This massive pay back to collective labor is part of his plan to coalesce his power and gain permanent support. Unions, remember, are the children of the Fabians and are always behind socialist movements, providing the muscle whenever such is needed.

Next, he placed the health care of all Americans into the hands of the federal government. He stripped five hundred billion from Medicare to pay for the health care of some thirty five million federal dependents, many or most of them unproductive and entirely unemployable. The 2700 page obamacare bill wasn’t read by a single democratic congressmen yet, every one of them voted for it, allowing its passage into law by an overwhelming democratic majority with not a single conservative vote. This will be an important distinction come November. 

He followed this up with a massive financial control bill of 2,400 pages that again, no one read and again, it was passed by a one hundred percent vote by the democrats with only two votes from women who say they might be republicans (RINOS) but whom regularly support socialist bills. This law places private banks and financial institutions under the control of the federal government and paves the way to add thousands of new federal employees. Part of the law demands that these institutions hire minorities on a quota formula, mandating each company create a board of minority hiring within their personnel departments. Betcha you didn’t know that? Again, no one read the bloody bill they ( pelossee automatons)  just voted for it. Talk about stupid! 

Obama badly wants to pass a crap and trade bill knowing full well that such a bill would cripple and destroy what’s left of the American economy. He knows this and yet he presses on. (part of his plan) The entire global warming crowd and all his radical czars are behind him. They know if America falls for this insane scam, they will control not only our money (which they have) but the energy that drives the economy, thus giving them the means to bring down the most remarkable, profitable and colossal economic machine the world has ever seen or ever will see. Thankfully, we all saw that Phil Jones, the crooked professor at East Angela University in the UK, was cooking the climate books, showing to all the world  that global warming was a monstrous criminal hoax. Had it not been for the failure at Copenhagen and good ole prof Jones, we might all be well on our way to riding bicycles while the Chinese enjoy their Hummers (which, by the by, they now own).  

What was obama’s ultimate goal?  Simple actually, he wanted to wreck our economy, making us all dependant on government, giving him and his criminal pals the power and opportunity to build a new world socialist order on the bones of what’s left. That is his grand plan. That is how he intended to “fundamentally transform America.” Research Cloward-Piven, a political strategy by Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, both whack-job social scientists at the Columbia University School of Social Work. In a 1966 article published in The Nation, a liberal rag,  entitled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty, these two nut cases outlined a methodology for ‘overloading’ our weakened economy until it collapses and then building a new socialist government on the bones. I strongly suggest that you carefully read their plan and then compare every step obama made and see if he was not doing everything possible to overload the system? If he was- we were being systematically undermined and had a serious enemy steering the ship.  What is it the Chinese say, “may you live in interesting times.” 

Remember what I said early on about pilot training in Vietnam; how people are able to really focus when it’s a question of life or death? Well, now many of you see the future. If he (obama) or Hillary was allowed to go on- we were all dead meat! Our kids and even their kids would carry obama and hillary's debt with little chance of ever paying it off. Our currency could have easily and remarkably quickly been made virtually worthless. Already, it has lost much of its purchasing power. Our homes and retirement plans have lost more than half their values. Indeed, we are (were) on the brink of catastrophe. Today, many union retirement programs are being subsidized by the gainfully employed productive taxpayers. Millions of us are without jobs while more and more government employees, already awash with multiple benefits, are rewarded with generous raises. The socialists have arranged for the productive taxpayers to support gov workers retirements just as they did in Europe. Welcome to the road to serfdom! 

Taking from those who earn taxable income and profits to pay those who produce nothing of value is purely evil and anyone advocating such is equally evil. There is absolutely no justification for using taxpayer’s money to buy the votes of those who contribute nothing. The American people now understand very well what is happening, what is at stake and who is responsible. This is tyranny by majority and clearly demonstrates the greatest flaw with the one man one vote concept. Again, thank God for president Trump! He is rolling back the destructive obama edicts as fast as he can- Let's pray he is successful and in time!

