Consider: We're spinning west to east at 1000 mile an hour, tipping north and south 23.5 degrees while orbiting the sun at 66,000 mph. We're a space ship traveling 24 million miles every year. We have powerful ocean currents and a huge moon moving mega-billion tons of salt water while volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes occur everywhere. Our Earth's crust shifts daily while its molten core seethes at impossibly hot temperatures.

 In the temperate zones surface temperatures vary 30 degrees every 12 hours while a few miles up, 100 mile per hour winds zip along from the west. Somewhere every day, towering wet clouds move warm moisture into freezing altitudes over 50,000 ft dropping deluges and huge ice balls on everything below. Massive updrafts and downdrafts create conditions that can and have torn aircraft to pieces. Rouge waves over 100' high have flipped giant ships and massive waves have erased entire towns. 

We have freezing winters with blizzards, mild springs, blazing hot summers and cool falls. Every 12 months we see rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans freeze solid only to melt back into water. Volcanoes pour flaming lava into the oceans and Americas' largest national park sits on a quivering super volcano that is long past it's due date to blow. Yellowstone erupting would be an extinction event for much of humanity- likely no one within 1000 miles would survive and world temperatures would plummet for years.  

No one knows what will happen in 100 years. We barely can predict the weather even a few days in advance. The variables are unbelievably complex and no computer modeling can even begin to solve for X with any degree of certainty. The earth has been far hotter and far colder than it is today. Fifty million years ago the so-called greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere were enormously greater then today.  

Once there was 500' of glacier where New York is and the great lakes were dug from retreating ice mountains. Cow farts create more CO2 than all the cars, trucks, and aircraft in the world. Carbon however is the building block of all life. Carbon is a key component of all known life on Earth. Complex molecules are made up of carbon bonded with other elements, especially oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, and carbon can bond with all of these because of its four valence electrons. Carbon is, thanks to our creator, abundant on Earth. Eliminate carbon and you eliminate life! 

All fair minded individuals who have spent their lives studying these issues will tell you exactly that. Only bent liars like Phil Jones will argue otherwise blaming humanity for the imminent destruction of the earth. Phil, if you remember, is the so-called 'scientist for hire' at East Anglia University who was caught changing ten years of climate data while being paid by the UN to create the famous and phony "hockey stick" temperature prognosis which began the idiotic and totally debunked 'global warming' nonsense.  

Other charlatans like Fat Al Gore and the rest of the know-nothing idiots prancing around like Chicken Little squealing that the "sky is falling" make up the loyal numbers of the frantic tree-hugging vegen green team demanding that we, the rest of humanity, give up our cars, coal, gas and oil and buy bicycles or walk! Since ole Phil however they have changed their mantra- now screaming about 'climate change' instead of global warming. A few cold winters and some accurate data forced them to shut up and change their tune. They don't however give up easily. Copenhagen and Paris, along with climate conferences attended to by the ignorant but hopeful third world tyrants and others figuring to benefit financially (as always) are constantly pushing their crazed hysterical agenda, hoping that enough useful idiots can be found to go screaming into the streets pushing the developed world into giving up their lives and treasure.  Thankfully, with President Trump and his common-sense conservative administration running the show, such won't happen! 

Meanwhile as we sit, out in the universe massive asteroids, some as large as long island, are flying about at thousands of miles an hour. Any day we could hear about one heading for earth and there isn't anything we could do to stop it. Earth has been struck by such monsters in the past and likely will again. A big enough one can wipe out humanity. Such an event is completely unknowable and unpredictable until the object has been detected and its trajectory predicted. By that time about all we can do is grab a six pack, sit on the beach and wait for oblivion.  

The idiots and euro-trash socialist greeners are hysterically and stridently demanding the civilized world give up the perks they earned, wear paper clothes and cardboard sandals while handing our treasure over to the emaciated diseased losers and tyrannical criminals running the third world via the totally corrupt American-hating UN can stuff it! Not gonna happen! As it is, America sends more aid to impoverished idiots worldwide than all the other countries together- enough already!  

No one can predict the future in 100 years or even in 24 hours. Those if us who know that Pi isn't food are not going to 'go quietly into the good night' or anywhere we do not wish to! We are going to drill for gas and oil and ride about in jet planes. We are going to heat and cool our homes offices and buildings as we wish, eat steak and drive our big cars wherever the hell we want, when we want!

I however can reliably predict a bit of the future. My first prediction, which seems eminently possible considering the advances we have made over the last 200 years, is that, within 50 years, man will find an energy source that can begin replacing carbon based fossil fuel. Also, we will, over those same years, move away from reciprocating and even turbine engines to a yet unknowable form which can be harnessed to the new energy source. It is my belief that during those developmental years, the earth will nicely survive pretty much as it is! Assuming, of course, that Yellowstone doesn't blow and that the demented midget in Pyongyang doesn't blow us up and, of course, we aren't hit by a giant asteroid. :)

 Robert J Firth