UPDATED 04/20/09


Gore is a fat supercilious pompous idiot and so is anyone who agrees with him. Anyone who really believes that  human civilization has any meaningful connection to the predicted gradual increase in the surface temperature of the world is brain dead. Com'on people,  think!


Interesting that now the idiots don't call the phenomenon "Global Warming" because, quite simply, the most exacting studies indicate that in fact the world is not, in the short term,  becoming measurably warmer.  Today, the revised and acceptable nomenclature among the idiots is "Climate Change."


 Let’s get something clear. No one doubts that the surface temperature of the earth changes.  it has in the past and will again in the future. The temperature of Mars is increasing while the earth seems to be in a cooling trend. These are incontrovertible facts not the political garbage spewed by a bunch or left wing nut cases. In spite of this, there's 9% more ice in the Arctic this year than last and there are a lot more polar bears this year than last.

At present, there is absolutely zero creditable scientific evidence that man’s use of internal combustion engines has significant impact on the warming of the planet. Jet aircraft and coal burning likewise have little to do with this fact. This is true despite the ranting and hand-wringing of idiots like Al Gore and the other tree-huggers.  Of course, cars and pollution contribute to increasing “green house” gasses no one disputes that. The argument is that there is no scientific evidence that this increase is measurably contributing to the warming of the planet to anywhere near the degree espoused by the hysterical Kyoto crowd. 

There is, however, a preponderance of verifiable evidence that the sun is getting warmer and has been for some time. However unpleasant and unpalatable this fact may be to the “back to the stone age- let’s all ride bicycles” groups, it is a fact nonetheless.

The increasing temperature of the sun is like turning up the rheostat on a stove. Of course, it gets warmer when the only reason the earth’s surface has any heat at all is due 100% to the warming rays of the sun. What's interesting is that despite this, the earth is actually cooling.

 There have been many changes in the Earth's climate in the past. During the Middle Ages there was a warming trend followed by the “Little Ice Age” a few hundred years later.  Interestingly, these climatic changes had absolutely nothing to do with humans unless you  count the expulsion of methane gasses from livestock. I’m sure that Mr. Gore would like to try to measure this- and we wish him well.

 Listen, 10 years ago scientists were forecasting a 33-foot rise in the oceans due to melting ice and warmer oceans over the next 100 years.  That idiotic prediction, likely promulgated by land speculators trying to buy up Florida properties from the fleeing residents, has been dramatically changed to maybe 2 feet or maybe a lot less. The New York Times ran warming stories into the late 1950s, but then invented  new fears. Three decades ago, in 1975, the paper reported: “Major Cooling Widely Considered to Be Inevitable.” The world’s media, being almost universally and irrationally, haters of  western civilization, latched on to Kyoto as a major issue to force us all to join Green peace, eat tofu, eschew leather shoes and stop cutting trees.

 A closer look at the available data used in guessing about global warming and its effects casts doubt on all the findings. Satellite data as well as measurements of current carbon dioxide levels project a less severe increase in global temperatures than earlier anticipated. Interestingly, one weather satellite was recently found to be malfunctioning and had been    sending back data indicating that palm trees were growing in Greenland and the polar bears were asking for sun screen. Interestingly, the ice in the Arctic has increased by 9% this year over last and in the Antarctic, the increase on the west coast has been measured at 4 times greater than that lost in the east.

 Forecasts of 3 to 8 degrees with larger regional increases have been tossed around by the Kyoto proponents for the past several years. But, more recent data indicates a warming near or below 3 degrees over the next 100 years, and then, only if carbon dioxide levels double, which is far from certain.

 The overall view of global warming, once the scientific data are examined, seems to be a hell of a lot less threatening than many political leaders and  fuzzy thinkers have portrayed. That does not mean we should not be concerned.

Greenhouse gases are real, that is an undeniable fact- what they mean and what they do is far less certain. Interestingly, there are no greenhouse gasses or Hummers on Mars yet, the temperature there is also on the increase and Martian ice caps are melting. Ruminating animals, ( livestock) contribute far greater green house gasses into the atmosphere than cars. Maybe, they can fit them all with catalytic converters?

 More study is needed, particularly in light of how recent satellite data have differed with the ground weather station records. Obviously, we should continue to develop better computer modeling. We have been measuring and recording climate changes for what, 100 years? The earth has been around for millions or years. I, for one, am not persuaded of the validity of arguments by those who try to extrapolate and make dire predictions from what comparatively is less than 100th of a second of the earth’s history.

 We also should realize that reducing carbon dioxide emissions as outlined in the Kyoto Protocol, is not likely to have any kind of major impact on global climate. Even if the Kyoto Protocol were implemented and adhered to by all there would still be increases in the amount of man made greenhouse gases due to nations like India and China operating millions of dirty 2 cycle engines, burning soft coal, and dramatically increasing their use of carbon based fuels.

 It is almost impossible for climatologists or meteorologists to predict, with any accuracy, what the weather will be even next month. Predictions for next year’s storms have been wildly inaccurate. The variables are humongous and, so far, there is no model that shows any ability to make long range forecasts like 100 years into the future. It’s all purely guess work. No one on this earth knows what’s going to happen in 100 years or even next month - anyone who says they do is at best an idiot and at worst, purely and simply a liar and charlatan.

 A climatic disaster is hardly inevitable or even likely. A 3 degree increase in global temperatures over the next 200 years most likely would not wreak havoc with the Earth's climate or sea levels. The economic costs to the developed countries trying to comply with Kyoto of Obama's cap and trade will far outweigh any perceived and doubtful benefits. The Kyoto Protocol neglects to consider this and its shrill pointy-headed supporters seem bent on wanting to see Americans and Europeans on bikes and skate boards while the Chinese and Indians are driving Hummers.


Robert  Firth