One has to wonder what is it that Obama, Cass Sunstien, his wife and the rest of the whack job progressives et al, actually want? What does pelooseee, reid and the rest of the lib nut cases following the mad horn-tooter down the road to liberal purgatory actually want? What is their vision of the brave new world that they have been, for decades, so desperately trying to create?

 Is their end-game merely socio-economic parity, a society wherein everyone is equally impoverished and equally ignorant? America is a diverse country with a huge percentage of disadvantaged, ignorant wogs of varying species. We have 40 million ex-Africans and another 30 odd million Hispanics.  Obama is bent on moving 200,000 or many more so called Syrian refugees into our country and some say he's flying them here in the dead of the night and distributing them all across America. Each one will cost taxpayers $100 per day per person for the rest of their lives. The costs include the enormous administrative costs in handing out the goodies. God help us if this is true!

 Half of the fifty or so million already here are functionally illiterate, with ninety percent living below the poverty line. Most, under the lib’s massive nanny-state entitlement programs, receive various benefits, food stamps, free housing, free medical care, free obama phones and represent over 50% of our two million prisoners. Nine-nine percent of these wretches pay no taxes and provide no significant benefit to society. Like it or not, believe it or not, such is the truth! One can argue effectively that fully half of the 300 plus million Americans are useless dross dragging the rest of us down into the proverbial porcelain vortex.  

Fifty years from now, here’s how historians might look back on what used to be America and western civilization:    

 The socialists, way back under Eugene Debs, joining with the American communists and labor unions, coalesced over 70 years into what is today the American progressive movement.  Under Obama, the so-called normal democrats were compromised in the early months of the administration into passing a 2700 page intrusive health care program that served only to further bankrupt an already fragile economy. Huge taxes and burdensome regulations were foisted on individuals and businesses and industry. 

 With the spiraling debt and deficit, the treasury ran the presses around the clock, printing literally tons of 'counterfeit money' to prop up the sinking system.  The liberal press, with groups like Moo-On and the far left supporters of Obama, tried their best to cloak the anti-freedom Obama machinations, hiding their evil intent from the citizens until it was far too late. 

 With increasing attacks by crazed muzzie sleepers and unavoidable bankruptcy, the country finally collapsed, chaos ensued, amid months of rioting and general mayhem. Cities burned and the administration declared martial law.  Elections were cancelled and a country-wide armed uprising by the white middle class under the banner of the tea party was brutally squashed by an overwhelming force representing Obama's private army under the Dept of Homeland security.. .

 Today, the federal government reigns supreme. All forms of private enterprise have been taxed or regulated out of business. The word entrepreneur is frowned upon. No one has seen one for years. Seventy-five percent of the work force has government jobs. Most manufacturing and private employment long ago moved to China and India. The dollar has become a functionally valueless currency with the international price of gold being in the area of $10,000.00 an ounce.

 Even by 2025, the American economy is virtually non-existent. No one has started a new business in the USA for years. The stock market closed long ago and Wall Street is vacated. The only banks still in business are government controlled. 

 Thousands of food trucks deliver Velveeta cheese to millions across the land. Most state governments have ceded control and power to the feds. The old state capital buildings are now infested with federal scalawags.   

The constitution has been moved into dusty dark vaults, well out of the public’s sight and mind and  far from their collective memory. Of course, no one has been able to reed the founding documents as cursive writing hasn't been taught since 1998. The history books have been revised and, in fact, American history, since 2010, is no longer taught, along with geography, in any of the public schools. A government edict in 2018 ordered that all the private schools be closed. 

 The obama domestic military force has taken over from the local police which the towns, cities and states could no longer afford.  Obama military trucks and vehicles roam freely in every corner of the country.  Thousands of older citizens die every day, stacked in triaged facilities filled for years far beyond capacity. Half of all the doctors have long since fled the country before they were stripped of their passports by the imperial black president. In this America, no one is permitted to travel. Beginning with the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, all forms of public communication unfriendly to the government was removed from the airways and the internet hasnt existed for 20 years. 

By 2017, Imports stopped arriving at American ports as there is no longer money to pay for such goods. The Government supplies its needs with dwindling supplies of gold. No one accepts the dollar for goods or services. What food there is comes from local Government farms and some international aid. In the early days of the Obama amnesty program the number of Latinos flooding into the country reached over fifty million. Many joined the muzzie fighters who began openly attacking Americans following the destruction of Israel and Iran in 2019. In massive retaliatory uprisings, millions of Latinos and Muslims were shot by American patriots, more starved and many of the survivors returned to Mexico, which today, is ruled today by powerful war lords who turned that sad country into feudal camps. The Mexican drug business no longer targets the US as there’s no money to pay for the pleasure of becoming a needle infected addict.   

None of the large American food stores survived, there are only fed stores exchanging whatever remains on the mostly bare shelves for the ubiquitous food stamps. Federal taxes on Wal-Mart were tripled back in 2018 forcing even that giant retailer into bankruptcy. Today, Wal-mart is thriving in India, China and other countries worldwide.  

With the absence of any way to pay for tickets, there are no functioning airlines and no private flying in America. Fuel is available solely for government vehicles and a few official aircraft. Public transport consists of only a few battered busses operating in those cities that had a transit system. Everyone else walks or rides bicycles.   

