I don’t believe in one party or another.. I’m not much of a political person.. What I look at is what and where my interests lie…… What is the best course to live my life by and what is the best way to govern a people…..


I know for a fact that a welfare nanny state is the wrong path for America….. Why especially America?


Well, it’s because we are very, very different from Europe…. I lived in Europe for 6 years and got to see welfare states up close…… In Switzerland , Sweden and most of Scandinavia for example, the populations are highly similar……they are all white, well educated, share highly similar educations, share the same body of knowledge as regards history, especially the history of their respective countries…and, most importantly, they are all relatively intelligent.  In short, they are homologous ……


In those countries, the people voted themselves a lot of government benefits that their governments provide.. For example, if a woman has a baby, the state sends a "nanny nurse" to stay with her for 6 months at no cost to the family.  The social benefits are numerous and expensive. They are all paid for by the citizens who voted for each one of them…. As a group, they are all relatively happy with the way things are.. and, here’s the key fact, they all receive benefits that they all pay for.


In America, we are not homogeneous by any means. We are a divided, diverse population and, in the vast majority of cases, those who are forced to pay for the social benefits are decidedly not the group who receive many of these benefits. 99% of all government welfare benefits in America go to people who don’t won’t, can’t and have never paid for them…..


That serves only to further divide the country. Those who are taxed highly resent it and those few benefits we do receive are ones that we were taxed to pay for all of our working lives. The health insurance legislation presently being debated threatens to take billions from Medicare (which we did pay for) to pay for coverage for the uninsured ( great unwashed) who have never, and  will never, pay for it….Those of us who resent this do not believe that health care is the business of the Government.


Unlike Europe's smaller countries, America is a heterogeneous country. The people receiving the benefits often don’t speak English or, if they do, it’s a form of Ebonics that makes them mostly unintelligible. They, as a group, are dumb, uneducated, ignorant, hateful, unemployable and unemployed. They fail in school at an astounding rate, they engage in criminal behavior and represent 50% of all those incarcerated in America….


America has over 50 million of these wretches and that makes us a very different country from any in Europe……..Those of us whose ancestors came here from Europe mostly have assimilated well and are the backbone of America. We work hard, educate ourselves and our children, build companies, pay our mortgages and health care and, by and large, are conservative in our views because we want to protect what we have …….we like the status quo. No one can legislate equality or force America into a egalitarian state without destroying the very thing that makes us great……the individuals right to succeed…….!


So, we see the differences and reasons for disliking the “redistributive” plans of obama and his hateful minions. Everything he says and wants is exactly the opposite of what we want. The libs and progressives represent the 50 million who have nothing and contribute nothing….and who have never and will never contribute anything to the betterment of civilization.


The libs have managed, since 1946 to create over 700 separate federal agencies and departments…… every one of which is filled to capacity with highly paid dem minions who vote 100% for more of our money.. They support all the dem congressmen and are against us in every respect. There are 18 million of them……. In state and local governments there are another 14.5 million, together these add up to 80 million who will always vote for the liberal program and against us……


They just use us like cows to pay for all this nonsense and we are finally waking up and seeing what they are doing and want to do……


So, now you can see why I’m a conservative and not with them and never could be……..It’s not political, its just common sense……….



Robert Firth