"Democracy works very well in those small homogeneous countries where almost all the citizens are educated and middle class."

Robert Firth 1972


Democracy has a major flaw. The idea is that all men are equal and therefore entitled to one vote. The obvious problem here is that all men are not equal at all. For many years in America and other democratic countries one had to be a free holder in order to vote. This means you had to own property to get your name on the voter roles. The idea was that if one didn't have a dog in the race, one shouldn't be able to affect the outcome. It wasn't until many years later that the democrats in America and the liberals and labor parties in other countries realized that they had much to gain if the "disenfranchised" were allowed the vote. Thus began the slow and steady destruction of the once great western civilizations.

Purely for the sake of academic argument, let's assume that one were entitled to one vote if one actually graduated from high school and another vote for each college or university degree one earned. Also, one additional vote would be awarded for owning a home or any taxable property and an additional vote conferred for serving in the armed forces and another for living abroad for at least a year and then additional votes for each thousand dollars one paid in state, federal or local taxes. Now your talking ! A lot of people who have never voted might be encouraged to vote, especially in those gerrymandered areas where the conservative vote is almost meaningless, because they are outnumbered 1000 to 1 by the great unwashed. The pandering pols would actually have to listen to those of us who built and are paying for this once great country. In this new world you can bet there would be no free lunch !



What is it?

 Democracy, in its simplest form, is a type of government legitimized by the right of its citizens to elect their leaders under a constitution guaranteeing them the unchangeable and inviolable right to replace their leaders on an unalterable scheduled basis through an absolutely transparent election process recognizing plurality as the sole criteria for declaring victory. All other forms of government are illegal, corrupt and grotesque. Democracy however, can only work when the majority of the citizens are educated and contributing equally to their countries welfare. Any country or government allowing its citizens to participate in elections wherein they can vote themselves benefits that they are not contributing to will soon fail. Equally, any country where the majority are being supported by taxes taken from a productive minority will inevitably elect pandering populists who will destroy that country. Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez are examples as is America.

There is not a single individual in this world, nor has there even been one who has any right to declare himself a supreme leader anywhere, except perhaps his own home and, even then, there may be just cause for argument. 

The history of humanity is filled with horrible stories of bad leaders. Often these were men who took and maintained control by force of arms or by some unnatural and crazy form of “inherited” rights such as those manifested by the incredibly stupid “divine rule of kings” and their fatuous descendents. This type of absurd endeavor has been foisted upon humanity for hundreds of years under what is unbelievably called the right of “the royal blood line.” If ever there was a more insane argument for the right to decide the fates of countries and their people, I don’t know if it. Even criminals like Stalin and Hitler who slaughtered any who opposed them had a more compelling argument for their hold on power- my way or the highway was their way of saying “ do as I say or die.” Clearly, this was a far more logical reason to do as they said than merely to place a crown on the head of an imbecilic relative only because he or she is the next in line to the recently deceased monarch. 

In any event, even today, there are many governments holding sway over the lives of millions due solely to the force of arms or ( so called) royal blood. These hideous monstrosities need be done away with as quickly as possible. No one person has any right to dictate to others how they should behave or live their lives. Robert Mugabe in Rhodesia, the Generals in Rangoon and Assaid in Syria need to go as do the disgusting be-ragged mullahs in Iran the nutty midget in Pyongyang along with all the other silly Arabs demanding the blood of their enemies and their followers.  

The so called “Kings” (God what an absurd term) in Saudi Arabia, Rangoon and the other pathetic monarchies around the world have to go. They are vicious and absurd anachronisms left over from our collective dark past. Imagine, for someone in this day to mumble obsequiously “yes your royal majesty” as they repetitively bow while backing away from the “royal pretense.” Asinine and Insane! Just the thought makes my skin crawl. Why, in heavens name, should one human being find any legitimate reason for behaving in such a cowardly and cringing way toward another? No so called “king” has any legitimate right to rule and they all should be ashamed of themselves as human beings for even trying or, for a even a moment, thinking that they possess any particular saving grace that makes them one iota better than anyone else- they are most assuredly not and they only make themselves the more ridiculous for pretending otherwise. 

We, however, are not all the same or even equal. What does distinguish one person from another are his accomplishments. Here education and achievement make all the difference. A person of science who has discovered a cure for some terrible disease is clearly a far better person and more worthy of respect than say a lying politician, ( are their any other kind) a swindling used car salesman or a filthy drug pusher infesting the streets near school grounds. We respect those among us who have demonstrated that they are worthy of our admiration- writers, artists musicians, scientists and some athletes for example.  

No self- proclaimed king or armed strong man deserves or indeed has respect. They are all thugs and have and will be consigned to the dust bins of history. Consider the weak minded Nicholas Romanov who stupidly thought it his divine right to remain the supreme leader of Russia. It was his bull headiness and genetically diluted mental faculties that created the ideal political environment for the communist revolution. He had been warned many times of the necessity to create a European type parliament and absolutely refused to listen.  The unrest of the “proletaria” was evident and, once begin, soon resulted in the mentally incompetent little king’s ( small k) demise along with that of his entire family. Imagine, had Russia not become a communist government and had grown and prospered these past 70 years as a free civilized nation. Imagine the fantastic world we would have all built had not we all diverted so much of our treasure into machines of war these past generations.  

In Europe, the day of the “divine right of the kings” is over forever- England has retained a semblance of their “royal” family but only as a silly and expensive anachronism to remind themselves how stupid they were. 

Europe and the western world have since advanced at an incredible pace. The Soviet Union, under the rule of despots and tyrants, murdered millions of their citizens and succeeded only in creating a huge and terrible theater of the absurd so ably described by the many writers who escaped the soviet madhouse. 

The continued existence of illegitimate despotic governments should enrage all right thinking individuals and this anger should manifest itself in a rising worldwide tide of indignation accompanied by actions thoroughly isolating these pariah’s from the entire civilized world. Cuba, Iran and North Korea should be completely cut off from the rest of the world- no communications, no internet, no air  transport, no shipping, no medical aid, no food, nothing whatsoever. The free nations should utterly isolate these viscous and dangerous nations, surrounding them with air power and naval vessels allowing nothing in or out. We should drop leaflets into their cities and villages and inundate their radio and TV with messages aimed at regime change. Eventually, their populations will rise up and destroy the tyrants as did the people of Rumania with Chichescu and the Italians with Mussolini.  Thus will the tyrants die, gone not with a bang but, like a flickering candle in the strong winds of freedom, with a whimper.


Robert Firth





 So goes the advanced dialogue between the two tribal entities that, together with the street rabble and criminal elements, are terrorizing the streets in Kenya’s cities and villages. Proving, once again, that there is a basic flaw in the concept of one man one vote!

This isn’t so much different from the violence between the Hutsies and Tootsies in Rwanda a few years ago. I recall that the UN sent a totally ineffectual bunch of spectator soldiers there to watch the mutual slaughter and do what, keep score?

