Homosexuals, Gays, Fagots, Same Sex couples, whatever word you choose to define this particular prevision, are a factor in modern society and, in fact, have been throughout history. Each of us has an opinion about them, some more informed or more or less bigoted  than others. The following is decidedly anti-gay but,  hey, its a free world and that's my take. 

Human Society has known homophobia since the first man buggered his pal. Those who engage in this bizarre, unnatural and disgusting behavior were and are, castigated and, for many, regarded as being in the same category with cannibals and the mentally ill.- not really but close.

The disgust and yes, the visceral aversion to homosexuals by the heterosexual society, is natural and occurs uniformly throughout all the communities of man. All normal men shun the fagot and, until political correctness became such a powerful force in some western societies, these unfortunates were forced to keep their disgusting perversions carefully hidden. 

These sad sickos have now banded together with other wacko fringe elements, under various loose confederations, and are engaged today in a pathetic but determined attempt to convince the “straight” world that their  grotesque perversions are simply an “alternative life style”  and should be perfectly acceptable in a modern and democratic society. They argue that anyone who disagrees with them is a hateful homophobe (of course we are) and somehow a terribly bigoted and unenlightened individual. Who cares!

This specious and pernicious argument falls flat and fails to convince any but the weak minded and those influenced by popular culture. Liberal politicians believe the community of perverts will vote for them if they will only help pass legislation to further their disgusting and absurd life style. Some states have stupidly enacted legislation recognizing the aberrant behavior of homosexuals, including allowing them legal recognition under marriage laws and even trying to force private employers to hire queers.  

The wacko agenda of the organized fagots  uses our laws to open doors (especially  back doors) and ,is today, engaged in an incredible effort to destroy the Boy Scouts attempting to force them to accept avowed  fagots as scoutmasters. What an incredible idea. To think that Fathers would ever allow their sons to join a scout group led by a fagot! Imagine what these tragically sick idiots would do once in charge of a number of young innocent boys. Talk about boggling the mind! Homosexuals have forever attempted to pervert the young. Examples of this horrendous behavior have always been part of the homosexual world. If the Boy Scouts were ever forced by law to allow fagots into their organization that wonderful and nurturing group would be destroyed and cease to exist. These whackos even have a special branch of homo-center devote4d to man / boy relationships! Sick filthy bastards!

The family structure is ordained by God in every monotheistic religion worldwide. The nuclear Family is the cement of all human society. The union of Men and Women is primarily, and, at its essence, a religious joining of two loving individuals. The children of such a union are recognized as having legitimate heritage. They have a name and are raised by the parents in the very best way they know. Families form the building block of all healthy societies. The Family passes on to the children the values of the society. The heritage and healthy values of all societies are thus passed on by the family unit without which, civilization is surely doomed to chaos and destruction.   

Alternatively, Children born to unmarried women are known as “bastards” and have no name and no loving family. The lucky ones, those not abandoned, are raised by a single parent (often their mother) and become sad, latch key kids. The male children of such women grow up with no masculine role model, no Father to love and guide them. These poor kids are easy prey for homos and frequently exhibit female characteristics learned in their formative years from the only adult in their universe. It would be a valuable study to know how many fagots today are products of unmarried and single mothers. This might explain where so many of them came from in such a short time. The closet just isn’t that big, is it? 

The unprecedented numbers of children born to unmarried mothers over the last several decades (the “welfare” generation)   was encouraged, sponsored  and paid for with our tax dollars by the democrats pandering for votes and clearly has contributed to the destruction of the family unit. Popular TV shows encouraged and furthered the image of the working mother as a modern heroine who, by her superior intelligence,  proves that men are simply an unnecessary liability. Today, TV shows extol the virtues of the “Gay” lifestyle and attempt to persuade the audience to accept their ridiculous behavior as simply “mainstream.” Those who won’t are vehemently and voraciously  labeled as “un-Hip, homophobic social luddites.”  Like I care  :)

The Hollywood community and the general acceptance of Gays in the entertainment world have only furthered the image of fagots as “just normal folks” somehow disserving of recognition and acceptance. 

The increasingly vocal and sick gay community infected with AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases, mixed with the growing numbers of disenfranchised drug addicts, homeless street people, left over hippies and other scum of humanity make up a small but terribly troubling and growing percentage of modern society. In a word, these groups, clamoring for public recognition and money, can be defined as  “dross,” the slag and the dregs of society.  Today, they represent much of the political left -naturally and forever opposed to conservative values. obama supporters all.......

