Beginning in 1776, America began building the greatest country the world has ever seen. Even now, it is an economic powerhouse that’s the envy of the world. Our society offers incredible opportunities for all who are educated and ambitious. America fought two world wars. We beat the Nazis and the Japs in a vicious four year fight that touched every corner of the world. We liberated Korea from the communist north- we defeated the Soviet Union in a bitter cold war that went on for more then 50 years.  America was, and remains to some extent, the best country in the world, a place where most of the world’s population would move to if given the chance.


 What was the key to our success as a people and as a nation? I submit that it was due in no small part to the Judeo-Christian work ethic combined with the American “can-do” spirit. America was built primarily by Europeans immigrating here to begin a new life. These wonderful people brought with them a shared Christian religion and similar morals and ethics. “If it’s broke- let’s not whine and cry- fix it!”


 One of the more important of these common morals was the exhibited in the strength of a man’s word. Today, many of us still honor this important characteristic. In the days leading up to 1960, most Americans felt “duty bound” to honor their commitments. The saying that “a man’s word was his bond’ was an expression well understood and generally taken for granted by the vast majority of those Americans descended from European stock.


 A man was measured by the strength of his character which meant, among other things, his commitment and ability to do exactly what he said he would do. Of these traits can be included the implied promise that we will show up at our place of work every day and do our level best in every way we can. Those of us who adhere to this ethic are motivated to do more than just the minimum- we try to excel and are often rewarded for our efforts. One of the essential characteristics of the successful is their commitment to go beyond the minimum necessary to just get by.


 Of all the elements of character, perhaps the most important is captured in the word “trust.” Trust implies honesty which is intrinsic to the success of the American capitalistic system and central to the success of the country. We, as children, were taught by our parents and family the importance of being trustworthy and honest in every way. The inculcation of ethics and moral behavior in our children is a function of the family and cannot be passed off to state run schools or society in general. In no way whatsoever does it “take a village” to raise children to grow into productive, decent and trustworthy human beings.


 Perhaps the relevance of the element of “trust” in human affairs is most dramatically shown when someone provides another with credit. Whether this be the purchase of a car, home or only a $20.00 charge on a credit card. Credit lies at the core of American economic success. Credit is extended when a phone company installs a line in your home. The bank that pays the seller of your home and then extends you a mortgage allowing you to live in the home in exchange for paying a monthly payment over many years is perhaps, for most of us, the largest “trust” based transaction that any of us will ever enter into.


 Until the liberal democrats in Washington, pandering to their disenfranchised constituents,( see www.libs-stink.us, who screwed us)  using our money to buy their votes, forced the American banking system to extend what they knew were to be bad loans, American mortgages were one of the very best investments anywhere in the world. Those of us raised to be dependable, honest and responsible individuals make our monthly payments like clockwork. We never miss. We exemplify that most important characteristic of a developed society- we are “trustworthy.”


 To be “trustworthy” implies also that you are “loan-worthy.” You live within your means and don’t over-extend your commitments beyond your capabilities.  In short, you are a responsible and intelligent person imbrued with an internal system of checks and balances governed by a set of morals and ethics learned from your parents and necessary to the successful continuation of any human society. For many years bankers knew who you were and because of that they trusted you with other people’s money. The Great American mortgage market was and, to an extent remains today, utterly dependant on the element of “trust.”


 The breakdown in the American financial markets, which has driven the entire world to the brink of collapse, can be directly attributed to a breakdown of the element of trust which is a reflection of the lack of governing morals and ethics entirely and solely exhibited by those individuals who failed to live up to their obligations. It is not possible for the defaulting individual to escape his responsibility or to hide behind some convenient scapegoat. Had the millions of the owners of the foreclosed homes made their payments like the rest of us none of the current problems would have occurred.