Then there are the "Fors," a large tribe in Darfor, the huge western province of Sudan, who are engaged in a ceaseless battle with the camel-animal people who are intent on ruining their vegetable gardens. This happens every time they get a year or so with little or no rain. The camel-animals come down from the north of Sudan along with some from the parched areas in Chad to raid the veggies grown by the For’s in the south. This pisses the Fors off who beat and shoot the camel-animals who of course, shoot back and pretty soon you have a general mass blood letting.

The camel-animal guys are more or less nomadic for about 8 or so months a year while the Fors tend their crops and live in small villages. Another name given to the peripatetic herdsmen is the “Janjaweed” who are all supposed to be bloody-minded Islamic wackos bent on exterminating the poor Christian Fors. Such however, is not the case. All the tribes in the Sudan are some kind of Muslims and most understand Arabic, although over 142 separate languages are spoken in the Sudan which kind of makes national TV a little useless…

Now the UN and others have built huge tent cities offering them all free kip and a tent. Millions have flocked to these places and will never leave… Life is certainly better there than back in the village where they actually had to work. This entire epic has repeated itself for generations and, before the European arms merchants sold the brutes AK-47’s,  the camel- animal teenagers only had sticks to beat the veggie-growers so the damage overall was considerably lessened.

 Back to Kenya;  While the KuKu’s and LuLu’s however are having a lovely time ripping each others guts out with gay abandon, what is this all about………..??  Well, this is what democracy looks like in Africa. They had an election and someone stuffed the ballot boxes and ran off with the grand prize- the chance to be president for life.

 Whoever won, and who really cares, the other guys don’t like him and whoever supported him. So they, the sore-losers, are busy fomenting riot and mayhem. If they are successful enough there won’t be a next time because all the winners’ supporters will be dead and dead men can’t vote- or can they?

 In Rhodesia, now un-pleasantly renamed “Zim-BoB-Wee” or some such ridiculous name, there was there for some years a very pleasant agrarian society where mostly white third or forth generation Rhodesian farmers ran huge working and productive plantations and the country actually exported a modest amount of food.

 They also unfortunately had to have an election. The problem in the democratic process is that the majority always wins. In Africa, this results in the winner being an African… Of course, this wasn’t until after a very bloody civil war was fought which the white Rhodesians unfortunately lost.

Of course, the “Europeans” and silly ultra-liberal Americans were delighted to see the “oppressive white slave- masters” lose and couldn’t wait to kiss the black asses of the winners in the name of racial equality, tolerance, and fair play you know.

 Mr. Mugabie, the “winner,” a typical African tyrant and financial wizard of great renown was able to promptly and cleverly persuade the white farmers to give all their land to him to be redistributed to the local ‘expert” farmers. In fact, the white farmers were so generous that they even left their homes, cars, equipment and money with the government and moved with great alacrity out of the country where they had lived for many generations.   

 This situation created a real utopia for Mugabie, and his loyal followers. They lost no time in moving right in to the vacated homes ( a la Orwell’s Animal farm ) and had great expectations of grandeur and riches dancing in their little nappy heads.

 This feeling of well- being and economic euphoria lasted about 24 hours. The electricity failed when no one serviced the generators, the food left in the refrigerators spoiled. The workers on the farms drank all the farmer’s scotch and fought about who was to get the cars, forgetting completely about tending the fields. When they remembered about this, if they ever did, the crops had been lost, never to be re-planted and eventually the land was taken over by the ubiquitous jungle.

Angry, hungry and hung over mobs torched and looted the large plantation homes and after a few years, the defunct farms were abandoned, Since then, 30% of the entire country has  down to South Africa leaving the rest to starve and die in Mugabie’s African paradise. Needless to say, there has never been another election and Mugabie, president for life, is the envy of all the other inept African leaders. One man, one vote- one time!

 How did all this play out  with the “ oh, so very sensitive and racially fair minded Europeans?”  Well, safely within their government buildings, thousand of miles to the north, they have roundly castigated Mugabie for not paying his bills and destroying the country – but, aside from a few verbal bellicose broadsides- they have done nothing. They took no responsibility for what they did, not only there but in South Africa and other sad black bastions of misery as well which they have, by insisting on “democracy” essentially destroyed.  

I will leave you with a final thought. What do you want to bet that most Muslim countries, if given a real chance to elect their own government would not overwhelmingly vote for the most radical, western hating, bloody-minded Islamic wacko on the ballot. Do you think that “our man” in Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq would last a minute in a fair election? Hamas is a great example- the elected government in Gaza is make up of a bunch of bomb-tossing radical wacko Islamic terrorists………

 Robert Firth






The following presents  a perspective on the current War on terror. Who is the enemy and why are we fighting. Having been an active participant in several "shoot em ups," I am particularly against any kind of armed conflict. Once anyone sees war up close and personal as they say, no sane person can be anything but against and disgusted by these kind of conflicts. There is nothing good about war except winning and defeating a dangerous enemy. There is no glory , no beauty, nothing of value- war is horrific, dirty, horrendous and disgusting. What bullets and bombs to to humans is beyond imagining and the sight of torn and mutilated bodies is only magnified by the terrible stench.

All wars are won in only one way. One side kills enough of the enemy that they can no longer continue to fight. All victories throughout history are defined in this way- there is no other way- no negotiated settlement beats unconditional surrender.

SOME WARS ARE UNAVOIDABLE.  Until America adopted the principal of pre-emption, no democracy in the history of mankind ever initiated an armed conflict. Throughout man's history all wars were instigated by dictators. The  sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii is a perfect example.

All wars are fought by soldiers. Any citizen who has never fought owes his undying gratitude to the soldier. Those who have fought for us and who have given their lives to protect us have to be remembered and each of us needs to pray for them each and every day. Our soldier's blood waters the tree of liberty. The ACLU and the filthy libs are  only free to squawk and crow because of the soldier. You can be sure that if we lose or had lost any of our wars they would be the first to be slaughtered. Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter, found this out when the muslum murderers sliced off his head and placed their hideous video on Al Jazerria TV.. Don't you think it sickening that so many Stinking Libs seem to ridicule and hate our soldiers?



 America and the non-Muslim world are at war with fanatical Islamic mad-men who espouse a wicked form of a 7th century belief system that is both insane and apocalyptic in its rabid determination to destroy us all.

 We either fight them and win or we will lose and nothing else that matters will matter, ever again.

 They are utterly committed to destroying our civilization and murdering, enslaving or converting every last one of us. There are at least 10% of the world’s Muslims actively engaged in this worldwide Jihad. This means that there are a minimum of 100 million crazed, bloody- minded zealots screaming for our heads… literally.  Of the remaining 900+ million worshipers of Allah, many are either overtly or covertly sympathetic to the aims of the enraged minority and the rest (a few) are terrified of being called out as apostates (infidels) and slaughtered along with us.

 For some reason Americans and many Europeans don’t seem to understand what we are up against.  Perhaps it’s that we are too interested in football and TV soaps to even try to understand?