 In a homogenous society, wherein the populace is more or less equally intelligent and educated, like Switzerland for example, one can expect democracy to flourish, make correct decisions and elect proper leaders. Conversely, when a country’s population is diverse such that half or more are ignorant buffoons, incapable of integrating and finding gainful employment, democracy crashes onto the brutal rocks of reality- the scum will always vote for ‘more’ and, where they are in majority, they will get want they want…at least, until all our money is gone!

 Today, half of all American citizens pay no taxes while being supported by the shrinking numbers of the gainfully employed and surviving businesses. Maybe, if you don’t have a dog in the race, you shouldn’t vote? Now there’s a radical idea! Convicted felons can’t vote- maybe those who don’t pay taxes shouldn’t either? Now, that will really drive the libs, secular progressives, socialists and fellow travelers off the wall! None of them could ever be elected to anything ever again. In one single act, their constituencies would disappear- not a bad idea…….! 

Let’s look at the history of secular progressivism in America- things everyone should know. Woodrow Wilson, a mean-spirited, elitist progressive from Princeton, was elected President in 1912. Wilson signed into law the creation of the Federal Reserve, placing our currency into the hands of a cabal of robber barons, fat cats and Wall Street thugs that continues until today. He pushed insane and unrealistic progressive policies resulting in tax rates up to 77%, driving the country into a depression (not a recession). Wilson was also credited with creating the League of Nations, a failed attempt at a new world order, which the United States thankfully never joined.

 Harding, who followed Wilson, was a newspaper publisher who actually had experience in business. He, like Trump today, repealed much of Wilson’s silly utopian nonsense, returning the government to sanity and the country to prosperity. He served only two years, unfortunately dying of a heart attack, and was followed by his Vice President Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge served from 1923 to 1929 and had been the Governor of Massachusetts. Coolidge, thankfully followed Harding’s sound policies and America prospered. This period was called the ‘roaring twenties.’ People bought homes, refrigerators, cars and radios - everyone had a job and things were good. Harding and Coolidge ushered in the age of consumerism, igniting the massive engine of American industry that drives our economy to this today.

 In 1930, the electorate made another terrible mistake electing Roosevelt, a dangerous progressive socialist who, like Wilson, had never run any kind of business. Unbelievably, he pushed the top tax rate to 94% driving the country into a terrible depression. He cranked up the Social security system which today is one of the many socialist programs bankrupting the country. When the fireside chatterer finally croaked in 1945, Truman took over and things settled down due to Harry’s lack of his predecessors charisma and a conservative congress who, despite Truman’s vetoes, managed to pass tax cuts and Taft Hartley, which to this day, monitors and limits the power of Unions. The economy rebounded after the war when Dwight Eisenhower, a sound republican, was elected and guided the country in a long period of prosperity. The lesson here is that no economy can survive progressive socialism, which, like battery acid, eventually corrodes and destroys every country it touches. 

What is it the socialists and fellow travelers really think, what motivates their sick philosophy? In case you haven’t gotten it yet, here it is; they, the lib leaders, are part of the intelligent minority. They know (think) they are smarter than all the rest of us. They have great educations and many enjoy inherited wealth. Their idea is that the rest of humanity, the less intellectually endowed, need to be carefully guided and strictly controlled. The ‘masses,’ as they are fond of calling the rest of humanity, are incapable of deciding their own fate.  

Everything has to be done for them lest they come to grief causing the élite leader class to run into grief. So, the state has to be strong enough and rich enough to keep them from harming themselves or upsetting the status quo. The workers have to be sent to the fields or factories as decided by the uber-masters. Their educations have to be limited lest they understand how ruthlessly they are bring ruled. Geography and history in the “public” schools has to be limited and revised (indeed that already has been done) and all forms of public media needs be ‘carefully controlled,’ especially, when it speaks ill of the ruling classes. Believe me friends; they are working very hard on this. It’s all for our own good, it’s because they are great humanitarians and really do care, don’t you know. 

Next to FOX, Their greatest enemy is our Constitution and they are well on their way to destroying that annoying impediment. They have packed the court with raving female and lesbian libs (activist judges) and their agenda includes forcing avowed homosexuals into the boy scouts, legalizing their bizarre marriages and forcing them into our volunteer military. They are attacking morality and decency on every level. They believe that there are simply too many stupid people on earth for them all to have the good life so “we” have to “manage” things and make them happy with less, lowering their expectations.  

