Why fix it if it’s not broken? Well, clearly it is broken. Here’s what’s wrong. The US economy is 70% driven by consumer spending of which 50% is directly related to providing the basic needs of individuals. This leaves 20% of the consumer driven economic activity to be accounted for by those expenditures that are over and above those really needed- meaning that segment of the economy supported entirely by “disposable income.”

In our society, such things as medical costs, food, clothing, shelter, transportation, insurance, computers, internet connections, phones and electricity, etc., cover most categories classified as basic necessities.

What happens when money is tight and the population feels threatened with economic collapse, when people lose their jobs and have no savings or other means of support?  People in these circumstances feel depressed and miserable. They collect unemployment and any other benefits that may be available, they do not go on shopping sprees or vacations, they don’t spend money on new cars or hang out at expensive restaurants.

With real unemployment, (which includes the unemployable and chronically unemployed) at 10+%, meaning some 16 to 20 million are without jobs with more every day, you can most certainly expect the economy is going to come to a jolting halt! Imagine, every one of these individuals has a number of friends that may not have lost their jobs (yet) but they are influenced by those who have. At this level of unemployment the economy begins to cavitate meaning that there is simply insufficient cash circulating to keep the system working.

In these circumstances, stores close, businesses shut down, thousands get laid off and people most certainly stop spending on things they don’t need. Shops and stores offering un-necessary consumer items aren’t going to do well in this financial climate. People just don’t need $100 sneakers or gold jewelry. No one needs a Caribbean cruise or a $100 hair cut.

Simply put, you can’t spend what you don’t have and no amount of advertising for shiny baubles or urging by the government is going to change that. Consumerism, in a society such as ours needs an optimistic population, full employment and the availability of extra cash.

 Nearly everyone  has a car, we all have TV’s, cell phones, computers, clothes, apartments and homes. All of us have lots of toys and really, when you come down to it, most Americans are saturated with "stuff," consumer goods and really don’t need any more. Thorsten Veblen, the economist who coined the phrase "conspicuous consumption,” as a description of Americans at the turn of the century, would be horrified by today’s mass consumption. In fact, his was a savage, ironic and extremely erudite assault on the then current values- he would be beyond apoplectic today!

Contributing to the general dissatisfaction, we have a black radical president with an Islamic name releasing cutthroat muslum terrorists while passing out billions of our hard earned tax dollars to his black buddies and liberal supporters. We have another black guy appointed to run the justice department and the fat cats, both within and without government, are ripping off the system with gay abandon. 

Hillary clintoon, who, as her husband’s lawyer, helped steal millions from a savings and loan bank and then got the democratic machine to move her to New York so she could be elected to the US Senate, is now running the Department of State-  a position for which she has absolutely zero qualifications and no experience of any kind. Meanwhile, the entire world is laughing at us while our economy is crashing around our ears. In this kind of environment is it any surprise that public confidence has hit an all time low?

Many today understand that the financial hell they are going through is 100% the fault of the lib dems who passed legislation forcing the banks to make what they knew were bad loans. The CRA ( Community Reinvestment Act) was used by obama and ACORN to toss a legal monkey wrench into our banking system that predictably resulted in five million defaulted mortgages- the ground zero of the disaster. The American people, those capable of coherent thought, are beginning to understand very well who to blame- pin the tail on the donkey! 

What would it take to get the American economy back on track?  In my opinion, we need a national recall to rid ourselves of obama and his wacko Marxist, Commie radical pals. 

We need to shut down the idiots in congress and get rid of peloossee and Reid, however this can be done it needs be done immediately. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd along with Franklin Raines, et al, need to be arrested, tossed in prison and all their money  and, what 's the term, "clawed back" and placed into  the public treasury.  

Of course, none of these wonderful things will or can happen under the present system. We have to change! Not barry’s kind of change, my kind of CHANGE!  

The kind of inflammatory talk we hear today is similar to that heard in the years leading up the War for Independence. The Brits had been warned that their tactics were pissing off the citizens of the colonies- yet they persisted. No amount of discussion or argument had any effect on ole George ( King George III) and his narrow minded minions. The sole aim and purpose of Georgie boy was to milk the hard working Americans for all they were worth. They devised hundreds of ways to nickel and dime us at every turn, squeezing millions in tribute while contributing as little as possible.  

Of course, things eventually reached the tipping point and we took up arms-  defeating them. George understood (too late) that they had gone one step too far. The result was a musket ball between the eyes and a bayonet in the gut- they got that message and so would obama! Run barry, run peloosee, reid and the rest, run for your lives! Just as an interesting aside, what to you think would have happened had the British Government been prescient enough to confiscate all the colonist's guns before they started the taxing?  Maybe now you understand why the filthy libs want your guns.........think about it.

Today, tempers have reached the boiling and breaking point. The anger and hatred between the decent hard working conservatives and the filthy libs today likely exceeds that felt at Lexington and Fort Sumter.  The Tea Parties and town hall meetings across America showed the degree of anger and resentment of the middle class. For every one who showed up, there are hundreds who side with them. Remember, it is the middle class and small business owners who actually pay the taxes that the evil dems are sqandering and using to pander to their useless base.