 In America, the hue and cry from the left is aimed at getting us out of the Middle East and what, deploying our military to some island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? “Bring the boys home” at any cost is the repetitive whine from the mewing lefty politicians and, unfortunately, this suicidal mind-set has traction and is resonating with the majority of the ignorant jackasses who elected them.

 It is difficult to comprehend how anyone some could take such a short sighted view of this conflict. Do they just think that because we cut and run that these bad boys will not follow us home? Hell, millions are Already here and in every western country.

 This war has been going on since 732 when Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours, slaughtered, to a man, a marauding murdering Muslim army of 600,000 in what is today northern France.

 It seems that our politicians, in trying so desperately to retain power, are wiling to sacrifice our lives and our country in the process. This thought makes me seriously despair for the future. What is it going to take for us to realize that there is no backing away from this fight, no way out- them or us- period! Is it possible that some of our politicians are that venal and that stupid?

 Imagine the effect of several WMD’s going off in New York, Chicago and Washington. The chaos and disruption would be on an unimaginable scale. If these weapons were delivered surreptitiously, with no return address- then what?  How could we respond?

 President Bush has failed to get it across to the American people that we are embroiled in a war to the end with an enemy who embraces death more than we do life. We have never ever faced such an enemy. Nothing we are concerned with, not global warming, not fuel prices, not the deficit, disease, or any other issue can possibly matter until this ancient enemy has been dealt with. All our silly concerns pale into insignificance compared to this fight.

Maybe many of us just don’t understand the issue? Is this because we just plain don’t want to? We don’t want to admit consciously that we are at war with an utterly ruthless and determined foe, whose numbers, by far, exceeds those of our army navy and air force  combined and who, if given the opportunity, would happily hack off our heads and post the bloody video for our children to watch.

I will admit that for the moment, living in Europe or America, it is difficult to comprehend that we are engaged with such an enemy. America seems like a country at peace. In our every day lives we, those of us are not directly involved, are making no visible sacrifice to sustain or help to fight this war.  If we don’t get it soon and begin working together as a nation to defeat this enemy- we will surely all hang separately.  How to drive this home such that we rise up as a whole and fight them, I don’t know?

 There are many of us around the world who do understand what this is about. The enemy has spoken very loudly and clearly exactly what their aims are and how they intend to go about attaining them. They are showing us every day- what is going on in Iraq can be echoed tomorrow in New York and London- In fact, to some degree, it already has. Crashing our beautiful aircraft into buildings filed with innocent people and blowing up trains filled with commuters in London and Spain is only a pre-curser of what is to come. 

Last August, the London police only barely managed to stop 10 airliners from being blown out of the skies and just last week, another 10 Islamic murderers were arrested before they could slice the head off a British soldier and plaster the videos all over their sick web- sites. The enemy is preaching hatred from the mosques we foolishly allowed them to build in all our cities- their message is shrill, it is loud and it is very clear. “Death to Infidels!”   

What will it take to wake us all up? Let’s not get diverted by those shallow intellects who preach peace at any price. Surely the bitter lessons of Neville Chamberlain’s failure in trying to appease Hitler in WW-II haven’t been lost- or have they?

 Robert Firth












What you are about to see they ( the dems, socialists, communists, fascists and and other filthy libs)  don't want you to see and never thought you would. After looking over the following you will be horrified and shocked. If you are paying taxes and love your country your will be boiling mad and whatever you're political persuasion, you will never be the same.

Since 1946, the size of the American government has grown to unbelievable proportions. In 1946 America had about 63 separate departments, agencies and programs employing some 1,400,000 American citizens. The following is a list of the American government in 1946.

US Government 1946 

  1. Executive Office
  2. Dept of State
  3. US Congress
  4. Justice department
  5. Supreme Court
  6. Treasury
  7. Finance Committee: 1949; 1948; 1947; 1946
  8. Financial Advisory Committee: 1949
  9. Air Force
  10. Army
  11. Atomic Energy Commission
  12. Bureau of Indian Affairs
  13. Civil Aeronautics Administration: 1949
  14. Commerce: Office of Technical Services
  15. Policy on Free flow of Information: NAS Comments: 1947
  16. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  17. Federal Security Agency: 1949
  18. Federal Security Agency:
  19. Office of Education
  20. Distribution of Surplus War Property: Proposed: 1946
  21. Federal Security Agency: Public Health Service
  22. National Advisory Cancer Council: 1946
  23. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics: 1949; 1948
  24. National Archives: 1947
  25. National Archives: Committee for World War II Records Project: 1946
  26. National Military Establishment: Aeronautical Board
  27. Human Engineering Project Panel: 1947
  28. National Military Establishment: Research & Development Board
  29. Committee on Technical Information: Meetings: 1949; 1948
  30. Committee on Technical Information: Panels: 1949
  31. Committee on Technical Information: General: 1949; 1948
  32. Arctic Research Lab Adv Board
  33. Naval Research Adv Committee: 1948; 1947; 1946
  34. Board of Foreign Scholarships
  35. Committee on Geographical Allocation of Student Grants: 1949
  36. Committee to Assist US Mission on Science & Technology: 1947
  37. Division of International Conferences: 1948
  38. Foreign Science Program: 1949
  39. International Science Policy Survey: 1949
  40. London Scientific Office: 1948
  41. Office of UN Affairs: 1949
  42. Point Four Program for Scientific & Technical Cooperation: 1949
  43. Corps of Engineers: Manhattan District
  44. Atomic Energy Commission Dept of
  45. National Science Foundation: 1948; 1947; 1946
  46. Committees: Un-American Activities: Condon Case: NAS Statement
  47. Library of Congress
  48. Office for Emergency Management: OSRD: Committee on Medical Research
  49. Office for Emergency Management: OSRD
  50. President's Scientific Research Board: 1947
  51. Office of Military Government for Germany: US
  52. Field Information Agency: Technical: 1946
  53. Pan American Institute of Geography & History: 1947; 1946
  54. South Pacific Commission: 1948
  55. United Nations: Atomic Energy Commission: 1947; 1946
  56. United Nations: Economic & Social Council
  57. Commissions: Human Rights: 1949; 1948; 1947
  58. National Citizens' Committee: 1948
  59. Committee on Scientific Abstracting: 1948
  60. Committee on Educational Reconstruction: 1949
  61. Natl Organizations Represented on Commissions: NAS-NRC Report: 1949
  62. Coordinating Committee on Abstracting & Indexing of Medical & Biological Sciences:
  63. Employee Benefit Plan: Retirement Pension Program


