We in America are watching the final days of a 50 year process to destroy of our economy and our country. Obama and his minions will finish the white middle class……They, the libs, lefties, bleeding hearts, dems, commies, socialists and America haters have filled the welfare rolls to over 50 million. Over the last 50 years, the libs packed the bloated federal government with 18.5 million loyal voters all supported by gainfully employed tax payers. The libs in congress forced banks into making bad loans to millions of totally unqualified borrowers creating the ground zero of the world’s greatest financial debacle. All of us have lost half of our homes values and half our savings. Now they are printing trillions in counterfeit money and monetizing our own debt. This will erode the value of whatever we have left.


They ( the libs)  opened the doors to legal and illegal millions, none of whom brought with them money or college degrees ……. few spoke English and all invaded our hospitals, schools and burdened social services. Many committed murder and other crimes.…Of course, when able, they will also vote for the party of  “more.” …..


I hardly recognize my own country………The lesson is don’t ever let the libs take over your country…Don’t ever feel so sorry for the downtrodden poor. Don’t take their pride and desire to better themselves away from them by providing the 'soft life'….as we did in America……… Dangle the carrot and make them want a better life so badly that they will do anything.. make them study. Make them sweat and make them work……..never, ever, give them their daily bread…no matter how sorry you feel for them……..Don’t make the mistakes that we and the Europeans have………and, most importantly…… don’t ever let one of them rise to a position of power……..as we did here………..



Robert Firth