These sad individuals are a troubling segment of our society. They, in the main, are bereft of  traditional values or mores. They stand for self-gratification at any cost. They are joined in the destruction of our culture by the millions of the disenfranchised, impoverished, criminal immigrants flooding into our country bent on  filling their bellies and pockets at our expense. All more potential supporters of the pandering leftist pols...

What makes a society successful is, at its core, the beliefs and values of the individuals who drive it. As Americans, we have a rich heritage to draw from. Our Christian work ethic, Constitution, Bill of Rights, body of common law, respect for individual rights, history, etc., all make up the laws, mores, values and customs that we, as parents, strive to pass on to our children.  To survive as a society our culture and ethos must be firmly implanted in the young. We are all ever only one generation removed from ignorance and slavery. No wonder so many caring parents have chosen to home school their kids or, if they can afford it, send them to private schools.

Restraints on sexual gratification are good. Measured Intolerance is good, love of country, parental love, all, are good and necessary for any civilization to survive. A culture or civilization that openly accepts homosexuality as normal human behavior is surely on the wrong course. Homosexual behavior, ipso facto, eventually destroys the family unit and hence, the society. A world of faggots is a one generation event...for that, I guess, we can be thankful.......

Flaming liberals tolerate gays, tolerate and encourage single sex marriage and the adoption of children by fagots or lesbians. Liberals are “hell-bent,” purposely or not, consciously or not, not on change for the better, but on the destruction of traditional civil society. Their reasons for this behavior are a mystery to all prescient individuals. Elections have severe consequences and today, Americans have seen how incredibly dangerous it was to elect an obama......... talk about buyers remorse!.

The bombastic hedonist argues that there are no concrete values, no moral certainty, nothing is sacred and truth is relative.  Their nihilistic message and the total absence of absolutes permeates their world like destructive acid eating away at our values. Popular culture, as exemplified and defined by the raging liberals, is the antithesis of the traditional, it promotes and accepts drugs, gays, self-gratification, etc., and is exemplified by the election and defense of politicians like Clintoon and the phrase, "if it feels good, do it? How sick is that?. 

We can observe the divisions in our society reasonably easily by separating those who believe in Clintoonisim and those who abhor him. Clintoonions love fagots, hate our Constitution and scoff at traditional values. They observe, in the main, no religion. Their children have no core values, Clintoon himself has no core values. He, his wife, and his entire administration, represented and continue to represent the very worst in our culture. They stand for nothing, believe in nothing and, at their core is a black hole ,devoid of decency and honor. The “LIE” was and remains their modus operandi and sole consistency. 

The traditional values that built America into the greatest and most powerful country on earth is under attack by the Clintooians and their sick ilk. The ALCU, Lesbian family court judges and other fellow travelers who have wormed their way into our courts, media and political system are perverting the law and trying to reshape our culture to fit their warped and diseased world view. 

They are systemically destroying what many wonderful generations of Great American’s fought and died to build. Up until the 50’s, America was in the loving and able hands of her builders. The Eisenhower generation, who defeated Hitler and the Japs and rebuilt the world, handed over the helm to 40 years of Liberal government. Kennedy destroyed our educational system by flooding white schools with millions of ignorant black kids. Johnson created his “Great society," wasting billions to build a welfare culture that emasculated the role of the Black males, destroying the Black family structure.

The schools have never recovered and test scores prove it. Today, many white kids ape the dress of  black prisoners, listen to vicious “rap” noise, desecrate their bodies with absurd tattoos, piercing their flesh with metal and resemble primitive tribesmen. Teachers refuse to take standardized tests and are only interested in their paychecks. They act more like prison guards than educators. Prayer, along with all religious references, have been removed and students, lacking moral checks, routinely kill their classmates. Weapons detectors and armed guards are stationed at many school doors. What a tragedy and all to pander for the black vote! Was and is it worth it? Instead of dragging them up to our level through example we have descended into their jungle. Today, black crime exceeds by far what it was in the 50's. the prison populations are fifty percent black and half of all black kids drop out of high school...... This is what the permissive society has delivered... This is where the filthy libs and their slimy ilk are driving us.