List of US Gov Agencies, departments and Programs 2008 

  1. Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee 
  2. ABMC American Battle Monuments Commission
  3. ACC Air Combat Command 
  4. ACDA United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency 
  5. ACF Administration for Children and Families
  6. ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
  7. ACQWeb Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology 
  8. ACSL Alternate Crops and Systems Lab
  9. ACYF Administration for Children, Youth, and Families
  10. ADA Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Text of ADA legislation) 
  11. ADB Asian Development Bank
  12. ADC Program Against Digital Counterfeiting of Currency
  13. ADD Administration on Developmental Disabilities
  14. ADF African Development Foundation
  15. AFDB African Development Bank
  16. AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children
  17. AFIS American Forces Information Service
  18. AFRC Air Force Reserve Command
  19. AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory
  20. AFROTC Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps 
  21. AFRTS Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
  22. AFS Air Facility Sub-System
  23. AFSC Armed Forces Staff College (replaced by JFSC)
  24. AFSPC Air Force Space Command
  25. AGRICOLA Agricultural On-Line Access
  26. AHCPR Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (changed to AHRQ)
  27. AHPCRC Army High Performance Computing Research Center
  28. AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  29. AHS American Housing Survey
  30. AID Agency for International Development
  31. AIRS Aerometric Information Retrieval System (changed to AFS)
  32. AMES Ames Laboratory
  33. AMS Agricultural Marketing Service
  34. Amtrak National Railroad Passenger Corporation
  35. ANA Administration for Native Americans
  36. ANG Air National Guard
  37. ANL Argonne National Laboratory 
  38. AOA Administration on Aging
  39. APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  40. ARB Administrative Review Board
  41. ARBA Army Review Boards Agency 
  42. ARC Appalachian Regional Commission
  43. ARL Army Research Laboratory 
  44. ARNet Acquisition Reform Network
  45. ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency
  46. ARS Agricultural Research Service
  47. ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  48. ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  49. BARC Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
  50. BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis
  51. BEP Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  52. BEST Bio-monitoring of Environmental Status and Trends
  53. BFRL Building and Fire Research Laboratory
  54. BHPr Bureau of Health Professions
  55. BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
  56. BIC Business Information Center
  57. BIMAS Bio-Informatics Molecular Analysis Section 
  58. BIS Bureau of Industry and Security
  59. BJA Bureau of Justice Assistance
  60. BJS Bureau of Justice Statistics
  61. BLM Bureau of Land Management
  62. BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics
  63. BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
  64. BNA Bureau of National Affairs
  65. BOP Federal Bureau of Prisons
  66. BOR Bureau of Reclamation
  67. BPA Bonneville Power Administration
  68. BPD Bureau of the Public Debt
  69. BPHC Bureau of Primary Health Care
  70. BRB Benefits Review Board
  71. BRD Biological Resource Division
  72. BRFSS Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
  73. BSC Business Service Centers
  74. BTS Bureau of Transportation Statistics
  75. BVA Board of Veterans Appeals
  76. BXA Bureau of Export Administration (changed to BIS)
  77. CAGE Commercial and Government Entity
  78. CBD Commerce Business Daily (Changed to FBO)
  79. CBER Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
  80. CBIAC Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center
  81. CBO Congressional Budget Office
  82. CCC Commodity Credit Corporation
  83. CCB Child Care Bureau
  84. CCR Commission on Civil Rights
  85. CDBG Community Development Block Grants
  86. CDC Centers for Disease Control
  87. CDER Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
  88. CDFI Community Development Financial Institutions
  89. CDRH Center for Devices and Radiological Health
  90. CEA Council of Economic Advisers
  91. CEDR Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource
  92. CEN Bureau of the Census
  93. CEOS Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section
  94. CEPPO Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office
  95. CEPS Center for Earth and Planetary Studies 
  96. CEQ Council on Environmental Quality
  97. CERCLIS Comprehensive Environmental Response,
  98. CETEC Topographic Engineering Center
  99. CFDA Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
  100. CFOC Chief Financial Officers Council
  101. CFR Code of Federal Regulations
  102. CFSAN National Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition 
  103. CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  104. CHAMPVA Civilian Health and Medical Program
  105. CHID Combined Health Information Database
  106. CIA Central Intelligence Agency
  107. CIAO Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office 
  108. CIC Consumer Information Center
  109. CID U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command
  110. CIPRIS Coordinated Interagency for International Students
  111. CIS Cancer Information Service
  112. CIT Center for Information Technology 
  113. CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
  114. CMHS Center for Mental Health Services
  115. CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  116. CMV Center for Minority Veterans
  117. CNO Chief of Naval Operations
  118. CNPP Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
  119. CNS Corporation for National Service
  120. Conrail Consolidated Rail Corporation
  121. CONSER Cooperative Online Serials
  122. COP Coastal Ocean Program 
  123. COPS Office of Community Oriented Policing Services 
  124. CPI Consumer Price Index
  125. CPMS Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service 
  126. CPO Corrections Program Office (Merged with BJA)
  127. CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission
  128. CRC Civil Rights Center
  129. CRISP Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects
  130. CRP Conservation Reserve Program
  131. CRS Congressional Research Service; Community Relations Service
  132. CSAP Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
  133. CSAT Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
  134. CSB Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
  135. CSE Office of Child Support Enforcement
  136. CSI Center for the Study of Intelligence
  137. CSR Center for Scientific Review
  138. CSREES Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
  139. CTEP Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program
  140. CUAP College and University Affiliations Program 
  141. CWC Chemical Weapons Convention
  142. DA Department of the Army
  143. DARPA  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 
  144. DAU Defense Acquisition University
  145. DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
  146. DCRT Division of Computer Research and Technology (replaced by CIT)
  147. DDC Defense Distribution Center 
  148. DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
  149. DeCA Defense Commissary Agency 
  150. DESA Department of Economic and Social Affairs 
  151. DESC Defense Energy Support Center 
  152. DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service 
  153. DHS Department of Homeland Security
  154. DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
  155. DINFOS Defense Information School
  156. DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
  157. DLA Defense Logistics Agency
  158. DLAPS Defense Logistics Agency Publishing System
  159. DLIS Defense Logistics Information Service 
  160. DLSA Defense Legal Services Agency
  161. DMA Defense Mapping Agency (replaced by NIMA)
  162. DMDC Defense Manpower Data Center 
  163. DMS Defense Mapping School (changed to NGS)
  164. DNFSB Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board 
  165. DNSC Defense National Stockpile Center 
  166. DOC Department of Commerce
  167. DOD Department of Defense
  168. DODEA Department of Defense Education Activity
  169. DoDISS DoD Index of Specifications and Standards 
  170. DoDSSP Single Stock Point for Specifications and Standards 
  171. DOE Department of Energy
  172. DOI Department of the Interior
  173. DOJ Department of Justice 
  174. DOL Department of Labor
  175. DORRA DLA Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis 
  176. DOS Department of State
  177. DOT Department of Transportation
  178. DPC Domestic Policy Council
  179. DPL Denied Persons List
  180. DPMO Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
