Libya and Egypt are all Obama’s


Too bad, no Bush to blame!


I, along with a few others, have always known that Islam is our ancient and sworn enemy and nothing will change this. Be careful in or amongst crowds and stay away from Muslim neighborhoods. In Dearborn MI, Muslims recently stoned Americans and many more, far more terrible, attacks by Muslim fanatics against Americans are surely coming… 

Obama, at terrific tax-payer expense, sent our pilots, aircraft and Navy into Libya under some UN monstrosity called “The Responsibility to Protect.”  This absurdity was put together by a Palestinian woman under the auspices of the PLO along with Kofi Anan ( past UN leader)  

Obama and Ms Clinton used this toxic thinking to justify sending the US Navy, into the Libyan civil war knowing full well that all the combatants (on both sides) were wild-eyed, frothing-mad Muslims who would sooner murder an American as anyone. This insane behavior shows clearly where Obama’s sympathies lie. To make it far worse, Clinton and Obama had not allowed the Marine guards to have live ammunition, so they couldn’t even defend themselves or our diplomatic staff and the Ambassador.

 In Egypt, Obama did the same, throwing Mubarak, who, as America’s 30 year friend and reliable ally, had managed to keep the lid on the evil Muslim brotherhood, another bunch of barking-mad, murderous Muslim dogs, under the proverbable bus.

 Obama likewise abandoned the Green Revolution in Iran, where the citizens tried to rise up against the totally insane, irrational Muslim bomb builders. He did this just as purposely and with the same malicious anti-American calculation as he facilitated the take-over in Cairo by the evil Brotherhood.

Now, on this anniversary of 9/11,  because of bamas ignorance, weakness and failed policies, the mad muslims are rioting, ripping and tearing, gnashing their teeth and frothing at the mouth as they dance and folic on the bodies of more dead Americans while ripping and burning our flag and our embassies. Libya and Egypt and the mass uprising across the whacko muslim lands are all on bama's hands. He can't blame ole George for this mess.

 Today, Israel has her back to the wall and still, Obama does nothing- preferring to allow the mad mullahs to build their WMD and use it to kill seven million Jews. This the mindset of the idiot sitting in our White House. What motivates Obama’s nefarious and obvious desire to allow the Iranians to build their bomb- what does he gain? When Israel attacks the Mullah’s bomb factories, as they must do, the many Iranian sleeper-cells already in America will rise up attacking and murdering Americans and WW-III, or something closely resembling it, will begin.. What then- Obama could declare marital law and cancel our elections, making himself a virtual dictator.  

 If this dire prediction doesn’t come to pass and Romney is elected, he will inherent a world gone wild and I don’t know how he can put it together again. We haven’t seen the worst of Obama’s dangerous dictates (executive orders form the imperial one) which will show up immediately he loses the election, during the so-called ‘lame duck’ period which is a terrible mistake. The little black Muslim from Chicago needs be thrown out of office immediately the election is called, along with the rest of the progressive and communist libs in congress. If Obama somehow gets a second term, America is finished…

 In a second Obama term, we could most assuredly see wars, food riots and chaos, business failures, massive unemployment or worse, along with financial destruction of the US Dollar and the liquidation of all private equity and savings.  This, I’m sorry to say, is exactly what Obama el al are after and have been from day one. In voting for Obama, America committed ‘suicide by election,’ just as did the Germans with little Adolf.