 Ok, so why did all this happen and what can we do about it? Let’s face it, American society has changed since the 50’s when the majority were of European decent with hundreds of years of civilizing history behind each and every one of us.  The responsibility for the catastrophic collapse of the American banking and mortgage markets can be laid entirely in the hands of the liberal democrats who engineered the greatest social change ever seen in any country by allowing millions of uneducated third world immigrants to come to America. For over 40 years, they handed out to these wretches billions of the tax paying citizen’s money creating a permanent welfare society who were and are encouraged and rewarded for indiscriminate breeding. 


 In the early days of the twentieth century no Americans sat on their front steps waiting for the welfare check. In those days it was work or don’t eat! Remarkable how such a fact sharpens ones focus. Before being invaded by 100 million or so non–Europeans, we built roads, bridges, homes, buildings- incredible feats of engineering and enterprise. New companies sprang up everywhere. We fought two world wars and then kicked the commies out of North Korea. America was on the move- but, by the early 60’s the seeds of our destruction were already fermenting beneath the surface.


 Vietnam! America wanted to stop the communists in North Vietnam from overrunning the southern part of the country and perhaps into Thailand and beyond. Communism was a powerful world force threatening the free world. In every communist country no western products were allowed- they created closed markets enslaving millions.


 Communism, like socialism, was and remains a vicious dictatorial system of government where the top dogs (party elite) live like greedy pigs while the slaves (everyone else) eat kasha. The party takes over the ownership of everything- all the houses, building, roads, banks, rail lines, shipping, etc. Everything belongs to the state meaning the party leaders split it up and get to spend all the money. The citizens are converted to slaves of the state and get paid maybe $20.00 a month in worthless non-convertible money. We, of course, know all this, so why bother to rehash the failures of that system?


 In Vietnam we were trying to stop a communist government from taking over a non-communist government and to do this required force. No communist form of government will easily or willingly stop trying to expand without the application of force. Life in the soviet era countries is so intolerable that without creating external enemies to blame the pitiful conditions on no communist government can long survive.  So, the crooks at the top often expand into neighboring countries- rob their resources and enslave their citizens- The expansion of North Vietnam into the south was exactly that!  


 America sent her young soldiers to Vietnam. These spoiled kids,  products of the of the 60’s permissive culture, were raised by parents, whose souls, burned by WWII and Korea, created a soft life style for their children giving them whatever they wanted. What the kids didn’t get from their families they found on the street- sex, drugs and rock and roll. Somehow the centuries of discipline, morals and the western ethos of the previous generations didn’t get passed on as well as previously- proving again that we are always only one remove from the abyss of ignorance. The kids of the 60’s weren’t about sacrifice, patriotism or work- they were into living on their parents money, given or stolen, hard and soft drugs, sex and screeching noise they tried to call music.  In short, the kids and soldiers of the 60‘s sure weren’t the American men who fought the Nazis, Japs and Commies. The “greatest generation” they weren’t! Probably, it’s fair to say that they were and are today, the worst generation of useless buggers ever raised by any country anywhere in the world.


 Let’s talk a little about how we got into this mess and who’s responsible. When these sad sacks finally grew up and got into positions where they were managing things- they of course, created images after their own weaknesses, meaning they hired others who were as much like themselves as possible. Drug users, which was just about everyone, Clintoon and nobama for example, who are both admitted liars and users, ran for public office. Homosexuals, both within and outside of government, hired other homosexuals and then stated calling themselves “gay.” The US State department is full of queers and we even have a barney frank in congress, a lisping faggot who’s into little boys- but, the liberal press- doesn’t talk about that. The American people keep electing pitiful reprobates like frank and the surviving kennedy who let his gal friend drown while he ran off to salvage his sterling reputation.

 These guys obviously are without morals or ethics. They are liberal politicians………..


Imbrued with the pathetic spineless belief systems of the 60’s, they epitomize the anti-American weak sisters created during the years of the Vietnam protests.  The “feel-good” generation- if it feels good do it! This lazie-faire philosophy, which is being taught in many of our best schools, is a corrosive disease, eating away at what’s left of the guts of the American Psyche.