  181. DRMS Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service 
  182. DSCA  Defense Security Cooperation Agency
  183. DSS      Defense Security Service
  184. DTIC   Defense Technical Information Center
  185. DTRA  Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  186. EAR Export Administration Regulations
  187. EBSA Employee Benefits Security Administration
  188. ECA Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs 
  189. ECAB Employees' Compensation Appeals Board 
  190. ECI National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education
  191. ECIE Executive Council on Integrity and Efficiency
  192. ECOSOC Economic and Social Council
  193. ECP Emergency Conservation Program
  194. ED Department of Education
  195. EDA Economic Development Administration
  196. EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval
  197. EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  198. EHP Environmental Health Perspectives
  199. EIA Energy Information Administration
  200. EIS Epidemic Intelligence Service
  201. EM Office of Environmental Management
  202. EML Environmental Measurement Laboratory
  203. ENC Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
  204. EO Executive Order
  205. EOIR Executive Office for Immigration Review
  206. EOUSA Executive Office for United States Attorneys
  207. EOWS Executive Office of Weed and Seed
  208. EPA Environmental Protection Agency
  209. EREN Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
  210. ERIC Educational Resources Information Center
  211. ERL Environmental Research Laboratories (absorbed by OAR or NOAA
  212. EROD Education Resource Organizations Directory
  213. ERS Economic Research Service
  214. ESA Employment Standards Administration; Economics and Statistics
  215. ESDIM Environmental Services Data and Information Management
  216. ETA Employment and Training Administration
  217. Ex-Im Bank Export-Import Bank of the United States
  218. FAA Federal Aviation Administration
  219. Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association
  220. FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
  221. FAPRS Federal Assistance Programs Retrieval System 
  222. FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
  223. Farmer Mac Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
  224. FAS Foreign Agricultural Service
  225. FASAB Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board 
  226. FBCI Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
  227. FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
  228. FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service (see WNC)
  229. FCA Farm Credit Administration
  230. FCC  Federal Communications Commission 
  231. FCIC Federal Consumer Information Center; Crop Insurance Corporation
  232. FDA  Food and Drug Administration 
  233. FDIC  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 
  234. FEB Federal Executive Board
  235. FEC Federal Election Commission
  236. FEDIX Federal Information Exchange Inc. (ceased operation 7/3/02)
  237. FEDRIP Federal Research in Progress Database
  238. FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
  239. FERC  Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 
  240. Fermilab Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 
  241. FETC  Federal Energy Technology Center (changed to NETL)
  242. FFB Federal Financing Bank
  243. FHA Federal Housing Administration
  244. FHFB Federal Housing Finance Board
  245. FHWA Federal Highway Administration
  246. FIA Federal Insurance Administration
  247. FINCEN Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  248. FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard
  249. FJC Federal Judicial Center
  250. FLC Federal Laboratory Consortium
  251. FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  252. FLRA Federal Labor Relations Authority
  253. FMC Federal Maritime Commission
  254. FMCS Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
  255. FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  256. FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act
  257. FMS Financial Management Service
  258. FMSHRC Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
  259. FNCS Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services
  260. FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association
  261. FNS Food and Nutrition Service
  262. FOIA Freedom of Information Act
  263. FOMC Federal Open Market Committee
  264. FPDC Federal Procurement Data Center
  265. FR Federal Register
  266. FRA Federal Railroad Administration
  267. FRB Federal Reserve Board
  268. FRS Federal Reserve System; Federal Relay Service
  269. FRTIB Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
  270. FS Forest Service
  271. FSA Farm Service Agency; Office of Federal Student Aid
  272. FSIS Food Safety and Inspection Service
  273. FSS Federal Supply Service
  274. FTA Federal Transit Administration
  275. FTC Federal Trade Commission
  276. FTS Federal Technology Service
  277. FWS Fish and Wildlife Service
  278. FYSB Family and Youth Services Bureau
  279. GAO  Government Accountability Office 
  280. GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
  281. GCMD Global Change Master Directory
  282. GILS Government Information Locator Service
  283. Ginnie Mae  Government National Mortgage Association 
  284. GIPSA Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyards Administration
  285. GIS Geographic Information Systems
  286. GNIS  Geographic Names Information System 
  287. GNMA Government National Mortgage Association
  288. GPO  Government Printing Office 
  289. GPRA Government Performance and Results Act
  290. GPS Global Positioning System
  291. GSA General Services Administration
  292. GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center
  293. GWA Governmentwide Accounting Project Group 
  294. GwoB Government Without Boundaries
  295. HAB HIV/AIDS Bureau
  296. HAC Health Administration Center
  297. HCFA Health Care Financing Administration (changed to CMS)
  298. HHS Department of Health and Human Services
  299. HIRS Health Information Resources Service
  300. HPCC  High Performance Computing and Communications 
  301. HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration
  302. HSB Head Start Bureau
  303. HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
  304. IA Import Administration 
  305. IACB Indian Arts and Crafts Board
  306. IADRWG  Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group  
  307. IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
  308. IAEGC  Inter-Agency Electronic Grants Committee 
  309. IAF Inter-American Foundation
  310. IBB International Broadcasting Bureau
  311. ICAF Industrial College of the Armed Forces
  312. ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
  313. ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
  314. IES Institute of Education Sciences
  315. IHS  Indian Health Service 
  316. IIP International Information Programs
  317. ILAB Bureau of International Labor Affairs
  318. ILO International Labor Organization
  319. IMF International Monetary Fund
  320. IMLS Institute of Museum and Library Services
  321. INEEL  Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory 
  322. INF Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces
  323. INL Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
  324. INS  Immigration and Naturalization Service (replaced by USCIS)
  325. INSS Institute for National Strategic Studies 
  326. INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization
  327. IO Bureau of International Organization Affairs 
  328. IOM International Organization for Migration
  329. IRMC Information Resources Management College
  330. IRS Internal Revenue Service
  331. ITA International Trade Administration
  332. ITC  United States International Trade Commission 
  333. JAG Judge Advocate General
  334. JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
  335. JEC Joint Economic Committee
  336. JFSC Joint Forces Staff College
  337. JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  338. JSC Johnson Space Center
  339. KAPL  Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory 
  340. KSC Kennedy Space Center
  341. LANL  Los Alamos National Laboratory 
  342. LBL  Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 
  343. LC Library of Congress
  344. LLNL  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 
  345. LOC Library of Congress
  346. LOCIS Library of Congress Information System
  347. LSC Legal Services Corporation
  348. MAC  Market Access and Compliance
  349. MARAD Maritime Administration
  350. MARVEL Machine Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library
  351. MBDA Minority Business Development Agency
  352. MCHB Maternal and Child Health Bureau
  353. MCTL Militarily Critical Technologies List
  354. MedPAC Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
  355. MeSH Medical Subject Headings
  356. MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
  357. MMS Minerals Management Service
