So what is a shithole country anyway?



 The divisions between the logical conservative world view and that of the demented left has reached a point wherein the two conflicting forces can no longer peacefully co-exit. Not that we ever could! The division is primarily between those of us who see things as they are (for better or worse) and the rest who see things as they wish them to be (regardless of how unrealistic), the 'miserable people!'   

 The controversy over President Trump "allegedly" referring to some countries as "shitholes" is the perfect example. Let's begin there and we can expand our case as we move ahead. As one who has actually lived in 'shithole' countries, I believe that my knowledge far exceeds that of little Dickie Durband, demented Nasty Pelooosy or any of the shrill, bombastic, loony lefty media (the miserable people) as regards the definition of what a "shithole" country really is. 

Millions of us, standing on firm realistic ground, know perfectly well what a tragedy Haiti is and we don't have to go there to know that! From the photos, videos and reporting, as well as from the massive immigration from that diseased island, the message is clear- Haiti is a disgusting, dirty, disease ridden, hateful hopeless place where millions suffer from nutritional deprivation and live in filth and squalor!  

We also know what the 'Hutsies and Tootsies' did and do to each other so we don't have to go there to know that either. We have seen the horrendous conditions in hundreds of counties and we see millions banging on our door and sneaking across our porous border to come to America- all to mooch off our largess! 

If the population of these many sad places have to crap in the streets, drink dirty water live in hovels, suffer minimal nutrition have no health care and are denied education they are by definition shit people living in shithole countries. It is that simple! There is nothing that we or anyone can do about that! Facts are stubborn things - and these are facts! Live with it!

 The 1994 book, THE BELL CURVE, explains the profound differences in intelligence across the world. The fact is that generations of nutritionally deprived humans suffering from disease, malaise and lack of basic sanitation infest the borders of hundreds of countries wherein the leader class rape and pillage, stealing every possible dime, guaranteeing the continuation of inhuman conditions. The populations of these tragic places have not the intelligence to pull themselves out of the sewers their leaders have built and, even if they did, they don't have the strength. What Mugabe did to Rhodesia is a perfect example as is what the black communists have done and are doing in South Africa. These places define and disserve the name SHITHOLES!   

The phony outrage exhibited by the pompass lefties screeching about calling a spade as spade (as it were) is sickening and so obviously stupid that one doubts even they could be that blind to reality. Methinks they simply saw an irresistible chance to belittle President Trump, labeling him with their favorite derogatory term 'RACIEST'! It's hard to imagine that they actually believe their own absurd rhetoric- if they do, they're further down the proverbial rabbit hole than even I thought possible!  

One positive result of all this utter nonsense is that the gloves have come off - the Fabians have taken off the sheep's clothing. We now see clearly who the enemy really is. It does not matter what the lefties privately believe. I can guarantee you all that those pontificating from their lofty perches in government, academia or the media  live highly protected and  circumscribed totally urbanized lives with no chance of the dirt of the great unwashed soiling their precious selves. Few of them hunt, fish or camp, none have worn the uniform. All of these 'miserable people' enjoy, but none appreciate, the freedoms we (those of us who do and have done the fighting and dying) made possible. 

Further, to define the "miserable" people, the phony intellectuals, the pencil- necked, pontificating blowhards, squealing about that which they have no personal knowledge of, it's interesting to note a few identifying features:  

How many of the urbanized effete libs have physically hunted and killed anything- exactly none! ...unless we're counting flies and mosquitoes!  

How many have ever actually touched a cow, heard it breathe, felt its fur and smelled the aroma of a milk barn?  

How many have picked up a warm egg from under a laying chicken? 

How many have camped out under starlit skies and started a campfire?  

How many have sawed fresh timber and built anything, shingled a roof, hung a window, cranked and repaired a lawnmower, changed a tire, own or know how to use tools? Exactly- none! 

How many attend church and have a firm belief in, or knowledge of, Judio-Christian virtues? Exactly! 

These 'miserable people' who would rule us as the 'special Úlites' who know better about everything - in fact- know nothing about anything!  

Going back to the origins of these Godless swine to figure out who they are and where they came, and are coming from, one has to begin at the early days of the industrial revolution when millions of humans fled the farms for urban centers to fill millions of factory jobs. The universities at the time turned out some graduates who wanted to improve the lives of the 'oppressed' factory workers. Our old pal Karl 'the idiot' Marx was one of them. He and a few of his pals delivered the world the perfect recipe for deprivation, despair poverty, imprisonment and death on a massive and unimaginable scale- communism!

Whether one calls it communism, socialism, fascism, progressivism or collectivism, it's all exactly the same!  A few Úlites sit in the catbirds seat swilling champagne and munching on steaks while the rest slurp the slops.  

In America, we built a system of government that 'forces' the "miserable people" to hide their true druthers under a blanket (they don the sheep's clothing) lest we drive them from office. To usurp the reins of power they have to first get elected. That means they have to LIE! They have to pretend to be fair-minded normal humans wishing to advance the economy and better the lives of ordinary (not deplorable) people. In truth, they have no such desire! What they really and fervently wish is to murder or imprison all who are opposed to their sick views while imposing a harsh dictatorial regime with themselves remaining in control forever- exactly as they have done everywhere they have had the chance!  

As their hatred of Donald Trump has today gone far beyond the boiling point, erupting into blizzards of frothing mad barking, they, the 'miserable people," are jumping red-faced with the cords of their scrawny necks quivering! They stamp and howl, spitting their vindictive rhetoric in every direction! We see them for what they truly are and always have been! They have taken off the sheep's clothing! Pure evil! 

Now that the 'miserable people' have been exposed it's left to us, the reasonable, private sector conservative capitalists, to rid ourselves of the lot. We must force them from their ivory towers, castigate and kick them off the airways and the hell out of elective and appointed office. Their sniveling ass-kissing minions, the millions of federal workers snarfing at the public trough, must be drastically thinned. Do this and we can truly make America great! Fail and they win! I guarantee- you don't want that-ever!


Robert J Firth