The state has to keep the peace. How do they do this?  Well, eventually, they will try to limit the birthrate as they have in China. Abortion (Planned Parenthood) is a good start, don’t you think? Then, they have to take away our guns, like they did in all European and communist countries. (that will be interesting) How’s that old Brady bill treating you Bunkie?  Of course, they have to take away our money (to a large extent they have already done that) and keep everyone happy with sports and maybe even legalize drugs as California, Oregon and Colorado are now doing. Of course, all this for the ‘collective’ good- after all, the ‘masses’ (proletariat) can’t possibly take care of themselves……or can they?  

No discussion such as this can be complete without a mention of what the proper role of government should be. Clearly, we have to have government but how that government should be structured and what it is to do needs be carefully clarified. Fortunately, in America, this question has long been answered and in view for many years in the form of our incredible Constitution– the very finest civil document ever written. All that needs be done is limit the feds to exactly those responsibilities and powers specified and enumerated within that wonderful document.  Everything else, all responsibilities and all powers excluded, shall be left entirely to the individuals and the states they live in.  

That’s all we need to do!  The commerce clause, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, which has been incorrectly interpreted by liberal courts, giving the feds authority to stick their big ugly collective socialist noses into state business, needs be rescinded and repealed by amendment and those powers returned to the states where they rightly belong. It was a progressive lib who forced the commerce clause into law. Do you know who? Look it up! 

No federal government shall be in the business of buying votes using other citizen’s money. All entitlement programs need be shut down. All useless federal institutions closed. Social security and Medicare can be outsourced and privatized where they will, overnight, eliminate fraud and abuse and be run on a business-like and sound basis, providing more and better services than they presently do. The department of education has utterly failed in every measurable respect. The grades of students in 1-12 have fallen every year this absurd department, created by Carter, the peanut farmer lib, has been in business. Equally, the EPA and Dept of Energy have to be de-funded and closed. For Lisa Jackson, the administrator of the EPA, to say that CO2 is somehow a toxic gas is beyond absurd- it’s insane. Is she nuts? Oxygen too is toxic in concentrated form- maybe she should declare that dangerous and in need of regulation too? 

In 1946, America had only 63 federal agencies and departments. This “limited” government was affordable and reasonable. At that time, there were 1.4 million federal employees not the 20 million (including contract employees) we have today. Without possibility of doubt, fully 50% of these millions are totally useless drones and need be sent packing. If allowed to remain until retirement, it will take 80 gainfully employed tax payers (us) for every one of them to cover their grossly inflated, retirement incomes. Do we really want that? 

OK, now you know and guess what?  A hell of a lot of your fellow Americans also know. Thanks only to FOX and talk radio, we all finally wised up to what the little wretch obama was all about.  Faced with utter destruction, financially, and in every other way, millions of citizens who voted for him are now aware of what his end-game really was.  

OK, we woke up- the obama stickers are gone from the cars- but, now what? He’s still living it up on our nickel. We have to use the only tool we have (elections) and vote all the libs, progressives and socialists the hell out of government. Every one of them who voted for obamacare and the other destructive socialist bills needs be removed from office. If we can do this we can defund obama’s evil programs and eventually repeal them.  

Maybe, we can even find a congressman with guts to stand up and demand that obama prove positively to the American people that he wasn’t born in Kenya and that he isn’t a Muslim, which half of the country believes him to be. If he can’t or won’t, we can possibly arrest him for criminal fraud - thus automatically voiding all the bills he has signed into law. (Does anyone really believe that the evidence of who this evil Manchurian president really is wasn’t hidden, long before the election, in some secret government office? Of course, they know who he is and yet, pushed him into our White House anyway? Why? Why, if he has nothing to hide, does he continue to spend millions fighting the courts to keep this evidence from us? Good questions) 

Thankfully, we have had this one chance, had we failed to elect president Trump America would have entered into a darkly evil socialist and, by definition, Godless future. If the information I have given you does not convince you of the danger we were in, then, God help you. You were most certainly far down the list when brains were handed out.


Robert Firth

Florida, 2017