  358. MMWR Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
  359. MOLIS Minority On-Line Information Service (ceased operation 7/3/02)
  360. MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area
  361. MSEL Materials Science and Engineering Library
  362. MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration
  363. MSPB Merit Systems Protection Board
  1. NACIC National Counterintelligence Center
  2. NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
  3. NAICS North American Industry Classification System
  4. NAL National Agricultural Library
  5. NARA  National Archives and Records Administration 
  6. NARFE  National Association of Retired Federal Employees
  7. NASA  National Aeronautics and Space Administration 
  8. NASM National Air and Space Museum
  9. NASS National Agricultural Statistics Service
  10. NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  11. NBAC National Bioethics Advisory Commission (replaced by PCBE;
  12. NBII National Biological Information Infrastructure
  13. NBL  New Brunswick Laboratory
  14. NCA  National Cemetery Administration 
  15. NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information 
  16. NCC National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications
  17. NCCAM National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  18. NCCDPHP  National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health
  19. NCCIC National Child Care Information Center
  20. NCD  National Council on Disability 
  21. NCDC  National Climatic Data Center 
  22. NCEH National Center for Environmental Health
  23. NCES  National Center for Education Statistics 
  24. NCHS National Center for Health Statistics
  25. NCHSTP National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention
  26. NCI  National Cancer Institute 
  27. NCID National Center for Infectious Diseases
  28. NCIPC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
  29. NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  30. NCJRS National Criminal Justice Reference Service
  31. NCLIS National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
  32. NCPC National Capital Planning Commission
  33. NCRR  National Center for Research Resources 
  34. NCS National Communications System
  35. NCTR  National Center for Toxicological Research 
  36. NCUA  National Credit Union Administration 
  37. NCVHS National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics
  38. NDIC National Drug Intelligence Center
  39. NDU National Defense University
  40. NEA National Endowment for the Arts
  41. NEC National Economic Council
  42. NEGP National Education Goals Panel (defunct)
  43. NEH National Endowment for the Humanities
  44. NEI National Eye Institute
  45. NEIC National Earthquake Information Center
  46. NERSC  National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center 
  47. NESDIS  National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service 
  48. NETL National Energy Technology Laboratory
  49. NFA National Fire Academy 
  50. NGA National Gallery of Art; National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  51. NGDC  National Geophysical Data Center 
  1. NHI National Highway Institute
  2. NHIC National Health Information Center
  3. NHLBI  National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute 
  4. NHPRC National Historical Publications and Records Commission
  5. NHTSA  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 
  6. NIA National Institute on Aging
  7. NIAAA National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  8. NIAID  National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases 
  9. NIAMS National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal 
  10. NIC National Institute of Corrections
  11. NICHD National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
  12. NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse
  13. NIDCD National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication
  14. NIDCR National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
  15. NIDDK  National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease 
  16. NIDRR National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
  17. NIEHS National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  18. NIFC National Interagency Fire Center
  19. NIFL National Institute for Literacy
  20. NIGC National Indian Gaming Commission
  21. NIGMS  National Institute of General Medical Sciences 
  22. NIH National Institutes of Health
  23. NIJ National Institute of Justice
  24. NIMA  National Imagery and Mapping Agency (replaced by NGA)
  25. NIMH National Institute of Mental Health
  26. NINDS  National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke 
  27. NINR National Institute of Nursing Research
  28. NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  29. NIPA National Income and Product Accounts
  30. NIPC  National Infrastructure Protection Center 
  31. NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
  32. NISTIR National Institute of Standards and Technology Interagency
  33. NLE  National Library of Education 
  34. NLM  National Library of Medicine 
  35. NLRB  National Labor Relations Board 
  36. NMB National Mediation Board
  37. NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service
  38. NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration
  39. NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  40. NODC  National Oceanographic Data Center 
  41. NOS National Ocean Service
  42. NPCR National Program of Cancer Registries
  43. NPOESS National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental System
  44. NPR National Partnership for Reinventing Government (archived at Univ.
  45. NPS National Park Service
  46. NPTO  National Petroleum Technology Office 
  47. NR National Register of Historic Places
  48. NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  49. NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service
  50. NRDP  National Rural Development Partnership 
  51. NREN National Research and Education Network
  52. NREVSS National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System
  53. NRL Naval Research Laboratory
  54. NRO National Reconnaissance Office
  55. NRPC National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
  56. NSA National Security Agency
  57. NSC National Security Council
  58. NSF National Science Foundation
  59. NSTC National Science and Technology Center
  60. NSTL National Space Technology Laboratories
  61. NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration
  62. NTIS National Technical Information Service 
  63. NTP National Toxicology Program 
  64. NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
  65. NVSS National Vital Statistics System
  66. NWC National War College
  67. NWCG National Wildfire Coordinating Group
  68. NWS  National Weather Service
  69. NWTRB  Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
  70. OA Office of Administration
  71. OAC Office of Anti-boycott Compliance
  72. OACU Office of Animal Care and Use
  73. OAIT  Office of American Indian Trust 
  74. OALJ  Office of Administrative Law Judges 
  75. OAR Office of AIDS Research; Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric
  76. OAS Organization of American States
  77. OASDI Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance
  78. OAT Office for the Advancement of Tele-health
  79. OBL Office of Business Liaison
  80. OCC Comptroller of the Currency
  81. OCD Office of Community Development
  82. OCE Office of the Chief Economist
  83. OCR Office for Civil Rights (Dept. of Education)
  84. OCRWM Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management 
  85. OCS Office of Community Services
  86. OCSE Office of Child Support Enforcement
  87. ODEP Office of Disability Employment Policy
  88. ODP Office of Disease Prevention
  89. OECA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
  90. OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  91. OEGT Office of Electronic Government and Technology
  92. OELA Office of English Language Acquisition
  93. OERI Office of Educational Research and Improvement (replaced by IES)
  94. OES  Bureau of Oceans and Intl Environmental and Scientific Affairs 
  95. OESE  Office of Elementary and Secondary Education 
  96. OFA Office of Family Assistance
  97. OFAC Office of Foreign Assets Control
  98. OFCCP Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
  99. OFHEO Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
  100. OFM Office of Financial Management
  101. OFR Office of the Federal Register
  102. OGE Office of Government Ethics
  103. OGP Office of Government wide Policy
  104. OGWDW Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water
  105. OHASIS Office of Health and Safety Information System
  106. OHRP Office for Human Research Protections
  107. OIIA Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs 
  108. OIG Office of the Inspector General (USDA)
  109. OJJDP Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  110. OJP Office of Justice Programs