Between 1940 and today, we have “food stamps” HUD, OSHA, Family Leave, Huge Social Security deductions, Medicare, EEOC, Welfare, etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum. The Federal, State and Local bureaucracy in 1940 represented 2% of our population and today that has swelled to 20%. One out of every five are supported on the backs of the other four.  Federal, state and Local employees produce no taxable profits and no tangible goods. They are parasites on the backs of the real producers. If 50% were terminated tomorrow the business of Government would continue unabated and unfortunately, undiminished.

The worship of social diversity is a sickness wherein government attempts to force through legislation and prosecution, incompatible groups on each other in a ludicrous scheme that has served only to inflame class and racial hatred. The idea of forcing companies and schools to reflect racial societal composition is the product of  the flaming liberal agenda serving to utterly destroy our culture.

Right minded and decent people need to work together to preserve our way of life while there is still something left to preserve. The pernicious inroads of the far Left have the republic looking like a rotten Swiss cheese. America is a great country under siege from within and without. Our own institutions are attacking our basic supporting documents, principles values and beliefs. If even the Supreme court doesn’t know right from wrong we are in a sad way. Justice O’Connor’s opinion, supporting preference in admitting black students over better-qualified whites, was and is simply wrong. All preference systems are wrong. Affirmative Action is a flawed concept. There is absolutely no benefit to forcing unqualified students into association with the better qualified. The class will be held to the speed of the slowest student and there is nothing of value that the slow student can possibly contribute.  It is ludicrous to think otherwise. Imagine, we scream to high heavens about not profiling and, at the same time, hire and promote people with black skins over whites- This is beyond insane!

Laurence vs. Texas. Wrong! The Supreme Court has no constitutional basis for deciding morality. Common sense and the simple knowledge of right and wrong is all needed to understand that recognition by the courts of homosexual rights is an abomination in the eyes of almighty God and a perversion of the use of the Law. Fagots are sick and need treatment. They wish to claim to be genetically flawed with an untreatable biological propensity for homosexual behavior. This argument is designed to explain their aberrant behavior thus they are just dong what comes naturally. Fine, do whatever, but, do it in private. Do not force society to accept aberrant behavior as somehow the norm  for the benefit of a minority!

The vast majority of the heterosexual population has no sympathy for this argument and indeed, is disgusted by homos and wants nothing to do with them. Most of us want them all to quietly go back into the shadows and disappear. Clearly, this isn’t about to happen. The ACLU has actually dragged the Boy Scouts into court, demanding that the courts force them to accept faggots as scout masters. Can you imagine? Oh sure, that's what I want, let's send our young boys into the woods with a sicko who wants to bugger them! The imposition of social change by activists courts is widespread and increasing, especially as seen in the 9th circus.( (9th federal circuit) Now, thanks to obama, we have a "wise Latino" female sitting on our Supreme Court who's judgment is somehow superior to that of any white man...Jesus Christ! 

What to do? The solution is for the conservative right to band closer together to protect our values and families. We have to rid ourselves of the flaming liberals and homosexuals in the media, the courts and political arena. We have to work together through our churches and our political candidates to take control back from the wackos. We have to get rid of the residue of the 60’s and all the creations of the “feel good” generation. Every vestige of the welfare nanny entitlement state must be dismantled. Schools have to assign homework every night. As it is, few students in public schools have homework assignments. The schools have to begin to teach values and morals as they once did.  Let's put God back in the classroom! Now, there's an idea that will drive the ACLU nuts!

Our educational system is so designed that taxes levied on single family residences pay for a large part of public school taxes. This worked up until the 60’s. Today, the majority of the parents with school age children are living in apartments, paying nothing toward the education of their children. The answer to correct this gross inequity is to simply make these parents pay tuition. At $100.00 per month, per kid, the parents would certainly have fewer children and take a serious interest in the education of those they did have.  

Conservative values are based on absolutes and timeless veracities. The flaming libs believe such do not exist and that truth is relative and values have to change to fit the times. This is specious nonsense. Truth is truth! Those things that were true for the greatest generation of Americans ever (WW II) are true today as they were then.  We are “one nation Under God” as we were then and, if we are to survive, always will be. If we are willing to fight for what we know to be right, then, by the dawns early light, our flag will still be flying and not burning and trampled under the feet of the barbarians.  

Robert firth

Leon, Mexico

June 2003