So, what will it take to break the country in two and do we really want to do this? The following describes what the two countries might look like. Have a read and decide for yourself if you would like living in the new America or stick with nobama in the coming socialist America.  

On one side we would have all the conservatives, the 55% of the whites who voted against barry. These would include most of the religious right, the so called silent majority, most of the small businessmen and entrepreneurs and likely, most of the military along with the rest of the real Americans who hate barry and his socialist pals. The new America would have perhaps a population between seventy to one hundred million 

Where would the new America physically be? Likely, the dividing line, the new border, would be along the Mason Dixon line where the old south used to be during the first civil war. We would take our constitution and most of our founding documents, libraries, guns and money and tell barry to keep the “change”  Barry, and his dependant population sucking on the government tit along with  the silly sycophantic hyper-libs who worship his black ass calling him the new messiah, can sit in their new capital and figure out what to without us..   

Barry would remain in DC surrounded by millions of his African buddies and the radical Marxists working with him inside the White House. We would build a new capitol in the south. I predict that the New America would have a great chance to succeed. The country would follow the constitution, be 99% conservative with traditional values and our schools would allow Christian prayers and “Merry Christmas” would again be a common expression. There would be no muslum prayer rugs or foot baths for Islamic wackos in our schools, in fact there likely wouldn’t be any muslims period!  

Marriage, in the New America, would only be between a man and a woman and there would be no ACLU or any other kind of anti-American idiots to tie us up in our courts.  The Boy Scouts wouldn’t have to worry about homosexual predators suing to be scout leaders or any of the fatuous annoying liberal crap that we have all had to endure ad infinitum, ad nauseum! 

In the new America there would be no welfare or food stamps, our kind of people  don’t need or want handouts. There would be no public housing and, with 100% employment, we wouldn’t need any. No free lunch at the expense of others! Anyone using or selling drugs would be summarily shot- no questions asked! Criminals would be severely punished- no plea bargaining allowed. 

To vote in the new America, you would have to own a home and pay taxes. For every $1000 you paid in taxes you would receive one additional vote. If you graduated from a university of college you get an extra vote and anyone who served in the military would get an additional vote. The idea is to load the system such that the politicians (oh yes, unfortunately, we would still have them) would be forced to listen to those who have earned the right to influence the political system. 

The New America would be a constitutional republic much as we have today but with a few important differences. In this government the politicians would not be allowed to vote themselves raises and they would all have short term limits. There would be no professional pols sitting for decades, growing fat and corrupt at the public trough. We would have an elected president and the same two houses of congress, a Supreme Court, justice and State department. The military would still have a civilian at its head and the treasury would control the money supply. There would be no electrical college or gerrymandered districts in the new America. Politicians, including the president, would be elected purely by popular vote and, as a condition of citizenship, everyone, men and women, would serve two years in the military. 

There would be some other differences that I know you’ll love. In the new America there will be no Department of Education, No HUD, no DOE, no EEOC and none of the other 700 fatuous useless alphabet agencies cranked up over the last 50 years by the bloody libs to create make work jobs for their minority pals as long as they voted dem. 

The new American government would have a simple sales tax- no exceptions no deductions and no bloody IRS. There would be no estate tax and no sales tax. Each state would have property taxes and have to exist entirely within their budgets. The currency would be 100% based on gold and the federal government could only print money if there was  sufficient gold to support it. This system worked for years and it will again. 

Banks and insurance companies as well as the stock markets would work more or less as they do today except, with as little regulation as possible. One thing different or maybe not so, is that no one could buy a home unless they put 20% down and qualified. One other thing that we would establish is that litigation claims would be severely limited there would be no one suing McDonalds over spilled hot coffee…….that kind of crap would be left to barry and the liberal swine. Our people would take personal responsibility for their actions and learn from mistakes. No one falling off a ladder could sue the ladder company. 

Our energy would come from new nuclear plants and we would drill, drill, drill anywhere and everywhere to free ourselves completely from foreign oil. Anyone wanting to build solar plants or develop wind energy would be invited to do so but without public money.

In the new America the government doesn’t ever involve itself in the private sector. We would never insure mortgages or invent phony programs to force banks into making “toxic” loans. If a bank refused a loan- too bad, save more money, find another bank  or get a better job! Our citizens would live within their means and save as responsible individuals for their own retirement- no government funded social security in this country. 

Our borders would be secure. Our military and border police would rigidly enforce border protection. The southern border would be heavily mined and protected by armed human and robotic forces. The wall to seal the Mexicans out would be impenetrable. It would resemble the one the Israelis built to keep the mad bombers on their side of Gaza. In the new America, English would be the only language. There would never be a phone greeting telling you to “push 2 for English.” No one could even enter the country as an immigrant unless they were fluent in English. The Northern border would be equally protected to keep out the dangerous bands of criminals and misfits who would soon be roaming barry’s wonderful new world. 