  111. OLAW Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare
  112. OLMS Office of Labor Management Standards
  113. OMAO Office of Marine and Aviation Operations
  114. OMAR Office of Medical Applications of Research
  115. OMB Office of Management and Budget
  116. OMH Office of Minority Health
  117. OMHAR Office of Multifamily Housing Assistance Restructuring
  118. OMM  Offshore Minerals Management Program
  119. ONDCP Office of National Drug Control Policy 
  120. ONR  Office of Naval Research
  121. OPA Office of Population Affairs
  122. OPE  Office of Postsecondary Education 
  123. OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  124. OPHS Office of Public Health and Science
  125. OPIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation
  126. OPM Office of Personnel Management
  127. OPPTS Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances
  128. ORA Office of Research and Applications
  129. ORACBA  Office of Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis 
  130. ORD Office of Rare Diseases
  131. ORHP Office of Rural Health Policy
  132. ORI Office of Research Integrity
  133. ORMH Office of Research on Minority Health
  134. ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  135. ORR Office of Refugee Resettlement
  136. ORWH Office of Research on Women's Health
  137. OSAC  Overseas Security Advisory Council 
  138. OSBP  Office of Small Business Programs 
  139. OSC Office of Special Counsel
  140. OSCE Office of Child Support Enforcement
  141. OSDBU Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
  142. OSERS Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
  143. OSF Office of Space Flight
  144. OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  145. OSHRC Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
  146. OSM Office of Surface Mining; Office of Spectrum Management
  147. OST Office of Science and Technology;
  148. Office of the Secretary of Transportation
  149. OSTI Office of Scientific and Technical Information
  150. OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
  151. OSWER Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
  152. OTA Office of Technology Assessment
  153. OTJ Office of Tribal Justice
  154. OTS Office of Thrift Supervision
  155. OTT Office of Transportation Technologies
  156. OVAE  Office of Vocational and Adult Education
  157. OVC Office for Victims of Crime
  158. OWBO Office of Women's Business Ownership
  159. OWCP  Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
  160. OWH Office on Women's Health
  161. PAHO Pan American Health Organization
  162. PAM Office of Acquisition and Property Management
  163. PBGC Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
  164. PBS Public Buildings Service
  165. PC Peace Corps
  166. PCBE President's Council on Bioethics
  167. PCC Panama Canal Commission
  168. PCIE President's Council on Integrity
  169. PFIAB President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
  170. PHA Public Housing Agency
  171. PHN Center for Population, Health and Nutrition
  172. PHPPO Public Health Practice Program Office
  173. PHPS Public Health Prevention Service
  174. PHS Public Health Service
  175. PHTN Public Health Training Network
  176. PIH Office of Public and Indian Housing
  177. PLLI  National Institute on Postsecondary Education, Libraries,
  178. PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 
  179. POW/MP Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel
  180. PPQ Plant Protection and Quarantine
  181. PRC Postal Rate Commission
  182. PRM Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
  183. PSC Program Support Center
  184. PTO Patent and Trademark Office
  185. PUMS Public Use Microdata Samples
  186. PWBA Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration (replaced by EBSA)
  187. RA Reserve Affairs
  188. RBS Rural Business-Cooperative Service
  189. RD Rural Development
  190. RECD Rural Economic & Community Development (replaced by RD)
  191. REE Research, Education and Economics
  192. REIS Regional Economic Information System
  193. RHS Rural Housing Service
  194. RICHS Rural Information Center Health Service
  195. RMA Risk Management Agency
  196. ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
  197. RRB Railroad Retirement Board
  198. RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration
  199. RSPA Research and Special Programs Administration
  200. RUS Rural Utilities Service
  201. SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  202. SAVE Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement
  203. SBA Small Business Administration
  204. SDFS Safe and Drug-Free Schools
  205. SDWIS Safe Drinking Water Information System
  206. SEC  Securities and Exchange Commission; Space Environment Center
  207. SEDAC Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center
  208. SEER Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results
  209. SERC Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  210. SGLI Service members' Group Life Insurance
  211. SI Smithsonian Institute
  212. SIC Standard Industrial Classification
  213. SIES Office of Strategic Industries & Economic Security
  214. SITES Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service
  215. SJI State Justice Institute
  216. SLAC  Stanford Linear Accelerator Center 
  217. SLSDC Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
  218. SNL Sandia National Laboratories 
  219. SRS Savannah River Site
  220. SS Secret Service
  221. SSA  Social Security Administration 
  222. SSI Supplemental Security Income Program
  223. SSS Selective Service System
  224. START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks
  225. Stat. United States Statutes at Large
  226. STB  Surface Transportation Board
  227. STI Scientific and Technical Information
  228. SuDoc Superintendent of Documents
  229. TA Technology Administration
  230. TAA Trade Adjustment Assistance
  231. TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  232. TASC Transportation Administrative Service Center 
  233. TDA Trade and Development Agency
  234. TEOAF Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture
  235. TFF Treasury Forfeiture Fund
  236. TFI Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
  237. TIC Trade Information Center
  238. TRI Toxics Release Inventory
  239. TSA Transportation Security Administration
  240. TSI Transportation Safety Institute
  241. TSO TRICARE Support Office
  242. TSP Thrift Savings Plan
  243. TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
  244. U.N. United Nations
  245. UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Org.
  246. UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund
  247. UNICOR Federal Prison Industries, Inc.
  248. UPU Universal Postal Union
  249. USA United States Army
  250. USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  251. USAF United States Air Force
  252. USAFA United States Air Force Academy
  253. USAID United States Agency for International Development
  254. USBR Bureau of Reclamation
  255. U.S.C. United States Code
  256. USCCR United States Commission on Civil Rights
  257. USCG United States Coast Guard
  258. USCIRF United States Commission on International Religious Freedom
  259. USCIS U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  260. USCS United States Customs Service
  261. USDA United States Department of Agriculture
  262. USES United States Employment Service
  263. USFA  U.S. Fire Administration
  264. USGS United States Geological Survey
  265. USIA  United States Information Agency (changed to IIP)
  266. USIP  United States Institute of Peace
  267. USITC  United States International Trade Commission 
  268. USMC United States Marine Corps
  269. USMS United States Marshals Service
  270. USN United States Navy
  271. USNCB United States National Central Bureau of INTERPOL
  272. USPS  United States Postal Service (state and street abbreviations)
  273. USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office
  274. USSC United States Sentencing Commission
  275. USSS United States Secret Service
  276. USTR United States Trade Representative
  277. VA Department of Veterans Affairs
  278. VAWO Violence Against Women Office
  279. VBA  Veterans Benefits Administration 
  280. VETS Veterans' Employment and Training Service
  281. VGLI Veterans' Group Life Insurance
  282. VHA  Veterans Health Administration 
  283. VISTA Volunteers in Service to America
  284. VOA  Voice of America 
  285. WAPA Western Area Power Administration
  286. WB Women's Bureau
  287. WES Waterways Experiment Station
  288. WH Wage and Hour Division
  289. WHMO White House Military Office
  290. WHO World Health Organization
  291. WIC Women, Infants and Children, Special supplemental food program 
  292. WISQARS Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System
  293. WNET Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training
  294. WSMR  White Sands Missile Range 
  295. WTO World Trade Organization

