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Let me keep this short and sweet. God gave us all a brain, two arms and two feet. He meant for man to stand on his own legs and use his head to make his way. What liberalism has done is to cut the legs from under millions, making them dependant on government handouts, trading their votes for food stamps.

By liberals, I include all democrats, socialists, progressives, communists and fascists, all those squealing for collective justice and the like.  

To help a guy out when he’s down is fine. To get him back on his feet, like a wounded vet or someone who’s been in an accident, is noble and something no one can fault. This help needs however to be from the heart, by loving and decent people. It can not and must not be a permanent dole handed out by conniving, pandering politicians using money confiscated from productive citizens in exchange for votes.  

The libs in America have been, for many decades, slowly eroding the manhood of millions of what used to men. Today, America has possibly as many as seventy or so million dependent wretches who are so weak that they are totally unable and unwilling to stand on their own feet. Without this group of dependents the libs wouldn't be able to get elected to even a dogcatcher........ anywhere!


They bleat and demand the government provide everything. They demand free food, free housing, heating, cooling, spending money and free medical care. These miserable swine have no educations, many speak no English, many have hordes of equally useless children and, of course, none of them pay one cent in taxes. 

What the dirty dems have done is destroy America to gain their own filthy ends. They understood that the great weakness in any democracy was and is the belief in the one man one vote concept. They knew that if they could appeal to the wide streak of laziness in the human character, and, in the name of 'sweet charity', use public money to provide long term support for great masses, that, over time, they would become dependant on the handouts and eventually unable to leave the federal teat... They, the dems, have co-opted democracy and, in the process, destroyed our beautiful country...

Eliminate the support from these miserable millions and you strip the democrats of 100% of their support. Without these wretches, there would be no democratic voters.  

These weak swine are today are only empty husks of humans. They have no guts, no gumption, they lost their way in school, they know nothing, contribute nothing- all naught but dross. The libs, through their evil plans, murdered the spirit of these non-human bags of bones and flesh….Now, we all will have to pay for these crimes… for generations………..Perhaps, the monumental lib debt can never be repaid, perhaps we will have to support these millions forever, perhaps the libs have killed America… 

There’s no arguing the clear truth of the above! Liberals are purely evil!


Robert Firth

Spain, Oct. 2010