Our state department would have normal relations with any country that was friendly. Any country imposing trade tariffs on our goods would have exactly the same tariffs imposed on theirs. No foreign aid would be sent to any country allowing their citizens to burn our flag or terrorize our citizens. Our policy would be immediate massive retaliation to any and all terrorist states. We would pull out of the UN and leave that wretched Islamic institution to barry and his sicko pals. They would very soon run out of money and likely disappear. 

So, now that we have designed a new country and moved ourselves in, what would the other side look like?  Obama and the silly libs would stay in DC along with the 50 million or so who voted for him. All the blacks and other welfare recipients would stick because if you don’t want to work you don’t want to live in the new America. The democratic congressmen would stay- no place for them with us. They would have the treasury and half the gold in Ft Knox. For a while things would go ok for them. 

Of course, the revenues from tax collections would fall to almost zero since the people who earned the taxable income all would have moved to the new America.

90% of the small businesses would be boarded up- they moved too. It would be difficult to find anyone to fix the roads bridges and electrical systems since most of the engineers and construction companies left. One thing that would really bother BHO is that the airlines would be mostly sitting idle because 99% of pilots are deeply conservative and, when their companies relocated to the new America, they did too. I even would go so far as to say the crews for Air Force one would also have left DC. I know for a fact that they actually despise him and hate having him on their aircraft. Many military men believe BRO to be an illegal imposter and Marxist community organizer who, along with his wife, hates whites.

In a few months, if not sooner, the old American currency would be sorely weakened due to inflation and devaluation. The exchange ratio with the new American money, backed by gold,  would be easily 100 to 1. The costs of living in barry’s world would begin to climb out of sight. Many food items would be unavailable and most things beyond the reach of his dark population. After a few years, a lot of the liberal whites in his government would see how stupid they have been and many would petition to move into the new America- but, you’ll be happy to know that most would be refused.  His creatures would crawl by the thousands into DC like the vermin departing New Orleans after Katrina, begging for the truck loads of Velveeta cheese that the government trucks would be handing out. 

One of the frightening realities of barry’s world is that the blue states and federal government would soon run out of money and will have real problems maintaining control in the vast old American prison system. In one of them, unfortunately, the one  barry put the 250 muslum terrorists he brought on to American soil after closing Guantanamo, the guards, having not been paid for months, walked away, allowing the prisoners to escape. The hundreds of muslum cutthroats raping and pillaging, captured several school busses filled with young kids and threatened to kill them all unless they were given arms and allowed to form a muslum state under sharia law.  

Barry “Hussein” of course, immediately capitulated after seeing the wackos holding the bloody severed heads of a few of the kids on a widely televised video. Now “new Babylon” as they named it, now exists in the middle of the old America as a refuge for all the Islamic wackos. So far, millions of muslums have flowed in as barry, predictably opened the borders to new immigrants from the middle east. As a further demand, barry was forced to hang a muslim flag next to old glory on the white house roof. So far, they are still holding about fifty of the young kids and rumor has it that they are being forced to attend a madrass to be converted to radical islam.  

Manufacturing in barry’s world has crept to a halt as the cost of materials and the prospects for selling anything for hard currency diminished. Of course, most of the manufacturing had left America long before due to unions and government regulations.  Barry would have no army as the military really do hate him and 90% of them now live in the new America. Whatever equipment his army, navy and air force have would begin to rust and fail. In five years, if not less, the old American military forces would cease to exist as any kind of effective force. Oh, I almost forgot, most of the toilets in barry’s world backed up and failed because “Joe the Plumber” and all his pals left! 

Life in barry’s utopia would soon become intolerable. His once happy constituents chowing down on food and beer bought with his kind of “change,” meaning our money, would be thin, hungry, angry and resentful. They wouldn’t even have money for drugs and of course, due to the border protection by the new America, no drugs could get in anyway. The twenty million newly legal Mexican voters would be even more unhappy. There would be few lawns to cut and the farmers, now all living in the New America, don’t want and are not allowed to import cheap immigrant labor. The people of New America do  their own work. All together, barry and his criminal gougers would be in pretty sad shape. 

I predict that within a few years, the old America would revert to a third world nation of miserable ignorant beggars and bums living on hand outs from the world food programs. Oh, yes, Noam Chomsky  along with 50 liberal Harvard professors were hung just outside of the Harvard yard by a huge gang of freezing starving Latinos who later cooked them up for lunch- Now that’s really poetic justice!  

Could this perfect solution actually happen and do so without overt violence such that America could peacefully divide itself into separate countries?  I doubt it. Like always, to have this kind of change would require violent revolution. Are we capable of making this happen? My answer is yes! In fact, I think we’re close to telling ole barry “enough!” Releasing the terrorists in Guantanamo and bankrupting the country with his absurd leftist socialist “stimulus” package, carbon taxes, absurd obamacare health plan and nationalization of the banks and auto companies  may be enough to spark the revolution . If we love our country and want to protect what we have worked for 200 years there is little doubt that the system needs drastic change- and not the kind that barry is looking for.


Robert Firth

Feb 2009