 Representing over 18 million employees all earning more than their civilian counterparts all with better medical insurance and retirement. Do you think the majority of them vote democratic………. ? Gee, y'think?



This post is written on the 6th of June 2008.

The above departments, agencies and programs all represent fully staffed offices both large and small, many with with mutable locations throughout the nation. The people employed in these offices generally earn 31% more than their civilian counterparts and enjoy far better retirement, insurance and benefits. All are supported 100% by the American taxpayers employed in the private profit producing sector. None of the gov. offices produce one red cent in profit- they are all parasites. Every 100 gainfully employed American tax payers supports 6.5 gov. employees 100%.

The filthy libs, socialists, democrats and fellow travelers in America understand, just as did the Bolsheviks in Russia, that,  to  be victorious over the people, they first had to rid themselves of the  opposition. In Russia, in those days, the Mensheviks or "whites" represented the only group blocking their path to total domination.  This opposition to the communists was a relatively small group made up of military officers, former members of the Czar's government, a few independent farmers ( Kulaks) and the landed aristocracy- no way near enough to stop the mobs of street rabble and great unwashed assembled by the evil murderous leftist movement. In America ,the middle class today blocks the stinking libs just as the opposition tried to in Russia.

The American independents, republicans, libertarians and the religious right represent the bulk of the middle class. There are a lot more of us than there were Mensheviks in Russia in 1917. There are enough of us so hat we blocked the libs attempt to grant wholesale amnesty to the illegal Mexican invaders in 2007 and we stopped ( so far) their attempts to impose a horrendously stupid but terribly destructive so called "carbon tax" on us just today.

On top of horrendous fuel costs that are killing our budgets and forcing hundreds of independent truckers off the roads, and many airlines out of business causing thousands of lay-offs, the sinking libs wanted to add an idiotic carbon tax on our backs to accelerate our economic demise. Can you believe it?  They wanted to pass a bill that would further tax us for electricity and fuel, - any use of carbon based energy would be taxed- driving us into the ground like tent pegs!

So far, America is just about evenly divided. The Middle Class represents a little more than half the voters and we certainly have a strong collective voice...

Here's what I know- The stinking libs realized many years ago that in a prosperous country like America run by capitalistic independent, rugged individualists and entrepreneurs, there was little support for their brand of weak- limp -wristed, collective pinko- socialism. As the middle class grew and prospered after WW II the liberal  movement grew weaker and had was losing its appeal.

After the Eisenhower era however they begin to work out a methodology to gain influence of over the democratic party. Before the 50's the Democratic party was very much the party of the average working man and helped build the middle class by supporting powerful labor unions which, in their day, provided great strength to the American labor movement. The socialists in the party realized that one way for them to gain power and influence was by creating jobs and the easiest way to do this ( since none of them had any idea of how to open a factory or make anything useful) was to create "GOVERNMENT JOBS.

Because the labor unions were so very powerful and attracted so many members, the Democrats dominated American politics for over 40 years. They did this just by force of numbers ( poll power). During the last 40 years 90% of the above numbered 700 new departments, agencies' and  programs came into existence. mostly by government mandates concocted in the dark halls of the democratically controlled committees and congressional cloak room deals made in the dark of night. In few instances did the American people even know that these programs and offices were being created.  Anyone visiting Washington  and having cause to visit any of the offices listed here will note that they are staffed almost entirely by incompetents who would find it difficult to find work in the private sector. These weaklings always lick the hand that feeds them- meaning the stinking libs and repay their benefactors by voting for more. "MORE PLEASE' is the repetitive bleating cry ringing from the halls of these useless and hugely overstaffed and overpaid offices.

Today, the libs, along with their counterparts in the media, have been so successful that they have actually promoted a black man to the head of the Democratic party as a candidate for President of the United States. This guy obama is a disaster and the most liberal guy in the US congress. He comes from the tax and spend, pandering, vote-buying ,democratic party in Chicago. The idea is to divide the country as far as possible along racial lines ( which they most certainly have done) and, if they can somehow win in November, create, among other nutty and expensive programs, a single payer unbelievably monstrous universal  government run medical insurance program which will tax the Middle class into total submission and permanent subservience, just as did the commies in the days of the Soviet Union. This is part of their twisted plan and they are far along........ 

Skewing the immigration standards; another part of the plan: Years ago, western Europe was taken off the preferred list for immigration into the United states. The doors were swung wide to admit Latinos, Indians and large groups of uneducated rabble. Actually, anyone who the libs thought might vote for "MORE" and therefore back them at the polls. This worked, and continues to work, very well. In 1946 the population of America stood at about 150 million and today, 62 years later, we have over 300 million. Of the 150 million new citizens few were born in the United States and few came with any education or marketable skills. Because of the "give-away programs"  that are paid for by the American taxpayers, most of these great unwashed would favor the libs in any election.

Today, lib attorneys, paid for by the Democratic National Committee and their minions, are suing the INS because they are not able to process the millions of new applicants for citizenship fast enough to vote in the upcoming election in November. They know and they are right, these millions of new citizens will vote their way.

Motor Voter: Another part of the libs sneaky plan has and is working well. This program allows and encourages, even mandates, that workers at the departments issuing state driving licensing throughout the country ask those obtaining a license if they want to register to vote at the same time. Through this method, millions of new voters have been registered with the vast majority of them ( no surprise) registering as Democrats.

The libs are backed and supported by insane environmental groups gnashing their teeth over spotted owls and rare minnows. Rich idiots like George Soros and the Hollywood crowd  back them.  These people have and continue to block any attempt to let us build power plants. We can't build nuclear, gas or coal fired plants, we can't use the great deposits of oil under our own shores and lands, we haven't built a refinery for 30 years- all because of the despotic, power craving libs in congress. We have been forced by these treacherous disloyal groups to pay western hating Arabs and guys like the tyrannical, despotic, American hating, squat, ugly little Indian in Venezuela for oil.

The stinking libs don't care about America- they surely don't care about us- they are, just as the fat pigs who ruled the Soviet empire, after power- pure power. Listen to Harry Reid and Nancy and the rest of the dangerous wackos in congress... in their world we would all be on our collective knees while government trucks drove though our neighborhoods delivering blocks of Velveeta cheese and stale bread... totally at their mercy. That's their plan for us........ be careful- they are close to succeeding........

Robert Firth


The Doomsday President

For all the Obama supporters; This is a reality check! I want to advise you of the consequences that I foresee in the event your candidate should win the election. If Obama wins, it should come as no surprise that he will become a serious target for assassination which, if successful, will start a race war unlike anything we have ever seen. Watts will seem like a Boy Scout picnic by comparison………

Even if he some how survives, the country will be completely torn apart and divided by deep hatreds. Racism, as we all know, is very much alive and most white Americans will not long stand for a black socialist president “spreading their wealth” as he has said he would do. …….  Thousands will move out of the country taking their money with them. The minorities, democrats and socialists, few of whom pay any taxes or contribute to our society, will be left with a rapidly shrinking tax base, printing money in a savage frenzy to satisfy their constituent’s demands while creating runaway inflation. The dollar will become worthless…….. This is probably not what you want to see for our country. The entire country will resemble California, bankrupted by give-away programs and rampant unionization. Chavez, Putin Amadinijad and all America’s enemies will laugh themselves silly.

Here’s the clincher. There are millions of dedicated white American patriots, many of whom are intelligent and wealthy and, however misguided they may be, will stop at nothing to kill Pres Barry whom they see as a terrible danger to the survival their country. The list includes thousands of police and military trained individuals, many with the access, knowledge and means to take him out. It is not unlikely to assume that one of them will eventually succeed.

If you agree with this analysis, tell everyone you know what will be the result if Obama wins…. We will all lose- big time ! A vote for Obama is a vote to destroy America….. If he quietly loses he will become just another footnote in history, if elected, he will be the beginning of a terrible conflagration that will destroy this great country…….and likely much of the world as well..

Robert Firth