 There are millions upon millions living in America who have no idea who Thomas Jefferson was- more who have never read the Constitution. (or much of anything else) The vast majority of those millions who defaulted on their home loans know absolutely nothing about the history of this great country and don’t care. There are fifty million people living in America receiving some kind of hand-out from federal, state or local Governments.  In these numbers I am certainly not counting those who receive Social Security- these people paid into the system and disserve to get their hard earned money back.


The liberal politicians have purposely created a vast waste land of dependant and uneducated humans who share absolutely nothing in common with the Great Americans who built the country. These creatures of liberalism, for the most part, are completely ignorant of and devoid of the ethics and morals shared by the generations of Anglo Saxon Christians who contributed everything and are responsible for the incredible success of America.


The democratic base is 90% dependant on these 50 million “dependant voters” to remain in power. Let’s examine who they really are and why they support the libs? First, except for the narrow percentage of so called educated (elite) liberal democrats, like Noam Chompsky, Richard Reich, George Soros and 90% of the media, most of the nobama voters are poor porch sitters living on government largess. They receive food stamps, live in government housing, get free medical care, pay no taxes whatsoever and never have. Of course, when the “man” promises you a few more bucks in the way of a “stimulus:” or some such vote buying pandering gimmick, and especially when that man is the same color as you, it’s no contest! The old white guy and his young gun totting gal never had a chance with this group.


The majority of those who defaulted on their home loans are obama voters. The “change” they voted for is more money from the besieged American business community and the equally stressed middle class. They really don’t understand that this once great country is likely doomed to slip into a cold grey socialist future and they could care less. Most of them have no idea what socialism even means. 


In overwhelming numbers the five million “toxic loans” that destroyed the financial community were given to blacks and Latinos who were predictably “tricked” into accepting adjustable rate mortgages requiring little or no down payment and no qualifying. Most of these pathetic individuals could barely make the reduced interest only payments on the 1% tickler rates their loans started with. Few of them ever actually read the terms and conditions of the notes. Most couldn’t read or comprehend such complex documents even if they were disposed to somehow try.


Sadly, 99% of these obama supporters hold no regular jobs and those that do are generally employed by democratically engineered government work programs like , the EEOC, HUD and OSHA, etc.  The democrats have created over 700 new agencies that today employ over 18 million loyal federal employees who of course vote for “change” whenever they are called on to perform. Each of these superfluous agencies came to life via democratic and lefty proposals under a vast 50 year old plan to build a “loyal constituency.” In 1946 there were only 63 federal agencies and we would be far better off if it had remained that way. Probably you didn’t know but today, 20% of the working population of America, some 30 million, are parasites employed by Federal state and local governments producing nothing of taxable value.


 So, maybe we can accurately call most of those born after WW II the “entitlement" generations.  As a group, they have no knowledge of our history and don’t care, Many of them blame America for everything and most of them have never and would never put on a uniform and fight for their country. They are the users and the takers- led by those devoid of moral clarity who see the world through greedy selfish eyes-. people like the Clintons, the Kennedys and the nobamas.


 To envision how terribly far we have fallen from who we were, contrast George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Lincoln with the likes of a nobama and clintoon. Put barney frank and chris dodd up against John Adams or even Harry Truman and you’ll se what I’m getting at. The comparison is shocking and sickening. We have fallen so terribly far in the last two generations- 60 years of abuse at the hands of the filthy progressive liberals and their ignorant followers.


But wait, isn’t it possible that the far left only wanted to make things better for the underclass- to give them a better life and ease their pain? Maybe they really and truly felt that by paying black women more money for each new black baby, but only if there was no man in the house, somehow this would turn their life around- make them want to go back to school, study and raise their social consciences?


