The utter unmitigated stupidity of the Jews of Boca Raton.

 Can you believe it? After a year of seeing obama destroy America with more horrendous catastrophes to come; health care, Crap and trade, immigration, VAT, higher taxes for all,  the foolish Jews in Boca voted for another Jewish lawyer named  deutch, a committed communist* obama lover who admitted he would vote for the health care bill even though he never read it.  

The choice was a loyal and patriotic American,  Ed Lynch, who opposes everything that pelooose, reid and nobama have done and are trying to do to destroy our lovely country. 

Nobama has thrown our only friend in the middle east, Israel, under the proverbable bus and still, knowing this, the idiots voted for the commie! Supposedly, Jews are thought to be intelligent intellectual individuals but this vote shows that such is not the case. They live in America, almost all born here yet, they really donít understand America. They enjoy our freedoms ( paid for with our blood) but they donít really understand them. 

To witness the unrelenting destruction of freedom under the black muslimís administration and still vote for a man who supports more of the same is impossible to understand! How could they? Is it that Lynch wasnít a Jew? Maybe, but there has to be more. ( SEE )

Wexler, another communist, forced to quit after it was shown that he lived in Maryland, won this 19th precinct six times in a row with a steady 66% of the vote.   Yesterday, the new commie won with the same percentage.  

To say that Iím disappointed is a blatant understatement. Iím, outraged! Iím disgusted and distressed! That such an educated electorate would support obama after seeing what heís all about is sickening! Anyone who supports this community organizing Marxist doesnít disserve to call themselves an American. 


Robert Firth

April 14th 2010



* I define anyone who supports obama 's agenda as a communist, Marxist, socialist and an enemy of freedom and America