All private TV stations are long gone, leaving only the voice of Feds on the airways. Obama mandated that all his subjects listen to his Fidel like four hour diatribes which are broadcast weekly. The internet is a fading memory. Few private homes have electricity. The only power stations still working are some old nuclear generators manned by government workers. With the collapse of the economy the national grid system gradually disappeared.   

Those citizens prescient enough to divest themselves of stocks and invested in Gold are today penniless. Twenty years ago, the feds stripped them of their precious metals under threat of death for hoarders and profiteers. Only Federal officers and Islamic officials are permitted to own gold and private automobiles.   

America is under martial rule. Those congressmen agreeing with Obama remain in office for life along with the rest of the mostly black federal employees. Elections have long been suspended and Obama, now in his eighties, remains, like Robert Mugabe, in the white house. The American flag no longer flies over the president’s residence and, in fact, it’s a capital offence to fly it. The new national flag is a red crescent on a blue background designed by C.A.I.R., the Islamic organization based for many years in Washington. Christmas and Easter holidays have been declared offensive to Islam and eliminated. The last Forth of July celebration was in 2016.  

The US Military was disbanded in 2025 due mostly to lack of funding. All the weapons and materials were turned over to the Dept of Homeland Security, which is today staffed with several million blacks loyal to Obama. The Pentagon was handed over to CAIR where the Islamic flag replaced the American flag and several thousand ISIS troops work to insure submission by all Americans.

 Local law in America is governed by Islamic Imams who set up Sharia courts in every city and town throughout the country. All Christian and Jewish churches have ceased to exist, outlawed by executive order. Only mosques are allowed under the new regulations promulgated by hussian Obama. American Jews were rounded up in 2015 and today, are locked in concentration camps somewhere in Utah. All Christians now have to convert or pay a special infidel tax to the local mosques. All American children are forced into the Islamic schools where they study only the Qu’ran.

 Israel completely disappeared in 2017 under a radioactive cloud released by dozens of nuclear bombs exploded on forty Iranian ships running the Gaza blockade. Eight million Israelis died within a few weeks along with half the Palestinians. The entire area remains today uninhabitable and will remain so for another two hundred years. Documents have surfaced showing that Obama secretly encouraged Iran and, after the destruction of Israel, he openly joined in the celebration with the other Islamic countries.  

Iran was vaporized in retaliation by the Israeli Air Force who, before running out of fuel with no place to go, dropped over three hundred mega ton weapons on every Iranian city and town. It is estimated that fifty million Iranians perished outright and, over the last two decades, all remaining life in the area has been completely eradicated.  

 When the bombs went off in Israel, thousands of Muslim sleepers exploded into action in the US and across Europe, bombing, murdering and terrorizing. In the US the Obama government of course refused to take any effective anti- terrorist actions, and in fact, evidence that elements of the administration (Dept of Home Land Security) actually provided assistance and arms to the Islamic fighters has since been discovered. The Tea Party patriots had had enough and developed effective fighting units. By 2019 they had captured and immediately killed many of the marauding Muslims and it was this successful vigilante action that enraged Obama, driving him to declare martial law, ordering his domestic military to destroy the freedom fighters.  

Europe, by 2025, lay in ruins under dark clouds of massive radioactive bombs loosed by Turkish, Pakistani and other Islamic terrorists flooding out of the European cities and attacking their hosts. None of the European countries, except Switzerland, survived. France was the first to go with the late president being hung from a lamp post by thousands of raging Muslim youths. The French police, receiving no orders, laid down their arms, refusing to defend their country. Paris burned and today is uninhabitable. Islamic terrorists blew up the statues, churches and bridges. Millions of White French citizens starved and, with the return of the black plague, following the years of fighting, only a few Europeans have survived. Britain hangs on after millions of Muslims were subdued and killed by mostly retired UK military personnel. Today, the Brits are rounding up thousands of marauding Muslims, shipping them offshore in old barges and ships which are set to explode once safely off shore.

 Texas seceded in 2020, establishing a new country under the old American constitution. Half of the former American military joined the Texas National Guard which today, represents the strongest fighting force on the North American continent. They are engaged in continuous battles against Mexican war lords which have reclaimed California, Arizona and much of the former American southwest. The northern border in Texas is closed and fortified with no one from the Obama side of the old America allowed entrance.

 In Obama's progressive America, all food, clothing, shelter and medical care is provided free of cost but with vastly inferior products and surly poor service. All who want jobs are hired by the Federal Government and paid in ration coupons and food stamps. By 2025, the progressives have all possible power and finally ‘fundamentally transformed’ America into the vision they always wanted. Welcome to the USSA, a remarkable duplicate of the old Soviet Union!

 The future is difficult to predict but it is clear that the Obama regime is slowly failing. They have, just as did the USSR, almost run completely out of other people’s money. When the supreme ‘great anointed ruler,’ as he likes to be referred to, finally passes it is envisioned that his administration will soon follow him into the sewers of history. The President of New America in Texas has often said his aim is to re-conquer  old America, restoring sanity and re-establishing the rule of the constitution. Most of the few remaining whites suffering under nobama’s black Islamic republic would certainly support him.

The lessons of history are always the same. Elections have consequences and America committed suicide by electing the Marvelous Muslim Marxist from Kenya. All those whites who voted for him, especially the American Jews, had the rest of their miserable lives to consider the stupidity of what they have done………….By 2020, in the last national poll ever conducted,  his popularity had fallen to below 10 % but, by then, it was, of course, far too late………….