Can’t we give them a pass for making a few small mistakes in their social engineering efforts- after all, they did arrange for millions to get free medical care, live in free housing and let’s not forget the food stamp program which has certainly grown to an immense size, providing free beer and twinkles for their loyal supporters. So, isn’t all this good? Shouldn’t our patriotic democratic leaders get the credit for all this- after all, without them nobama would never have been elected and they wouldn't have the black messiah to lead us into the dawn of the age of American socialism- would we?


 Of course, with 50% of blacks failing to graduate from high school and 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, the demise of the nuclear family and the rise of the latch key kids, we can’t say that family life has improved much under the tender ministrations of the super-libs, can we? Most of the families receiving social services are drug users and across the country gang membership has risen alarmingly, prison populations in America exceed those even of the worst days of the soviet empire. Social programs are bursting their seams and with 20 million illegal’s contaminating and burdening our hospitals and schools, with no end in sight, the liberal system is about as broke as it can get. Many of the “blue” states are bankrupt and crime ridden. I think we can safely conclude that all the social engineering programs emanating from the libs over the last 50 years are miserable failures.


 I would argue that Bush was probably our last real American president. Bush was a pilot who flew highly maneuverable jet fighters into the night skies alone and successfully. He didn’t fly in combat but he did fly. Being a pilot, I know how difficult that is and what kind of a man can do it and who cannot. Bush fought the Islamic wackos, killing as many as he possibly could. Bush forced the FBI and CIA into cooperating on vital intelligence. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA. After 9/11 Bush kicked the hell out of the Taliban and rid the world of Sadam Husain.  Since 9/11, on his watch there has not been a single successful terrorist attack in America. In this we have lost less than 5000 of our soldiers. Think about that! In the single Civil War battle of Gettysburg, the total casualties on both sides was 51,000. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Of course, those who hate Bush will do so no matter what- blind hatred is of course stupid but then again it’s to be expected from anyone who voted for nobama.

In 2009, it is entirely likely that nobama will squander billions and even trillions with his absurd social plans. The past squealing of the black caucus for white reparations, (payments by whites to blacks for suffering under slavery) will seem like a pittance after nobama gets through with us.  Also likely is the passage of an amnesty bill that will allow all 20 million illegal Latinos to vote in the next election. This alone will guarantee that no conservative will ever be elected president in America ever again!


So, what do we have? Fifty million sad sacks receiving government benefits, thirty million on food stamps, millions packed into tax payer provided housing. Few, if any of them, are employable or ever will be. The vast majority of these people can’t tell you where Iraq even is and few of them know what’s written in our constitution or even care. They have no morals or ethics, they have no personal compass to judge right from wrong and the young are increasingly violent. As a group they will vote for increased benefits and support any panderer promising more. These bad boys don’t pay their bills, they deal in drugs and crime. The only good news is that today, none of them will ever again in this life be given any kind of credit- no home loans ever for these useless obama lovers. The exposes of ACORN most certainly demonstrated the moral vacuum of the American blacks and the community organizations that lead them.


The country today is divided as never before. On one side, we have the peloosie, boxer, reid, barney, dodd, schoomer, and the nobama Chicago crowd. On the other, real American patriots, the soldiers, the entrepreneurs, men and women of courage and vision- men and women like General David Petraeus, Glen Beck, Oliver North, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and many, many more. The libs are frankly an embarrassment to real Americans- they are a scurvy mix of low life pandering scoundrels and weasels, feeding off the tax payers and leading the country into oblivion.  America has changed. We have separated into two philosophically distinct countries who frankly detest each other with a vehement visceral depth of animus that far exceeds our differences during the civil war.  No one can doubt that the future is grim. No one can argue that the character of the millions of dependant, useless, dross feeding off the American taxpayers, squatting in America are devoid of all traditional American values. The weak liberal leaders of today are only a reflection of the people who elected them- they deserve each other………


Robert Firth

Panama, 2009